The hurdles of acquiring an education are no coincidence, they are designed to keep masses in the fringes of society


Yesterday we published the heart-breaking story of Thabisile Myeni, who despite having received educational funding, cannot afford to go to tertiary due to the expenses attached to being a university student. We highlighted the hurdles she’s had to go through – http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/transformation-education-still-designed-keep-poor/

Lwazi, one of UnCensored’s readers says only by understanding the root problem can we find lasting solutions. 

“When hurdle no 4 is overcome and the funding continues throughout her studies and they manage to find money to pay for her upkeep through 3/4 years of university study and the family manages to stay afloat then hallelujah! She graduates. You would be forgiven for thinking that next comes the happy ending, but often no. Most young black people go on to what might be the most painful part of this story…the family finally breathes a sigh of relief as they attend the graduation ceremony ululations all around. Now armed with this Holy Grail (degree/diploma) this child can change the story of their family forever.

Along comes hurdle 5 … finding a job.

You see the number of unemployed black graduates is staggering and here I am including young people with degrees, diplomas, certificates from both universities and colleges sitting at home disillusioned with equally disillusioned mothers and often grandmothers who are sole breadwinners wondering what all the sacrifice was about if the child is now sitting at home arguing about the last slice of bread with their younger siblings coming back from school in the afternoons.

I include all of them because the story is the same, not everyone can go to university and we know universities certainly would not be able to accommodate everyone even if affordability was not an issue. If you do not believe me try advertising for any entry level/trainee position requiring no experience and see how many CV’s flood in. Go through the interviews, listen to their stories. It is heart breaking. But of course this is often hotly argued because you see it uncovers a dirty secret.

Enter the learnerships. Which were in response to business saying our young people are unemployable because they lack skills which employers need and have a shortage of. The idea was: Business take in these learners (most of these learnerships actually recruit graduates) train them in these skills you say you need as a company and at the end logic follows that you should be able to employ them, maybe not ALL but a good number of them, right? Each year young people are signed on to these learnerships at the end of which they are spit back out into the ranks of the unemployed. While the company takes in a fresh group the coming year for more of the same. Clearly questions should be asked here. Some of these kids have become serial learneship trainees because you see with your degree/diploma plus learnership certificate you still struggle to find a job but at least if you can get into another learneship, for that 6-12 months you can get 2k-5k (paid through SETA funding) with which to help out at home. Apparently government is finally waking up and requiring that companies should commit to hire +- 60% or so of their intake for at least a year after the end of the learnership maybe this will stop those currently making a mockery of this system.

Which brings me to my point. Is all of this a nasty coincidence? No. It is working as designed. It is all part of the design to keep the masses of the people out and in the fringes. The same reason we have the gaping gulf of income disparity (even in the professionals segment), the same reason we have abysmal representation of black people in senior positions in the corporate world (which we are told is even on a downward trajectory), the same reason we find out the lion’s share of government procurement spend still lands up with white businesses, while tenderpreneur has become a dirty label exclusively reserved for black people. The same reason the NEF is a threat that must be stunted. The same reason why South African corporates are currently hoarding a record amount of cash and steadfastly refusing to invest in the country. These are literally trillions of rands they actually made from this country and/or the continent. They cite policy uncertainty and restrictive labour laws but if you seek deeper meaning of these statements you find they have serious concerns with all things aimed at possibly changing the status quo for real. I can go on and on. It is all connected. Why?

Here are some numbers that the majority of South African’s pay little attention to but for the minority in this equation it is numbers that give sleepless nights, the stuff of nightmares.
+- 55 million people in South Africa, +- 4.5 million white. You need to internalise this. Only 4.5 million people in South Africa are white out of 55 million (probably more). The most potent weapon they have in their arsenal is the economy. For as long as this is in their hands they are able to use it to keep the hordes at bay, more realistically to protect themselves from being completely overwhelmed, with this tool safely in their hands they see theirs and their children’s future as safe and secure. This is at the core of the issue. Fear. Fear is one of the most potent drivers known to man it can fuel hate and unbelievable cruelty and ruthlessness especially when it is accompanied with power. Which is why this economic power is so important. Note I said Economic Power not Economic Freedom. It controls everything. That is why the minority cannot/will not allow it to change hands. Which is why no matter what gears seem to be moving the view does not change. Imagine for a moment that true transformation is allowed to happen in all spheres all barriers are removed in a few years you have all the corporations run by the majority, businesses and industry all run by the majority, the levers of economic power are in the hands of the majority. You have the majority making a decent living able to live decent lives. Suddenly the minority cannot control this majority. What happens then? If you are a minority that believes your survival is and has always been linked to your ability to control the majority by all means necessary, least of which is the ability to pull economic levers to keep them in line and limit their progress, wouldn’t that scenario be the stuff of your nightmares? That is why we have created ‘buffer’ classes and created disunity amongst this majority using agents or all manner, creed and colour. You have to divide and rule and keep them occupied with tearing each other to shreds. Be their most valuable corruptor and call them corrupt and make sure they are their most vocal critics. By all means keep them occupied with each other away from you.

Here are more interesting numbers: South Africa has the highest number of white people in Africa at 4.5 million it is said to be sitting at number 1. Followed by Angola at +- 200 000 (Two hundred thousand) which is sitting at number 2. South Africa is very important, the final frontier in Africa if you like. Would white people leaving the country solve the problem? No. Enter the handlers… You only need to look at the rest of Africa and indeed the Middle East and elsewhere in the world where you have major turmoil due to installed and remote-controlled governments and leaders. While the leader or government tows the line and does as they are told they can pretty much do as they please (be corrupt, murderous think Mabuto Seseseko) they are guaranteed to stay in power and not be bothered. Should they start to stray and think they are clever threatening their foreign benefactor’s interests in the country they are uninstalled, by any means necessary. Whether it is manufactured outrage from their own people, rigged democratic processes or force.

We replace one leader with another, one party with another and rejoice only to be disillusioned within a year because the faces and names change but they operate within the same structures that were never meant to break our bonds but to keep them tight and invisible. The few leaders who manage to survive all the methods above have their countries slowly squeezed through economic means ensuring their people suffer in the process with the hope that they will eventually revolt. To this end Fidel Castro was truly extraordinary.

You cannot begin solving a problem without giving yourself time to properly identify and understand its root cause. Is there corruption within government? Yes! Are there opportunistic characters who also try their luck in joining the plunder? Yes! However, only once we do not allow ourselves to be distracted by the side shows, red herrings and attacking symptoms can we begin plotting a lasting solution. That can only happen when we understand what is at the core of the problem.

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