How Close Is SA To A Full-Blown-Out Race War?

By Pinky Khoabane

THAT we are heading for a race war is no longer a matter to be debated. The question is which of the many incidents that provoke and polarise our society will lead to a full-on war. Will Afriforum’s private prosecutions ignite South Africa’s race war if they do take EFF’s leader Julius Malema to court or will it be this racist organisation’s campaign abroad that there’s white genocide in South Africa? Will it be Afriforum’s legal losses in court to effect Afrikaans as a medium of instruction in schools including universities? Will it be the case of the two Afrikaners who hanged an effigy of MEC Panyaza Lesufi from a tree outside his office? At what point are Blacks going to say Enough-Is-Enough of The BS (as young people call it)?

Race wars are devised from campaigns which make one group think they are being attacked by others.  In South Africa it would be a case where whites are made to think they are being attacked by Blacks and in retaliation, gullible whites go out and shoot Blacks. Our government is sadly looking on as Afriforum goes on a campaign that demonises Blacks and creates hostility that suggests Blacks are about to pounce all over whites despite the statistics that shows not even 100 white farmers are killed each year in a country where thousands are killed in violent deaths per annum.

Afriforum announced a few weeks ago that it would privately prosecute the leader of the Economics Freedom Fighters (EFF) Julius Malema on charges relating to corruption and racketeering. The announcement to prosecute Malema was among a host of other private prosecutions that the racist group had instituted – in the name of equality before the law, they said.

Unsurprisingly, all their cases are against Black people.

In the name of equality before the law for example, they dont think of bringing the last president of the apartheid regime, F W De Klerk, to account for the many Black deaths under his watch. They don’t think to bring the many apartheid operatives who didn’t receive amnesty but are running around the streets today. That they continue to walk the streets without being held accountable has much to do with the African National Congress (ANC).

We cannot quibble with the law and justice and the need to bring those who have committed crimes to face the law. It doesnt matter who they are – and indeed if Afriforum’s crusade is to see justice being meted against wrong-doers, in the name of equality before the law, we should see them take their crusade across the board.

Their crusade is skewed, racist and is provocative. And there are too many of these incidents which are sending South Africa close to the tipping-point. South Africa is on a knife’s edge and of course our minister of arts & culture will device some #campaign in the hope that the tension is defused. At some point this  department came up with a song and I recently saw a #racismmustfall campaign.

To come up with #hashtags for a structural problem is the height of deceit by the ANC but it shows extreme naiveté.  This department and the ruling party do not realise the fabric from which race wars are devised. Afriforum is currently on a campaign which would finally show white people how dangerous Black people are. There are mentions of military right-wing formations in preparation of Blacks who are attacking whites.

This is the kind of stuff that has over the years incited race murders. The story has been written over and over the only difference being the actors. A charismatic person or group gains a cult following and convinces them they are vulnerable and points them to their nemesis – Black people – and starts a race war.

A race war is on the cards and the biggest issue is whether it is good or bad for the real revolution required to take place in this country.

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  1. I think that’s what the country needs in order to truely “balance the scales”. The whites still control everything. The ANC sold us out. There’s unfortunately, currently no political party that will get us out of the sh*t hole we’re in as all of them want to eat. There are no true leaders who are prepared to challenge the whites (WMC) and lead us to prosperity. Black people have failed themselves. We don’t know the meaning of solidarity.

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