Koorbonally’s letters expose toxic family feud over the Trillion-Rand inheritance


When private forensic investigator Jeff Koorbonally sent us his first letter, “Open letter to Thuli Madonsela” and three or four others thereafter in which he spoke of the Surtie inheritance stolen by the South African Reserve Bank and given to ABSA as bonds, we couldnt have anticipated the response from the family.

In several comments to UnCensored, we’ve had various family members coming-out to claim they are the Surtie family and the lawful beneficiaries to the trillion-rand inheritance.

The first salvo came from Feroza Surtie who claimed she and her brother, Faizel, were the legitimate beneficiaries of this inheritance.

“I am Feroza Surtie, grand daughter of the late Mr Surtie. Why are you not contacting the Surties directly as we know about this matter of which my late dad shared with me before his passing this year February 2016?”

Another followed:

“There is also my brother Faizel Surtie, the only son born to my dad Mr. Noor Mohamed Surtie and there is a will in place ruling it against the Sharia Muslim Law – We are the beneficiaries”.

Several weeks later I was in a conversation with Feroza and an aunt, Shereen, who it was said would explain the entire background to the inheritance and outline the family tree. I was curious to hear the story of  how the Surtie brothers had left India and ended in Lesotho and their road to riches that would end up as trillions today. Anybody who’s been to Lesotho knows the Surties and the wealth they amassed.

A meeting was set up but the time and venue kept changing and I eventually turned-down the meeting completely. But at the heart of that confusion was the fact that Aunty Shereen had, unbeknown to Feroza and Faizel, invited a delegation from Lesotho which “knew the story”.

As it turns out there’s apparently a family council which has 396 Surtie members who will share in this inheritance. Shereen, Feroza and Faizel are however not part of this group.

There has now emerged another family member who claims to be the legitimate beneficiary. In an explosive series of letters to UnCensored, Abdureham Surtie, paints a picture of a toxic family feud that dates back decades and at the heart of which are  allegations that some members squandered the family inheritance leaving Abdurehman, his mother and aunts, destitute.

“I Have been reading comments from Faizel, Shereen and Feroza. And many more will come out from their cupboards just to contest the reality. Firstly she (Shereen) is my grandfather’s second wife’s daughter and she and her mother helped themselves with what my grandfather had and never gave her sisters anything. Using a will, they sold all his properties in Lesotho, his assets were also sold, and not a cent was given to my mom and her sisters. How cruel can a person be? Her intentions are clear, that greed is still in her shadow. I have always respected her as my mother’s step sister, however there is too much pain for me to speak about how this whole family treated my mother”.

Koorbonally doesnt wish to be embroiled in the family feud.

The story goes that Abdureham was given the inheritance and decided to share it with the 396 members of the family.

Theirs is a fascinating story of Ebrahim Surtie who came to Lesotho and was later followed by his brother, Tyob. They traded in diamonds and became one of the wealthiest families in the country. They also came to South Africa where they built immense wealth.

The historical facts to the family, how they made their wealth is still to be confirmed by UnCensored but the bits we’ve come to know make for an interesting story which we shall follow closely.


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  1. People had high hopes that the monies will be payed out. Is the surtie trust payout been resolved and how will we know when to expect it. It was told that it will be due before christmas this year. How far is the decisions.

    1. Hi Nicky

      As usual, we have to explain to all of you that we simply publish and are not hands-on on this issue.
      If you are a family member why are you not liaising with the family structure and have to come to us for your questions to be answered?

      All the best

      1. could the matter be sooner settled if referred to the ombudsman for pay out. notwithstanding the administration of funds

  2. There is no resolution nor settlement deal reached yet on the Surtie matter.

    The matter is likely to end up in lengthy litigations ,international intervention has been seeked. This may result in RSA being struckoff the bond market trading platform,due to the seriousness of the violations which constituted to money laundering.
    Jeff Koorbanally

    1. People been saying everythings done jeff….money pays out before christmas….so now im asking why spread these lies and get people exited if they know thers no conclusion on this matter

    2. Is the matter regarding Surtie Family Inheritance at last reach conclusion, and the can go ahead and be finalized soon

  3. As a matter of interest , after reading this painful Surtie family claim worth trillions will it every be paid by who to be specific who are the role players within government . The reason why I asked people out there are claiming to know or work on this as founding members of the project that is busy with the claim that will be paid soon they even mention PIC as one of the state entities involved . With my knowledge I have disputed such claims as I believe this is the matter between Reserve Bank , Treasury and to some extent the Banks that might have benefited any enlightment

  4. Looking forward to more revelations Sister-P. South Africa’S economy is also indebted to this story in a big way. I’m wondering why it’s not widely known out there apart from what Uncensored has unmasked for us. Great work Team Uncensored.

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