Has National Intelligence Captured SA Media?

In Search Of Stratcom Journalists

A FEW weeks ago, allegations of a paedophilia ring operated by apartheid-era Defence Minister Magnus Malan, Environmental Minister John Wiley and another senior minister who was viewed as a “possible presidential candidate” to succeed PW Botha, resurfaced in a book, The Lost Boys of Bird Island, co-authored by Mark Minnie and Chris Steyn. The allegations of involvement of National Party cabinet ministers in paedophilia were known but newspapers were reluctant to publish at the time.

In an article published here “General Malan – Chief Architect of Apartheid’s Total Onslaught & Padedophile” I questioned why the publishers of The Lost Boys Of Bird Island had withheld the name of the minister who was described as a possible presidential candidate and had been part of the ring. I also questioned why the rest of the media were accepting the explanation by the publishers of a possible legal suit if they were to disclose his name. And my question to that is since when have media and publishers shied away from publishing allegations about people who are alive even where they have no proof to back their allegations.

The conclusion that could be reached was that whoever this paedophile was, he was being protected and that apartheid forces were still very much in operation. And we know this because apartheid operatives are still employed within many cabinet ministries of the current government.

The intelligence, military, police services among others, are swarming with apartheid operatives. They are part of the negotiated settlement.

We also know that as many as 40 journalists worked for the apartheid strategic communications and their names have been classified to protect their identities.

Minnie died on the eve of promoting his book. His death like that of two other paedophiles in the story – Wiley and prominent businessman in Port Elizabeth, David Allen are said to be suicide.

Apartheid minister Barend Du Plessis has since come out and said he was the other cabinet minister implicated in the book although he denied the allegations.

The establishment media have been largely quiet on the matter. No aggressive investigations into the death of the author or stories on the boys. After a period of what could be regarded as silence by the media, journalist and author Jacques Pauw has come out and slammed the work of Minnie as a police investigator and questioned the timing of the book when the people he accused are dead.

We know from TRC records that many journalists were easily co-opted into operating for Stratcom because of low salaries, addiction to alcohol and drugs.

A former apartheid-era intelligence agent I spoke to told me many journalists are compromised. He said some of the investigative journalists in this country have alcohol and drug addiction, one or two, he said, have been caught in the act with children. He said one journalist was a persona non grata in Mozambique due to a paedophilia charge. He mentioned links between some of the journalists and intelligence agents and the military.  He mentioned names which we cannot publish for fear of being sued.

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