Have You Been Waiting Beyond A Month To Be Paid By A Govt Department or SOE? Email Us

THE number of small businesses that are put under financial strain due to late payment by public sector officials is enormous. Some businesses have even gone bankrupt waiting to be paid.

Just last week I heard tragic stories of a supplier who had been waiting for a year for a R24m payment from a municipality and another who had been waiting for four months from a state owned entity.

Over the years, many black business people decided not to bother with government tenders any more because of the laborious process involved in tendering, after which they had to wait for payment months after concluding the work.

But the truth is that black business depends largely on government tenders even though what happens isnt really business but being busy.

I recently established, having read the 2018 Budget Speech that these officials can be charged with financial misconduct. The problem for many entrepreneurs is that they are afraid of reporting these officials for they may lose future opportunities.

Government says inclusive and economic growth is among its highest priorities. It stands to reason that if it doesnt pay suppliers and doesnt hold its officials to account, we as citizens must assist them. There may be other means but for now, what we can do is to expose those guilty of financial misconduct within the public sector.

And so, if you have a story where you’ve been waiting forever for payment, let us know.

This is the response from Tweeps on my open letter to President Cyril Ramaphosa asking when he would hold these people accountable

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