Is Agrizzi Making A Dash For The Airport?

More of Agrizzi's Assets Go On Sale

RACIST Angelo Agrizzi’s Ferrari memorabilia is up for sale. His daughter-in-law Nikita Agrizzi is selling the memorabilia on her Facebook page.The post reads:  “Selling a whole lot of Ferrari memorabilia, from books, model cars, helmets, kids bikes, electric chairs, flags, steering wheels, and even a model F1 car. If you are interested please PM me and I will send you more information! Ideal for any car fanatic!”

Nikita Agrizzi’s Facebook Post selling Ferrari memorabilia

Those who’ve visited Agrizzi’s home say he’s a Ferrari fanatic. He’s the former employee at Bosasa, now African Global Operations (AGO), that can be heard calling his former colleagues kaffirs in a recording of a plot to take-over the business. He boasts of his contacts in the media and says he can bribe the Hawks to drop a case against the company. He owns three ferraris; Ferrari 360 Modena, Ferrari 488, Ferrari F12 Bertlinetta (Ferrari 812 Super is on order and is estimated at around R10million), a Maserratti. He also owns a BMW X5 M Range, BMW 7 series, BMW 1 series. He owns mansions in Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Italy.

Yesterday his mansion went on sale for R13,500,000. A reader has just informed us his ferraris are being sold – this detail has not been confirmed yet.


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