“Have You Seen Justice?”

Nelson Mandela Returns to Earth Looking for Justice

Nelson Madiba Mandela is sent back to earth to look for his brother Justice. The two of them had sold the prized cow of regent King Jongintaba and fled to Johannesburg in search of a better life. 
Everywhere Madiba goes, he will ask “Have you seen Justice?”. But Justice, it seems, is like the seven blind men who went looking for an elephant. 
This thrilling and pulsating historical fiction is the first in a series of Madiba comings. Rich in African tradition and socio-economic nuance, it beautifully encapsulates the story of South Africa and its unending quest for justice. Ultimately, like its hero, it becomes a universal tale.
The Second Coming of Madiba Mandela: Have you seen Justice? is R160,00 which excludes delivery service which is R33,00 for registered mail and around R60,00 for courier service. To get your copy email us on
The book is published by Real African Books. Baron Distributors holds the sole distribution rights to the book. Contact (011) 730-8208. 
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