Investigate Treasury’s Chief Procurement Officer: Manyi


The HAWKS confirmed they had received a complaint from the Mzwanele Manyi Decolonisation Foundation asking the police unit to investigate monies deposited into the bank account of Kenneth Brown, the Chief Procurement Officer at Treasury.

Manyi said the Foundation, which is based in Meadowlands, had become a place where people without access to state institutions like the public protector or the HAWKS, came to for assistance.
He said a source handed-over an envelope containing Brown’s bank statements which showed regular deposits of amounts ranging from R50 000 to R200 000, the total amount of which was over R1million.

Many Questions to be Answered
“This is a salaried person and there arises many questions regarding these deposits hence the Foundation brought the information to the HAWKS for investigation”.
In terms of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) Brown would have had to declare the deposits as outside remuneration and among several questions that Manyi wants investigated is whether he did. “The amounts are massive and if he was being paid for services he was providing outside the department, it would mean he would have had to take leave in order to perform those services. Only Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan could have authorised such leave and again, the question is whether he did,’ Manyi contends
Treasury spends hundreds of billions of rands buying goods and being the state procurement officer, Manyi said Brown’s bank deposits must be checked against companies doing business with government. “And lastly, we want assurances that the Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FICA) isn’t being abused. We are told, in one case, that deposits into Makwakwa’s bank account were picked up through FICA but the same system completely omitted to detect payments from external sources into another man’s account”. Jonas Makwakwa was recently suspended from the South African Revenue Services (SARS) due to allegedly “suspicious” sums, totalling R1.7m, which were deposited into his bank account and that of girlfriend, Kelly-Ann Elskie’s over a period of six years.
Manyi was quick to point out that his Foundation wasnt accusing Brown of any wrongdoing but simply wants answers. “It may well be that there’s nothing untoward but we must still get answers,” he said.
Hawks spokesperson, Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi, said the case would go through due process.
“It is too early to even talk about an investigation. We have opened an enquiry to see if there is anything to investigate. The results will be conveyed to the complainant in due course”.

UnCensored contacted Brown through Treasury and he hadnt responded by the time we filed this report.

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