Laying Bare The Shape & Nature of Prostitution – A Webinar

Survivors Debunk Decriminalisation of Prostitution

Calls to decriminalise the sex trade routinely fail to mention that this includes the full decriminalisation of pimps, brothel keepers and johns. In this webinar we’ll hear from four women with personal experience of both prostitution and frontline service support.

Spanning the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa, we will hear from Cherie Jimenez, Audrey Morrissey, Fiona Broadfoot and Mickey Meji, who’ll be discussing the reality of prostitution from their own perspectives with a focus on the lives of the women and girls they serve.

Decriminalising “all aspects” of prostitution, as currently proposed in numerous regions across the globe, would remove all legal penalties for pimping, procuring, pandering and all forms of sexual exploitation and third-party profiteering. This conversation will lay bare the shape and nature of prostitution as it is envisioned by those who wish to remove every legal penalty associated with it, and will examine the dystopian future under construction by those who wish to recreate and extend what has become known as ‘the Wild West of Prostitution.’

Here’s a Webinar debunking complete decriminalisation of prostitution held on Thursday July 9th 2020


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