Is Investec Funding Regime-Change Campaign #CountryDuty?


THE latest in the sea of campaigns to attempt to unseat President Jacob Zuma has emerged by way of a campaign called Country Duty. It wouldn’t be of any interest had it not registered its physical address as 100 Grayston Drive, Sandown, which is the home of Investec.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 6.30.04 PM

A closer look at the company’s server shows a close similarity to that of Investec which suggests Country Duty, whose website is www.countryduty.co.za could be sharing Investec’s server.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 6.32.21 PM

As if the links between Investec and CountryDuty weren’t enough, it also emerged that Celia Roux, who had created the Country Duty website and had also registered it, was an employee of Investec according to LinkedIn.  https://www.linkedin.com/in/celia-roux-76962657/?ppe=1

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.02.06 PM


Oh dear that gets messy doesn’t it? Investec now gets into the mix of what could simply be a rogue employee’s antics…. or is there something more? CountryDuty is run by a group of three or four and no sooner had news of Investec’s association leaked and the group’s leader, Tumi Sole, tried to quell the fires.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 12.06.11 PM

Roux refused to disclose when she left Investec and was adamant she had only used her “previous employer’s address” to avoid the harassment by “Paid Twitter’ and “BLF thugs”. So we at UnCensored decided to call Investec to find out if she still worked there. After a few calls, we were told a Cecila Roux worked at Investec’s Private Bank. We held the line for a considerable amount of time while the receptionist said Roux’s line was busy.

Now that we’d established she works for Investec, we were able to get her email address to which we sent some questions. We also included Investec’s media liaison person in the email. We were told she wasn’t in the office today and our questions to whether this was an Investec campaign or not, could not be answered.

Several minutes after sending Roux’s questions, the email bounced back with this message.

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 6.56.41 PM

We on several occasions called back and were asked to hold or leave our telephone numbers for Roux to call back. If Roux doesn’t work for Investec anymore, the memo has certainly not been sent to the receptionists. The email also took quite its time before deciding it wasn’t able to deliver to that email address.

That mystery may well have everything to do with Roux’s educational background which she acquired from something called Singularity University where “As SU Ambassador for South Africa I am responsible for representing Singularity University within the country by way of evangelizing for SU within the region”.

Investec a few hours ago posted this on Twitter in response to questions of whether Roux work(ed) there and when she left her position.

“We were not aware of the domain and didn’t grant permission to create it”. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.24.34 PM

We are not associated with CountryDutyZa”. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 7.25.42 PM


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  1. This is so powerful, I am now your follower and a contributer to your your/our struggle to unearth and tell the truth, stay blessed.

  2. Independent thinking black people needs a Codesa …i have lost all hope but reading sis Ntombi’s post made me realise we still got a chance…post those banking details sis Pinky

    1. Dear Sipho

      We cannot lose hope – remember we defeated Apartheid. The enemy is a bit tricky these days but let’s keep going.

      Thanks so much for your pledge to assist us keep UnCensored going – I’ve sent you banking details to your email.

      Kindest regards and much graditude


    2. Sure Bra Sipho, Got the banking details but I suggest you must also get them straight from her as well. We also need to be ready for when they start attacking PK on Social media. You know these days when u say something that is against the bandwagon you are called a Gupta Puppet and all that. We need to be ready for all that, maybe not as aggressive and violent like BLF but be tolerant and argue with facts as these ppl will be very provoking

      1. Dear Nkosi

        You obviously have not seen the attacks. They started last year in February 2016 when I exposed the collusion between Rupert, bankers who sent Cyril Ramaphosa to JZ to tell him if he didn’t reverse the appointment of Des van Rooyen the economy would bleed. And it did. JZ had to appoint a finance minister of the choice of White Monopoly Capital. The attacks started then and have not stopped.
        I have been at the receiving end of white wrath for a long time since my time at the Sunday Times. I have refused to be part of the anti-black anti-ANC brigade. I have sacrificed a lot for my beliefs and my views.
        While appreciative of the fight against social media & labels, I think I need more assistance in terms of research and other aspects in building UnCensored.
        When all people can do is insult you but cant do anything about the content of what you write – you know you’re on the right path.
        I appreciate your help and support Cde Nkosi but I wonder whether with our limited resources we need to spend our time on our detractors – theirs is to distract us from our path. I look forward to hearing from you.

        Kindest and much appreciation


  3. Cyril Ramaphosa was playing to the gallery as usual.
    Saying that “people who believed an Overseas PR Company are gullible” but didn’t come clear on “believe it on what”.
    People like Ramaphosa should have long dispelled rumours that Bell Portinger didn’t coin a Term WMC as people of this country know who are people Monopolising the economy of this country.

  4. Have you seen how unbelievably rude country duty people are? I was into the movement because I don’t like where the anc is or where it has taken our country. So I was excited at a movement aimed at getting information into one hash tag so inactive twitter ppl like me could follow developments. But I increasingly saw that the hashtag seemed to be a Rainbow Nation initiative aimed at vilifying anyone who even smelled of Jacob Zuma, even if they were neutral. And the idiotic blacks went along with it. I’m not shocked by this tbh.And I wouldn’t be surprised if more is coming because trust me, they’ll soon be at odds coz it’s DA & EFF people & we all know that that alliance either ends in a fight, or the EFF being absorbed into the DA – and white supremacy will win again. I see how disheartening it is at times and want to give up on black people because we uphold white supremacy very well with no help from white people; but then I think of Winnie Mandela and all the stalwarts who’ve fought for this freedom and been vilified for it & I remember that we have a responsibility to our past, even if the biggest detractors are entitled blacks. Kunzima guys but at least we can’t be arrested at a whim. Country duty is what it is; a movement born of excitement and little long term strategy; but no matter what happens, there are some of us who are not willing to sell our souls to Investec. Thank you for the good work sis P. Those who go against the grain are seldom celebrated and I’d rather be wrong than bandwagon.

    1. Dear Ntombi

      Thanks so much for your Frank Talk and your independent mind.
      It now makes sense why the rudeness. Two potent but empty forces – EFF & DA. After this column, I have had several visits from CountryDuty to my Twitter Account. As my investigation goes further, I expect some insults but they dont break me. I’m made of sterner stuff.



      1. Holla Sis wethu Sik thandaaaaan and we are learning from you as well. Please since this is a non profit organization. Kindly post the details for us to donate so as to keep this ball rolling. Salute!!!!

  5. My question is: Did the Gupta’s defeat all these other families in contestation of “CAPTURING THE STATE”. Only Clever Blacks or “House Niggers” believe this nonsense by WMC or may I say by “Bell Portinger”.

  6. I have always asked that a “A STATE BEING SUCH A CONTESTED TERRITORY, HAVE ALL THESE OTHER POWERFUL FAMILIES LIKE THE RUPERTS AND OPPENHEIMERS? unless I get a resounding yes on this question: Then the Gupta’s have not captured the State. Just jealousy by WMC. That is what they are good at.

  7. Bunch of Mafias!

    What is sad is the fact that most of our Anc deployees are in denial about this regime change campaign masterminded by the banking sector & their shreholders.

    Too much emphasis & focus is being directed to the Guptas which are a small fry in the State Capture.

    The President need to appoint the inclusive commission of inquiry now, so that all these crooks can be exposed & put to jail for the sabotage of our Democracy.

  8. ai ai its disheartening indeed sis Pinky….is it worth fighting?? Mandela and co. Sold us a dud with this so called rainbow nation,,,everywhere one looks pale skin people have become embolden with their scheme to keep things the way they are they no longer hide…BLF and its members are called thugs while a white supremacy organisation Afriforum is a saint…interesting times indeed

  9. its interesting how plainly their evil motive is really revealing itself. PK keeping enlightening and exposing the evil this people are, and one the good that you do will pay you handsomely.

    1. Eish Tokelo. You know this work can be so disheartening because you dig and hope your initial instincts are wrong. I work with young people and when they give me some of this information, I probe and probe so that we dont get it wrong. And when we dig and discover there is enough evidence to show we may be correct, your heart just sinks.

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