Long Road Of Scare Tactics Leading To State Capture Smear Campaign

By Pinky Khoabane

IT’S been a long road of scare tactics ending in defamatory statements at the State Capture Commission since the day I received the now infamous Angelo Agrizzi recording with his racist rant and claims that he could turn the negative narrative of Bosasa using his media contacts. I subsequently wrote the column about the racist whistleblower with three ferraris https://uncensoredopinion.co.za/the-racist-whistleblower-with-his-ferraris/     The intimidation has included physical, legal, and a smear campaign at the State Capture Commission, with the ultimate goal of silencing me. This won’t happen.

Apart from the letter I sent to the Commission stating its breach of my right to a fair hearing, I’ve since requested in three emails, the reasons why I was not forewarned and the parts of Agrizzi’s written and oral testimonies that implicate me. Fortunately, a representative of the State Capture Commission’s legal team contacted me as I was penning this article but the reasons for the breach of my rights over those of the racist thug Agrizzi, who has stolen plenty of state money and from what I can read, was protected by some editors, needs to be challenged. https://uncensoredopinion.co.za/state-capture-commission-violated-my-constitutional-right-to-a-fair-hearing/

Here’s a clip from Agrizzi speaking of his media allies and naming Basson. A10_Adriaan alliance

  • Friendly warning about Agrizzi

A few days after writing the piece on the whistleblower and his three ferraris, this I received a call from someone who said they wanted to warn me about Angelo Agrizzi and how dangerous he is. I knew it was a tactic to try and stop me from continuing with the story and so I didn’t heed the warning.

  • Legal and psychological scare-mongering

I subsequently received several pieces of recordings in which a hostile takeover plot was emerging. In those recordings, Bosasa’s former chief financial officer lays out the terms on which a group of former employees of Bosasa would return and how Agrizzi’s “alliances” in the media would help “clean up” the company. All the recordings will be presented at the State Capture Commission when I appear.

In response to my questions on whether he had hosted DA members at his home and whether Basson had ever visited him, Agrizzi sent a written response and followed up with a flurry of emails and screen shots from WhatsApp discussions between groups of unidentified people. It was frightening as I had no idea who these people were.

After writing an article in which I included the claims by Agrizzi that News24 Editor Adriaan Basson had visited him on several occasions, with his children, I received a lawyer’s demand that I remove the article as it was “defamatory”.

I complied with the demand while at the same time, I raised money from our readers to pay for legal counsel to advise on the Basson demand. I was advised to republish the article as there was nothing defamatory about it.

  • Twitter

Basson got into a Twitter fight with an account by the name “Man’s Not Barry Roux” and in that fight, the video of Agrizzi naming him as one of the journalists who visited him with his children, emerged. Basson then boasted that he would do to “Man’s Not Barry Roux” what he had done to Pinky Khoabane. He accused me of lying about him, an accusation I have denied over-and-over. I have said categorically that my only sin was publishing the contents of Agrizzi’s recording in which he claims he can use his alliances to “clean up” Bosasa.

  • Fake Email with my name on it

Several people were sent emails which were said to be from me. The emails threatened the recipient that they would be next on my list of targets. One of these emails even suggested I had exposed the R500 000 Gavin Watson donation to President Cyril Ramaphosa and that they would be facing the same fate. https://uncensoredopinion.co.za/beware-of-fake-email-with-my-name-thats-circulating/

  • News24 Investigates Man’s Not Barry Roux

About a week or so ago, News24 published an article in which it “revealed” the alleged identity of the “Man’s Not Barry Roux”. Basson and his team had used the resources of the company to investigate a Twitter account as part of his revenge for whatever it is the two had been fighting over.

The fight by both Agrizzi and Basson to silence me has been intense and dirty but what they and their media cabal have failed to explain is why in his nine years which sometimes change to a decade and even stretch to 13 years, Basson has not been able to expose Agrizzi’s lifestyle of corruption. They have not explained why all the people we’ve gotten to know about Bosasa were only the Black people who were bribed and not the white hand that made the bribes.

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