Hypocrisy of “Saviours” of social grants

By Pinky Khoabane


SEVENTEEN million South African’s live on social grants. It’s a staggering number which requires an honest reflection by the white chattering classes, in particular. These saviours of the past few days, stemming from the so-called SASSA crisis, have not thought for a moment how they contributed to the poverty that has been inflicted upon Black people.

As if that was not enough a blow on the psychological and emotional being of Black people, it emerged that apart from having amassed ill-gotten wealth from tobacco and alcohol sales among others, one of South Africa’s richest men – Johann Rupert – was also making money from the same system that was offering a safety net to the poor. One of the readers here at UnCensored played-down Rupert’s shareholding in Grindrod Bank – the bank that services SASSA’s account – as a “drop in the ocean for him”. He calculated the amount he would receive at just over a billion rand. This is the crassness and hypocrisy of privilege talking.

It’s only a billion rand!

Tell that to the millions of South Africans who live on less than $1.25 per day.

Until recent days, the majority of white South Africans couldn’t give a toss about the well being of their fellow Black citizens. On the contrary, the narrative has largely been one that says : “Blacks are lazy hence they are on grants”; “young Black girls deliberately fall pregnant in order to access the child grant”; and “grants are unsustainable and government cant afford them”. They are the same people who despise the National Health Insurance which seeks to give all South Africans quality healthcare.

So-called economists have often been critical of social grants saying the ratio of dependency to taxpayer was skewed and unsustainable. Some of these wise men have warned that social grants will discourage low income earners from being self-reliant. These sentiments have been raised ad-nauseam despite scientific research to the contrary. The HRSC study into concerns about the sustainability of the social grant system has reference. http://www.hsrc.ac.za/en/review/hsrc-review-november-2013/social-grants-fiscas

Even the Democratic Alliance (DA) which marched for social grants, was until a few years ago, critical of social grants preferring government’s provision of opportunities for citizens in order that they pull themselves by the boot straps as it were. But even as it marched, its former leader, Helen Zille couldn’t miss the opportunity to expose her hypocrisy and that of her party in recognising the devastation of colonialism and apartheid on Black people. She tweeted:

“For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc”.

“Would we have had a transition into spcialised healthcare and medication without colonial influence? Jut be honest, please.”

Indeed Zille speaks for the privileged white people who would have reaped the benefits of colonialism. Colonialism was a corrupt system and a crime against Black people. It’s a view that is crass and insensitive to victims of colonialism. But it follows in the same vain as the other sentiments including that of our reader here. It’s only a billion rand!

The reality of South Africa’s history of land dispossession, colonialism and apartheid has forced the Black majority into abject poverty forcing them to rely on the state for support while the rich white minority afford private pension funds, medical aid and social security services. The legacy of an education that denied Blacks quality education and churned-out unskilled labour to work for white people lives with us till today. This is the reality that our white chattering classes ought to confront and address. They ought to be engaging in discourse about the inequalities in our country and how we level the playing fields. Land is the basis of dignity and wealth. They should challenge the contradictions within the Constitution that seek to address the legacies of the past while still protecting private rights – the land issue being one. They should speak out when racist Afriforum challenges Affirmative Action and the DA denounces policies of BEE and Affirmative Action. They should be demanding that the National Health Insurance be implemented. Tbey should be marching for progressive policies that seek to put their fellow Black citizens on par with them but they wont because ultimately, the outcry about the “SASSA crisis” was more political and financial than for the concern for the 17 million on welfare.



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  1. It shows how much our finance minister think of his pocket. He knows he’s gonna continue benefitting from the lump sum that will be deposited into grinrod bank where he’s got shares. This man need to step down before he does more damage.

    1. Dear Rastehlo

      Thank you for joining our community. Pravin must be fired. We’ve said this pretty clearly here on UnCensored. We need a finance minister who’s not in the back pocket of business in order that he can advance programmes that empower the poor. Right now all he wants to do is protect interests of Western financial systems and the rich. We can’t have it.

      Keep reading….



  2. It was nothing but an aggresive attempt for destabilization of the country, never about the poor beneficiries of the Grants, in fact the opposition parties with their media went full out to ensure that Grants are not distributed come April the 1st
    .A truly “ACT OF Evil”never to be forgiven!

  3. Brilliantly said PK. Hope note is taken of these words. Our government is to blame for the many laws that are hampering black people. Many of the laws made favour WMC. This must stop. Thank you for enlightening me.

  4. If the whites benefitted so much why did they go to war (more than once I think) against the colonialist English? The English with their scorched earth policy burnt down almost all the farms and many, many children and women were killed in concentration camps. There were also many tribal wars by black Africans on black Africans. Some of those tribes kill each other today stil only because of tribalism. The “beneficiaries” of colonialism even tried to get away from the colonist English by arranging the Great trek and going as far as Angola. I am just asking as I love history and these facts can not be ignored or argued away by any objective person. Those of us that use our brains to study the facts of history can not just get all emotional and believe the myths fed to the uninformed silent majority. Only fools do that.

    1. Dear Spockzie

      Nice to see you are still reading…..You’ve toned down on the insults I see and you are beginning to apply your mind a little bit more albeit that it seems directionless – completely off topic.

      But we are UnCensored, we publish the views of everyone – even those of fools.

      Yours in reading….


  5. White Monopoly Capital (WMC) doesn’t care about the wellbeing of black social grant recipients, never did and never will.
    The Noise about “SASSA Crisis” is only a political ploy by Regime Change Agents who want to score cheap political points and they always have WMC surrogates to assist them.
    They desperately wanted the ConCourt to rule against DSD proceeding to use CPS for paying grants come April 1, 2017 so that they can have a field day and call for the dissolution of the cabinet.
    WMC sees black people as a “Voting Fodder” which can get them back political power hence they are on the offensive with “Fake News” and Regime Change Campaigns aimed at destabilizing the democratically elected government.
    This has been confirmed by Helen Zille’s pro-colonialism rantings in her tweeter page yesterday.
    Wake up WMC surrogate! you are being used or may I say abused here.

    1. Mzilikazi

      I have a long comment of yours which I still must read – please forgive me for having not posted it yet.

      On the SASSA manufactured crisis, it is unbelievable that even Pravin Gordhan advised that with the approval of ConCourt, CPS was the only way these grants could be distributed.

      We must however question why there aren’t any other companies which have this biometric system – it can’t be that the entire country can be held to ransom by one company though – in fact I have a sneaky feeling they may well have been part of the media campaign. They were pushing SASSA to finalise the deal by January and when it didn’t happen there was this “outbreak”.



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