Herman Mashaba: Chauvinist, Xenophobe, Liar & UnTouchable

Pinky Khoabane


The sexism probe against Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba in the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) has come to nothing, with the commission claiming it had no evidence with which to go after the Democratic Alliance (DA) mayor.

In a front-page article published in The Star Mashaba called women who work for the City ‘girlfriends’. He was quoted as saying “”the days when they allowed their girlfriends to run state institutions are over”. He was referring to the ANC which had been running the city until the Democratic Alliance (DA) took over in the last municipal elections.

The DA mayor then went on to do an interview on SABC and repeated his sexist comments. In that interview, readily available on the Internet, he says: “We’ve seen over the years under the ANC government where girlfriends of politicians run the departments and so forth. That has to come to an end….”.

His statements angered women across the country with the exception of the DA which didn’t distance itself from its mayor. In response to his utterances, a group of women under the banner #SexismMustFall then lodged a complaint of sexism with the CGE giving him seven days within which to respond to demands for a public apology and retraction of his statements; and his plans to empower women. At the time, chairperson of the group, Loyiso Masuku said they had approached the commission to help hold Mashaba to account: “We are here to ask, can the commission work with us and work for us in ensuring that Mashaba accounts for his disrespect for women.”

Media amnesia

In a clear cover-up, Business Live ran an article “Mashaba hits back at claims of sexism”, in which he reportedly “denied the ‘unfounded” and ‘libellous’ allegations of sexism”.

Mashaba’s spokesperson, Gabu Tugwana is quoted as saying: “Those allegations are unfounded and unsupported, in fact they are libellous. Mayor Mashaba’s lawyers have demanded that certain individuals who started these allegations some time ago produce proof of what they are alleging or face legal consequences”.

Firstly, the statements are there in media reports and on SABC for all to see.  They are therefore founded, supported and are not allegations. They are fact. If there’s any person who ought to be facing lawyers, it is Mashaba but if nothing else, the media ought to hold him to account for his chauvinism as they would any other man – especially one in high office.

Commission for Gender Equality’s response

Spokesperson of the CGE said the commission had been waiting for footage from Eye Witness News reporter, Clement Manyathela, without which “we have no case”. He said the investigation was at an advanced stage with the only stumbling block being the eNCA footage.

It however emerged that the CGE had received evidence compiled by Phindile Chauke, a member of the #SexismMustFall. An email of 10 March 2017, from the CGE’s Masilo J Letsoalo to Eunice, also at CGE, confirms receipt of the “evidence”.

UnCensored sent questions by email to Manyathela and he had not responded at the time of publishing this article. The article will be updated as soon as he reverts with more clarity on his role in the matter.




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  1. Well said brother! Them WMC captured media (SABC included) and NGOs like Right2know, Freedom Under Law, Hellen Suzman Foundation, Black Sash and Chapter 9s like Human Rights Commission and Commission for Gender Equality. These NGOs and Chapter 9s make a lot of noise and polarize the nation as much as they can when they think that they have an opportunity to go all out for a kill and change the regime. I am talking about the SASSA issue here, the hype is not about the old, poor, disabled or frail people in our communities. We love our old and frail people and the ruling government has always cared about these people hence we have family support, foster care, and children headed families grants introduced by the ANC government. It is about which ‘white’ bank will get the SASSA millions amongst the so called Big 4 which are monopolizing the Banking Industry of South Africa. Just think interest accumulating from SASSA billions which the tender winning bank will pocket. The interest alone will amount to billions which can end up being invested offshore. We already know that these banks don’t have the interest of this country at heart when they started fixing the Rand Exchange Rate. If above mentioned NGOs were representing the interests of the poor, they were going to put their weight behind the recovery of billions stolen at the Reserve Bank by Bankorp and others. Imagine how this money was going to change the lives of poor women in rural areas, students at universities and Social Grant. When it is Banks fixing the Rand Exchange Rate or Unilever and Sime Darby fixing margarine and edible oils prices, we don’t have a Right2know or Freedom Under Law, and Gender Equality and Human Rights Commissions will also disappear, these are Gender Equality and Human Rights issues as they deeply affect poor women who are raising children alone. Don’t they have rights? It seems all these NGOs and Chapter 9s get very active when the DA complaints about the government but no action when the DA, Herman Mashaba and the WMC abuses the Nation.

  2. The behaviour of the media in shielding Mashaba comes as no surprise. It is now clear that the mainstream media are the DA foot soldiers in the war for regime change. Theirs is to embrace anyone and anything anti-Zuma and ANC. Look at how today they are pampering Malema and showering him with all sorts of praises while looking aside when it comes to his transgressions. Its all because he is doing them a good and free service by insulting President Zuma hence the reciprocation. The media is good at setting gullible blacks against blacks in higher offices.

  3. Just a Reminder.
    We need to discuss more on transformation in the finance services sector. This is important for black empowerment. The issue is now in Parly so its very important. But will the media dedicate acres of space for radical transformation debates? The grants issue will be resolved soon. It doesnt warrant so much space and analysis unless the media is hanging on it as a diversion tactic. One can see the media hypocrisy in the grants issue. Theirs is strategic love for the poor. The strategy is to make much noise about grants and drown the call and progress towards radical economic transformation. Nothing must deviate our attention from the crucial and urgent need to radically transform our economy. Radical transformation of the economy will in the long run empower grant receipients in various ways.

    1. Dear Gazebo

      As I said to our comrade reader John, there was manufactured “crisis” and while I agree that the SASSA issue is a distraction from radical economic transformation, my view is that it is part of the scramble for the money. Banks are making billions in fees and until such time we get proof of Nedbank’s return of state money, we will take it that they keep the interest.

      We must keep an eye on SASSA – its billions involved.



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