Where are the laws to deal with racists?

By Pinky Khoabane

We have waited for 22 years to have anti-racist laws. Nothing has been forthcoming. In the meantime, whites have felt emboldened to say what they wish. To spew the kind of hate speech so-called democratic countries like Britian would not allow.

This past week, another racist, this time name Vanessa Hartley, spewed her bile on social media. As usual, the white controlled DA has said very little while there’s been an outcry from Black populace.

This is what I wrote in 2014….http://www.iol.co.za/sundayindependent/why-do-we-not-prosecute-racists-1658400

Do we need to give

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  1. Sorry that I ‘hassle’ you PK. It is remarkable how much of a ‘work-load’ you do get through. You are Amazing !

    Thank You for allowing my comment to get ‘posted’ at your Great ‘site’ PK.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    1. Its not a hassle at all Michael. THis morning I was thinking how this little site has built a family who are fighting injustices of the world in whatever form.

      Much love.



    1. Hi Michael

      I have several of your comments which I havent reached yet. I get a lot of comments that I have to get through, respond, etc.



  2. PK,

    This ‘Subject – “racism” is ‘VERY HOT’ right now ! It is a ‘Subject’ needing to be discussed and ‘sorted’ – IF it ever can be ? ….

    These are my views :

    First of all – I am NOT a racist ! I Hate ALL races the same ! (that is my own sort-of-‘joke’ hey !)

    The Truth of the matter is; the Fact is : GOD hates SIN. Being a Christian; being ‘made in the Image of GOD’ I hate SIN. I hate SIN first and foremost in myself.

    A LOT of what is named as ‘racism’ is in actual Fact hate; disgust; disdain; anger, things like that, because someone has acted in a Bad way; done or said, or omitted to do or to say, something that is perceived as offensive.

    (For instance : In this latest case of Vanessa Hartley it seems to me that what this young lady is saying is that she is offended by what she sees happening. She may be Right / she may be Wrong in what she sees happening. That is NOT the point at all. It is how she expresses herself – her silly hurtful choice of words – that is 100% WRONG. Simple).

    Second of all – I was born here; so were my parents; so were their parents. I say that I am a South African. Some say I am a ‘european’; some say I am a ‘colonialist’; some say I am a ‘capatalist’ some say I am a ‘rooi-neck’ (not so much these days – it was the Afrikaner Nationalists who called me that, before the ‘arrival’ of the African Nationalists on the scene, ‘in power’).

    Third of all – I am referred to as a ‘white’ man. I am NOT a white man. Not at all. I am a sort of pinkish, very light tannish, freckelish colour (hard to describe actually).

    I reject being called a ‘white’ man.

    Fourth of all – I always pre-fix the word/s ‘so-called’ when I say that a Person is a ‘black’ man/woman; or a Person is a ‘coloured’ man/woman; or a Person is a ‘white’ man/woman.

    Three comments are ‘pasted in’ from 2013; 2014; 2015 Re “racism” :

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart)

    Archbishop Tutu and the TRC :
    In the Bible GOD says ‘“You shall not kill”’. In the Bible GOD says ‘“… an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”’. In the Bible JESUS said “’I have not come to take away one ‘title’ of the Law, I have come to fulfill the Law”’.
    Those who committed Murder and other atrocities against the People of South Africa should have come to trial and been Prosecuted.
    The trouble is that ‘the world’ does not follow the Word of GOD in the Bible.
    It was so wrong of Archbishop Tutu to join in the Proceedings at the TRC, and even to Chair the TRC. As Minister in the Church he had no Right to ‘play GOD’ along with the other Members of the TRC.
    Archbishop Tutu is a ‘politician’ and ‘an actor on the stage’. The Bible says that he who receives Praise and acts out, for recognition from ‘the world’, has received his reward.
    Lord Bless, Michael.
    GOD is Number 1

    Had the Bible been followed by Tutu he would never have taken the position of Chairman of the TRC. He knows from the Bible that no man can tell another man that he has to allow the killing of his relative to go unpunished. The hate and the racism in South Africa today is directly related to the refusal by Tutu and the other members of the TRC to insist on following what the Bible says. Had there been Prosecutions (instead of telling People they had to not insist on Prosecutions) the People would have been satisfied. GOD is no man’s fool. Tutu allowed himself to be used by the world. He knew better. But the opportunity to ‘act’ ‘on the world stage; to ‘show off to the world’; to crack jokes and ‘play the fool’ for the world to see; to ‘rub shoulders’ with so-called ‘powerful’ worldly people – heads of State; to be ‘famous’ in the eyes of the world; to ‘make money’; to ‘write books’ – these things were too important to him to resist the Devil and to rather follow the Bible. Tutu is hugely responsible for the hate and the racism and the killings that prevail in South Africa today. Yes, in the eyes of the world he is ‘famous’. But in GOD’s eyes he has already received his reward. It says so in the Bible, you see. Lord Bless, Michael.

    Re the Horrible Disgusting racism that prevails in SOUTH AFRICA TODAY :

    The Christian Actor Desmond Tutu is ‘credited’ with the ‘saying’ : “We are a Rainbow Nation”. Not so ? (If I am wrong,if it was not him, please tell me. Thank you).

    1. It is Tutu who is largely ‘to blame’ for the lingering, perhaps ever-increasing, racial hatred prevalent in our beloved Country SOUTH AFRICA TODAY. Instead of ‘playing god’ (trying to) at the TRC, he, as a Christian ‘Man of GOD’, should have refused the ‘post’ of The Chairman of the TRC. (He would have had to give up the ‘Central Stage’ which all Actors CRAVE hey – it is their ENORMOUS ego’s).

    We the People should have had a SOUTH AFRICAN ‘Nuremberg Trial’ (where he – Tutu -could have been a participant, no problem – BUT NOT The Chairman, for that role should have been left to the Judges, not to a Christian Actor with his ‘assistants’ prevailing). Then we the People would have Prosecuted the Guilty Murderous Apartheid CRIMINALS and (I say hanged them) – at least locked them up for the rest of their lives. We the People would have had JUSTICE which we the People deserved 100%. Simple.

    Largely because of Tutu, I and my Children and you and your Children (and including our Grand Children hey) must ‘come under attack’ endlessly. Why ? Because the People never had their Rightly Deserved JUSTICE. Simple. I largely blame Tutu.

    2. We most certainly are NOT a “Rainbow Nation”. Not at all. Does a Real Beautiful Rainbow have the colour black as 90%, with the other 6 colours (I think there are 7 colours ?) sharing 10 % ? NO. Not at all. So it is a ruse; it is a scam to call us a “Rainbow Nation”.

    Rather be honest Tutu. Not dis-Honest hey.

    3. Before I ‘come under attack’ :

    NOTE 1 : I am NOT a racist. I am a practical Christian. I was born here in SOUTH AFRICA; so were my parents; so were their parents. I ‘hate’ the evil; the wickedness, of all races equally – especially when they set out to CROOK CHEAT THIEVE from we the People including from me and my family. Simple.

    NOTE 2 : I am called a ‘white’ man. BUT I am not white at all. I am a sort of pinkish mixture of colours – making me much more a coloured man. Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS. I advocate that we BAN the words ‘black’; ‘white’; ‘coloured’ – when speaking about ‘groups of People’. I advocate that we pre-fix the word ‘so-called’ if we need to/have to use the words ‘black’; ‘white’; ‘coloured’ when speaking of/to each other in SOUTH AFRICA. Simple. (I wrote to Helen Zille when she was the Leader of the DA years ago saying just this. Of course I never heard from her. Too busy. Now she has ‘gone’ – not sure where ?)

    Lord Bless, Michael.

  3. Pinky, I am in agreement with you on this.

    I am fascinated by what the legal definition of a racist will be. Usually one knows a racist when one hears or sees a racist.

    1. Dear Duncan

      Racists have been prosecuted in many countries including Britain. It would not require new inventions.



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