How To “FIx” Bosasa Agrizzi’s Way

Having been caught with his fingers in the kitty & asked to leave, racist Angelo Agrizzi returns with a take-over plan. Fire Blacks, Bribe Hawks & Use Media & Opposition Parties

B4_Angelo can handle media

LAST WEEK we published an audio recording of racist Angelo Agrizzi, speaking to Gavin Watson’s children and nephew. Watson is the CEO of Bosasa now known as African Global Group (AGG). In that recording, Agrizzi, spews racist utterances calling his former colleagues kaffirs and even calling another by one of his monkeys’ names. Furthermore, he advises the Watson children to remove the Black directors from the business and take over the company. He says he can help mend the business’ negative image following a litany of allegations of corruption, by speaking to his media contacts and asking the Hawks to drop the case against the company. Listen here

This recording is the first of a series of meetings the Watsons would have with Agrizzi and in another, with the company’s former chief financial officer. In those subsequent meetings, Agrizzi, who initially claimed he wanted to “help” the Watsons get the company back on track following allegations of corruption, most of which he (Agrizzi) leaked to the media, he somersaults and puts forward a proposal that would have him reinstated as the company ceo. He also demands the removal of the Black directors and Watson from the company. Listen to a recording of the former CFO speaking to the Watsons about the proposal to sell the business or have Agrizzi at its helm.

B3_Sell to Angelo or Angelo CEO

African Global Group has been mired in allegations of corruption which have occupied volumes of column space in the media. Agrizzi boasts of the media he has groomed and can manipulate to advance a specific narrative. In the first recording, he mentions an Adriaan, Derek and others….So cozy is their relationship, Agrizzi claims on the recording, that Adriaan visits him with his children. Adriaan Basson, editor of News24 which has carried many of the Bosasa (AGG) stories refutes these claims. He gagged UnCensored for publishing the claims and for a while we removed the article from the blog while raising funds for legal advice. We’ve published the audio recording of Agrizzi’s claims, we are yet to hear if Basson will sue Agrizzi for “lying” about visiting him with his children. We are also publishing the article which Basson attempted to gag.

What emerges out of the meetings between the Watsons and Agrizzi and his group, is a plot by ex employees, who having left the organisation under a cloud, return to demand reinstatement in a hostile take-over which includes using their contacts with the media and opposition political parties if their demands are not met.

We’ve published video recordings of the Democratic Alliance’s Glynnis Breytenbach and Werner Horn at Agrizzi’s house playing with his monkeys. The recordings were allegedly made by Agrizzi and were sent to various people in which he boasted about the company he keeps.  Breytenbach withdrew her candidacy for the job of National Director of Public Prosecutions last week.

In the negotiations for a take-over by Agrizzi, the question that arises is how the market will perceive the return of the “whistleblower” who exposed allegations of corruption in the company. Speaking on behalf of Agrizzi, the former CFO explains that there’s an option for Agrizzi to simply say he has been advised by lawyers not to speak to the media….but on the other hand, he (Agrizzi) can handle the media. B4_Angelo can handle media

The former CFO reads as part of the proposal, from a handwritten note written on Agrizzi’s company letterhead. The copy of the handwritten note is very faint Angelo Letter but the former CFO reads from what he claims is what  “Angelo Agrizzi wrote that night….BB and Angelo Agrizzi to agree on the replacement agreement….AA (Angelo Agrizzi) to see and agree first then only Gavin Watson must also agree…..AA to continue to speak to media in terms of media release AA LETTER READING PART 1. The note has initials of the people being mentioned. AA (Angelo Agrizzi), AB (Adriaan Basson), BB (Brian Beybuck – spelling may be incorrect. He’s supposedly an attorney).

The Black directors have since opened a case of crimen injuria against Agrizzi.

Bosasa Bribery Allegations

After an 8-year delay in bringing allegations of bribery and corruption against Bosasa, the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) will finally bring the case to court. The case stems from allegations of tender rigging and bribery involving representatives of Bosasa and members of the Correctional Services Department which saw the facilities company secure several tenders at prisons around the country.

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