LETTERS: Readers’ response to Capture of the National Prosecuting Authority

UnCensored’s readers had interesting comments on the article we published yesterday –  National Prosecuting Authority is Captured

Gerrie Nel and Glynnis Breytenbach are corrupt 

Fergus accuses Gerrie Nel and Glynnis Breytenbach of being a third force.

Kebble was murdered , there where skid marks at the scene of the crime from Kebbles car and certain officials allowed the car to be taken to Shultz’s brother in law’s garage Danmar Panelbeaters to be cleaned before forensics – does this sound like assisted suicide? Nel and the murderers’ lawyer Ian Small Smith then got together and concocted the assisted suicide. Right up untill today everytime a case has been opened against Schultz or Aglioti it’s dealt with – they are untouchable up until now.
As for Breytenbach she protected Sharemax, the construction cartel and Hugo Ras, the rhino poacher for her friend Bertus who owns Teazers Pretoria .They are the real corrupt people.

How did Afriforum afford Nel – a man who has worked for NPA for 36 years

Jeff Koorbanally asks what deal was struck for a many who had worked for so many years at the NPA to leave his job to join Afriforum.

The Honourable, respectable Adv Gerrie Nel, should maybe share with us his role in ensuring that AfriForum was going to afford the formation of public proscecution unit, which ensured him of his future career after  giving up 36 years of achievement with the NPA.

How will Afriforum afford this unit taking into consideration the cost of running such a unit, salaries of expertise required for this unit.

Given the numbers of AfriForum’s members, it is clear that it cannot afford such and if so, was Nel not concerned  where the rest of the funding would come from? Surely he should have considered the negative   impact on his proffesional reputation, if it turns out that this unit is going to be funded by external intelligence forces, which are currently funding Paul O Sullivan.

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  1. Added to Jeff Koorbanally’s comment upon the issue of adv Gerrie Nel’s doings, my question reflects upon Nel’s handling of the Oscar Pistorius case. Why was he so adament that Oscar must serve proper jail term? Is there a deeper story to it?

  2. I may not have evidence to pluck on this comment for both NPA outgone Advocates (Nel and Brytenbach). There is something fishy about their professional dealings after working for NPA. It is quite disturbing to realise that, Private institutions of NGO’s like Afriforum could bodly announce establishment of Prosecution within their institutions. The question remains, Who is to be prosecuted by such institutions? Who stand to benefit in such prosecutions? Are such stances intends reversing the gains we have made after 1994? It looks like a personal vendetta to me. Brytenbach has already showed that, in her comments when interviewing the current Public Protector. The current Public Protector has absolved herself from being controlled by opposition and capitalists of this country…….unlike the previous PP. Sell-outs

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