Koorbonally’s letters expose toxic family feud over the Trillion-Rand inheritance


When private forensic investigator Jeff Koorbonally sent us his first letter, “Open letter to Thuli Madonsela” and three or four others thereafter in which he spoke of the Surtie inheritance stolen by the South African Reserve Bank and given to ABSA as bonds, we couldnt have anticipated the response from the family.

In several comments to UnCensored, we’ve had various family members coming-out to claim they are the Surtie family and the lawful beneficiaries to the trillion-rand inheritance.

The first salvo came from Feroza Surtie who claimed she and her brother, Faizel, were the legitimate beneficiaries of this inheritance.

“I am Feroza Surtie, grand daughter of the late Mr Surtie. Why are you not contacting the Surties directly as we know about this matter of which my late dad shared with me before his passing this year February 2016?”

Another followed:

“There is also my brother Faizel Surtie, the only son born to my dad Mr. Noor Mohamed Surtie and there is a will in place ruling it against the Sharia Muslim Law – We are the beneficiaries”.

Several weeks later I was in a conversation with Feroza and an aunt, Shereen, who it was said would explain the entire background to the inheritance and outline the family tree. I was curious to hear the story of  how the Surtie brothers had left India and ended in Lesotho and their road to riches that would end up as trillions today. Anybody who’s been to Lesotho knows the Surties and the wealth they amassed.

A meeting was set up but the time and venue kept changing and I eventually turned-down the meeting completely. But at the heart of that confusion was the fact that Aunty Shereen had, unbeknown to Feroza and Faizel, invited a delegation from Lesotho which “knew the story”.

As it turns out there’s apparently a family council which has 396 Surtie members who will share in this inheritance. Shereen, Feroza and Faizel are however not part of this group.

There has now emerged another family member who claims to be the legitimate beneficiary. In an explosive series of letters to UnCensored, Abdureham Surtie, paints a picture of a toxic family feud that dates back decades and at the heart of which are  allegations that some members squandered the family inheritance leaving Abdurehman, his mother and aunts, destitute.

“I Have been reading comments from Faizel, Shereen and Feroza. And many more will come out from their cupboards just to contest the reality. Firstly she (Shereen) is my grandfather’s second wife’s daughter and she and her mother helped themselves with what my grandfather had and never gave her sisters anything. Using a will, they sold all his properties in Lesotho, his assets were also sold, and not a cent was given to my mom and her sisters. How cruel can a person be? Her intentions are clear, that greed is still in her shadow. I have always respected her as my mother’s step sister, however there is too much pain for me to speak about how this whole family treated my mother”.

Koorbonally doesnt wish to be embroiled in the family feud.

The story goes that Abdureham was given the inheritance and decided to share it with the 396 members of the family.

Theirs is a fascinating story of Ebrahim Surtie who came to Lesotho and was later followed by his brother, Tyob. They traded in diamonds and became one of the wealthiest families in the country. They also came to South Africa where they built immense wealth.

The historical facts to the family, how they made their wealth is still to be confirmed by UnCensored but the bits we’ve come to know make for an interesting story which we shall follow closely.


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  1. The more I read this, the more I realise that someone has got internet bots on this subject. I don’t know the story PK, but most accounts just don’t make sense. Look at that angle.

    1. I have more work on my hands than I can manage Mothusi. Please do the research for me and we can publish.

    1. Sadly all of you requesting information on this issue are using false emails and we cant get hold of you to get your side of this story. We are working on the story to get as much information as possible.

      If you are interested in assisting in getting to the bottom of the story you will forward your true details.

  2. Dear Jeff..
    Im glad you see the point Im trying to bring across from the start….and again I say (with no disrespect) leave these matters to the people that are competent to handle such matters on the level that it is…pastors should stick to preaching and stay away from such professional and high profile matters that are beyond their intellect (no disrespect)..I personally know people who are emotionally drained by the way false promises were made….so thank you..and I hope and pray that you conclude this matter…

  3. Hi
    There are people who have been part of the Surtie claim since its inception. And have given their all to this process.. yet they remain silent and wait patiently.
    Then you have those who have just come on board and become impatient. . This then lead’s to greed.. misunderstanding.. desperation.. irrational thinking.. and saying things which they do not have any knowledge of.. A sad state of mind.. really..
    Then amongst all these people are those who are greedy.. unconsiderate.. cunning.. call themselves God fearing.. using All Mightys name in vein.. shamely disgusting.. feeding off those who don’t have a clue as to what is going on behind the scenes..
    And this is a fact well known by those involved in this process.. you know who you are…
    Here we have a man.. Jeff who has devoted his time.. family and energy into this process and has followed protocol and is almost on the brink of concluding this process who is condemned by the fools who think they have accomplished the impossible.. jeff has gone over and beyond to achieve what anyone would have ever achieved.. hats of to you sir..
    In conclusion.. All of you who think you know.. Don’t know.. stop interfering and commenting as this pushes back the whole process.. and stay away from people soliciting money and please allow Mr Jeff Koorbanally to complete this task at hand..

  4. Again Mr koobernally…all those things you’re saying fall on deaf ears for one simple reason..the explanations you’re giving now were never the impression these pastors gave the people….and why are they saying they are doing it pro bona when hundreds of people have been giving 1000s of rands over the past few weeks …for flights ..security teams ..etc.. So again I ask you not in attack or disrespect brother…but to get clarity on how these operations are commencing….wouldnt anyone be calling this a scam?

  5. Jeff…i use the word scam coz thats axactly what this is….if u were told money is paying out on 11.03.2030 (e.g) come that day and nothing happens…how would u react..especially when those that gave u the date says some bullshit like “aaaah lets see in the next week or so” but at the same time collect funds to support the surty family or security detail for the family…if they dont have money why do they need security team….why have update meetings on sundays waisting peoples time saying a date is gona be revealed..come there they say sorry man we have no date…same time collecting money…NOW YOU TELL ME BROTHER….

    1. Dear investor
      Now that we have been able to saperate the sheep from the wolves dressed in sheep clothing I share your sentiments, in terms of the Pastors behavior in the alleged activities in the said church ,It definitely falls within the ambit of some form of scams . More importantly it’s the least expected from the people that call themselves “MEN of GOD” such behavior is a Shame and a Sham !

      The legal team assigned with the task of pursuing the Surtie Claim need to distance themselves from such people, and activities ,otherwise I will have them removed !

      I also heard that Pastor Stevenson and Pastor Leonard are telling people that the claim that they pursuing with the current legal team is much higher than what Jeff discovered, “what a bunch of clowns “ I’ve never heard of such figures ! People need to stop attending these meeting of fairy tales or challenge these lies before running to social media with fake news.

  6. As far as my knowledge, there is no scams from either pastors or the church in Elsies River. If there’s a legal team working on this now, who is paying the legal cost seeing that the Surties don’t have money’s? And why don’t the people not request a formal financial report from these pastors. People are quick to discredit pastors in news papers but they forget once you discredit the pastoral office you discredit God. Get your facts straight from a different angle. Sit down and ask a detailed financial report before drastic measures are taken. This is said with much love and respect.

    1. Mr E
      Are you suggesting that the Pastors are collecting money to pay the Legal Team? If so that will be in contrary to what the legal team said in our meeting held last week Thursday .
      They said :
      1) “We have no knowledge of any money collecting, by any Pastors “
      2) We took the matter on Pro Bona and are doing it on Pro Bona.
      It’s clear that someone is lying here !
      You also say if people attack the Pastoral office they are attacking God , I disagree .

      If Pastors stand on pulpits and lie to people that is the attack and mockery to God.
      May God save such Pastors from the fire of hell we pray in Jesus mighty name Amen

  7. Why is no one doing anything about this scam? They are continuously taking money from people ..not telling them the truth….they are holding meetings now and saying its only for the top dogs to attend…who are these top dogs ripping people off?

    1. EDITORS NOTE: We’ve had several concerning comments regarding the Surtie inheritance matter. I have tried to get in touch with all of you by email and they have all bounced back.

      I wanted to take the matter up as these are serious issues raised.

      If these allegations are true, please approach the police.

      For our part, we have put these allegations to our source in the Surtie family and await a statement soon.


      Pinky Khoabane

      1. Dear PK

        Let it be known that all these people with all kinds of allegations are not members of the Surtie Family of which I represent in the claim .

        All their concerns regarding the Pastors can be dealt by the police and that’s where that need to take their matters to.

        We seem to be dealing with two saperate issues here .

        1) Surtie inheritance claim on behalf of the Surtie family as represented by Abdurehman Macsherry Surtie , of which I solely worked on till August 2018, whereby the legal team took the matter over .

        2) The Alleged improper activities by certain , all those people with complains are third party to the Surtie Claim, hence must take their concerns and complains to the law -enforcements (Saps and Hawks) if there is any criminality they will deal with it accordingly.

        Jeff Koorbanally

        1. So who is paying the legal teams fees? The Surties? You? The complainants you sending to the hawks or police and who is paying your traveling and legal costs? Surely someone or people need to pay the Attorneys and advocates?

          1. Mr Morkel
            I take it that your respond is directed at me, if so here is my response to you:
            1) In my interaction with the legal team, the last being on Thursday, the legal team distance themselves totally from any collecting of money and they condemned such activities.

            2) They confirmed that they took the matter on Pro Bona, in the very same manner as I did .

            In totally contrary to the above your response draggs the legal team in the centre of controvecy and that has potential to damage the process going ahead .

            Lastly let me make it very clear to you I did not send anyone to the Hawks , what I said in response to the so called Investor who alleged the Surtie claim to be a scam, “Take it the the Hawks”

            Lastly let me further make it clear, there are no Pastors working on the claim of the Surtie, hence there is no need for them to be going up and down to Jhb, notwithstanding that there is no need to be lying to people about money being released and giving false dates to people .

            The Surtie Claim is much more complicated than any of you will ever understand! It is therefore my humble submission that people should refrain from commenting on something that they do not have facts on, this creates problems to the process going forward .

            I have asked the Legal Team to make a joint statement with Macsherry condemning what is alleged , by the writers to uncensored opinion, as it’s turning the Surtie Claim into some form of Scam.
            I Jeff Koorbanally do not associate myself with any forms of scams .

  8. They should be exposed…apparently they having another meeting on sunday 27/01/19 at a churchbin elsies river calle Rapha Penticostal…next to the mall Avenwood square…the newspaper should really also be there and some goverment officials ..just to hear the shit they b spinning people and also make some arrests if need be coz the poor people are to desperate to see whats really happening here

  9. Thers alot of pastors also involved in this ….i smell SCAM!!…..Having meetings week after week at a church in elsies river telling people the same shit over and over..and then ending it with taking money for flight trips to apparently go to the bank in joburg…

  10. This is becoming one big joke….payouts is every week….no one is taking the matter any further and to the propper authorities those people in charge are to b held responsable for playing with peoples emotions and not to mention taking money from these poor people saying its to fund the process…

  11. People had high hopes that the monies will be payed out. Is the surtie trust payout been resolved and how will we know when to expect it. It was told that it will be due before christmas this year. How far is the decisions.

    1. Hi Nicky

      As usual, we have to explain to all of you that we simply publish and are not hands-on on this issue.
      If you are a family member why are you not liaising with the family structure and have to come to us for your questions to be answered?

      All the best

      1. could the matter be sooner settled if referred to the ombudsman for pay out. notwithstanding the administration of funds

      2. I am going to give a full statement on the Surtie Claim in the next few days

        In the interim all the readers who are alleging scams by Pastor must report it to the Police.

  12. Jeff
    Is the issue regarding the Surtie Family Inheritance now the been finalized and process gonna go head.

    1. Isaac whoever you are ,don’t speak about things you have no knowledge of , also saperate facts from fictions . I don’t know who you as you are not member of the Surtie family which I represented in this matter.
      You say Jeff was a problem ! Now the money is going to be paid out . Please elaborate so that I can give you an appropriate respond.

  13. There is no resolution nor settlement deal reached yet on the Surtie matter.

    The matter is likely to end up in lengthy litigations ,international intervention has been seeked. This may result in RSA being struckoff the bond market trading platform,due to the seriousness of the violations which constituted to money laundering.
    Jeff Koorbanally

    1. Jeff,
      Has been agreement been reach and proceeds will materilse shortly, your comment will be appreciated, thanks

    2. People been saying everythings done jeff….money pays out before christmas….so now im asking why spread these lies and get people exited if they know thers no conclusion on this matter

    3. Is the matter regarding Surtie Family Inheritance at last reach conclusion, and the can go ahead and be finalized soon

  14. As a matter of interest , after reading this painful Surtie family claim worth trillions will it every be paid by who to be specific who are the role players within government . The reason why I asked people out there are claiming to know or work on this as founding members of the project that is busy with the claim that will be paid soon they even mention PIC as one of the state entities involved . With my knowledge I have disputed such claims as I believe this is the matter between Reserve Bank , Treasury and to some extent the Banks that might have benefited any enlightment

    1. Investor please clarify what you define as scam ! The Surtie inheritance claim or what the Pastors are doing or saying.

      My involvement is limited to the Surtie claim and that is no SCAM. If you issue is with the Pastors then take the matter to the Police. You are also a non member of the Surtie family

    2. Mzo
      The Surtie inheritance was invested into the Milking Cow named PIC.

      In case you don’t know Public Investment Commissioners the milking cow ,was a subsidiary of SARB till 2005 . Thereafter it changed to SOC .

      PIC always held funds mainly of GEPF and GF which Trevor Manual was a sole Trustee thereof and plundered these funds to enrich a few elite .

  15. Looking forward to more revelations Sister-P. South Africa’S economy is also indebted to this story in a big way. I’m wondering why it’s not widely known out there apart from what Uncensored has unmasked for us. Great work Team Uncensored.

    1. I am going to give a full statement on the Surtie Claim in the next few days

      In the interim all the readers who are alleging scams by Pastor must report it to the Police.

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