Letter to Niren Tolsi With Reference to Dimitri Tsafendas

By Mike Stainbank

Dear Niren Tolsi

GOOD, you have brought attention to the truth about Dimitri Tsafendas. White racists needed to have the world believe that only an insane person could kill a god-fearing humanitarian like Hendrik Verwoerd. Harris Dousemetzis must be congratulated for his research into the life of Dimitri Tsafendas. Media allowed that racist lie to persist for 52 years. George Bizos SC is a hypocrite if he supported the core of the thesis that Dousemetzis presented to Minister Masuta. “Tsafendas was a man with a deep social conscience who was bitterly opposed to apartheid and viewed Verwoerd as the prime architect of this policy.”

If I were to plunge a wooden stake into the heart of George Bizos SC, rip through his arteries and watch as his corrupted life left his body; I have no doubt that the world, led by the likes of former Constitutional Court Judge Zak Yacoob and South African Media would put up a story that I was motivated by a talking tapeworm. Advocate Owen Salmon with Donald Lyndsay MacRobert said as much when I placed under oath the hard evidence to show that George Bizos SC is a degenerate racist, liar, fraudster and thief, working with the judiciary in gross human rights violations. None disputed my evidence. They simply asked the court (post 1994) to consider whether it was possible for any person to even suggest that Bizos is criminal scum.

In our litigation, George Bizos SC used the exact same racist tactic to dehumanise me. He told the court (post 1994) that my hands shake and that alone must indicate that I am mentally unbalanced. It is true that my hands shake now. Author Don Materra noticed that my health had deteriorated. Materra, after reading my book, explained my years of trauma differently:

“An intriguing yet most enlightening and powerful read so far Michael, soaked in and seeping in the brine of justified anger and the pain of being victim to criminal and racist skullduggery of the dirtiest gutter kind. For those of us with sentient souls, the tale unfolds. I now understand why your hands shake so much.

My book is titled:

We look at White people and we think Oh! MY GOD!

The TRUE story of two racist White men and The Apartheid Museum.

Mr Tolsi, you may (or may not) want to investigate the reasons why I stated under oath: “George Bizos SC, like Solomon and Abraham Krok, is the crud that hardens at the base of a shithole.” If I do eventually plunge a wooden stake into his heart, the world will not have to wait fifty-two years to understand why I hate his corrupt racist mind. Bizos can be vindicated – and I may never plunge a wooden stake into his heart – if he (and the judiciary) can explain how and when he became a Director of The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park, Registration Number: 2001/019108/08; 14 August 2001.

My family, now destitute and suffering, will never forget Justice Zak Yacoob. In open court, he found it necessary to make a direct and sympathetic reference to The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park, as a Section 21 company, incorporated not for gain. Now deceased Advocate Imraan Moosa, my legal representative, took him to task in a very heated open court confrontation. That Constitutional Court and every other Superior Court, for 17 years, granted audience and rights, including my imprisonment, to a non-existent person. No court, in a legitimate constitutional democracy, has that authority.

I registered the trademark The Apartheid Museum™ in Class 41 in 1990 and Class 35 in 1998. The Registrar of Companies does not have the power to incorporate a company using somebody else’s registered trademark, while said trademark is of full force and effect on the Trademarks Register. If you get to interview former Constitutional Court Justice Zak Yacoob, before I spit in his face, please ask him to show you the statute that proves me wrong. Seventeen years later, the burden of proof has shifted.

SHAME, Masuta, Minister of Justice, to this day, sits silently on JSC Complaint 489/2016; a detailed account of the South African Judiciary deeply involved in the criminality of White Supremacists; no less violent and counter to the cause of humanity than Hendrik Verwoerd.


Mike Stainbank is the Founder: The Apartheid Museum™

GOOGLE: “mike stainbank” + “right of reply”


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