Lies, Lies, Lies. Malikane never advocated for War


The knives, as we suspected, are out and the propaganda peddled by commercial media about Professor Chris Malikane, the advisor on radical economic transformation, is on a high.

Malikane has for the past three days since addressing a gathering of the BlackFirstLandFirst (BLF) been under attack for supposedly “inciting war” and calling on South Africans to “take up arms” if the Constitution couldn’t be amended to introduce a new economic path. This not true. The lie was first peddled by News24 which reported that Malikane had called on people to take up arms. The issue was brought up by an audience member who said he was very disappointed that the Professor was advocating for policies that had not worked and suggested taking up arms instead. In responding to this guest, who didn’t even stay to hear the response, Malikane said he had seen war on television and was afraid of it. He said the decision to take up arms would have to be discussed by the progressive forces and he couldn’t as an individual make such a decision.

He said the road to achieving radical economic transformation would not be easy, citing India as one such country. “Did you think transformation is going to be nice?” He said people had to be educated ideologically and politically on the issue.

He further said bombing buildings and a country was easy while building was a more difficult task.

We must protect Malikane from the onslaught that is to come. The Democratic Alliance, unsurprisingly, has called for his head. Some academics this week called for Wits University to fire him. Vice Chancellor of Wits Professor Adam Habib took to Twitter to say the university would not silence Malikane. http://blackopinion.co.za/2017/05/01/wits-university-wont-silence-prof-malikane/



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  1. We will do our utmost best to protect Malikane. Now they are trying to discredit him from every publication platform. The prosperities of this country are not only reaped by the white Capitalist minority here but now they are trying open floodgates so that even worse Capitalists can exploit us.

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