Inconsistencies In Affirming Sobukwe’s Legacy: A Response To Benzi Ka-Soko

Thando Sipuye

Robert Sobukwe. Pic: Benjamin Pogrund from the Historical Papers Research Archive at Wits University.

The timely City Press article by Benzi Ka-Soko on Sunday, 15 July 2018, titled “Affirming Sobukwe’s Legacy Is Imperative”, is an excellent and timely intervention in acknowledging Sobukwe’s towering, yet concealed and obscured, role in the Azanian (SA) liberation struggle, both as a political ideologue, an intellectual and a philosopher par excellence.

Ka-Soko’s contribution must be highly commended, particularly as Sobukwe’s name, memory and legacy continue to be side-lined and silenced in mainstream political fraternities, public discourse, media

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  1. My brethren and fellow Afrikanist ….thank you for your contribution and ensuring that the memory of the defyer of the undefyble leaves 40 years on….It is however true that we have to guard against errors such as the ones made by Ka-Soko and many others who are adherents of the AZANIAN revolution. i am one of those who is preparing a book on “PAN AFRIKANISM and the dynamics of the legacy of ROBERT MANGALISO SOBUKWE(The Afrikanist View). I have started this book in 1997 and still not done as a result that proper research should take place and more information especially from cadres like Elias Ntloedibe …a former Robin Island prisoner…who have a better insight of the times and life of this gallant leader .In fact, people should go via the right channels in writing anything about Sobukwe like the RMST…..well done!!!!!!!!

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