“I’ve been provoked and provoked to the last degree!” JZ At State Commission

By Akuba Mokoena

  • Former President Jacob Zuma’s opening statement at the State Capture Commission gave a background to what has led to the State Capture Commission – That he was the ANC’s Chief of Intelligence and it was feared he had a lot of information on many Comrades. A smear campaign ensued and it remains in place today. The State Capture Commission instigated by former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela, he said, was meant to deal with Zuma. 
  • He says he has been a victim of an ongoing campaign to remove him from key ANC leadership structures. In 1991 more intelligence information came stating that these 3 foreign intelligences organisations (plotting to assassinate my character) changed their plan because they noticed that I had a large support in the ANC & 100% support in KZN
  • He and Former President Thabo Mbeki were removed from strategic positions. He from Chief of Intelligence and Mbeki from Chief negotiator. Although he didnt mention it, they were replaced by Terror Lekota and Cyril Ramaphosa respectively. 
  • There has been an ongoing assassination plot orchestrated from outside the country against him – he has been poisoned and the latest was a detailed plot which included a suicide bomber
  • On his relationship with the Gupta family, he first met through Mbeki at the time when he was Deputy President
  • The Guptas were friends with both Presidents Nelson Mandela and Mbeki, before him
  • Jacob Zuma did approach them to establish a newspaper and a television station and they agreed. He even suggested the name New Age to them. 
  • Guptas briefed the ANC Top 6 and provinces about their intention to start new alternative media platforms. 
  • The ANC has been infiltrated by foreign intelligence agencies and their spies are still within the organisation
  • He said many people had come to the State Capture Commission and said many things as part of the bigger plot to remove him. 
  • He said many had come to the Commission as part of the instruction to remove him through a smear campaign. One of those is former minister of public administration Ngoako Ramathlodi, who he said was recruited as a spy during his student years in Lesotho. Ramathlodi has appeared before the Commission and accused Zuma of having auctioned the country to the Guptas
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