Grace Mugabe, Drugs, Assault & Battle by Land Thieves

By Pinky Khoabane

FILE -- In this July 29, 2017 file photo Zimbabwe's First Lady Grace Mugabe greets supporters at a rally in Zimbabwe. South Africa's police minister says the wife of Zimbabwe's president, background image, has handed herself over to police after being accused of assaulting a young woman Sunday night. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi, File)

WHAT does a mother do when she finds her sons in a hotel room snorting cocaine with a group of girls who some say are prostitutes?

She loses it and finds something with which to whip them – everybody, her sons and the women. Anybody who has been a naughty kid – and I dont even mean getting into alcohol and drugs – knows how parents react when they discover what you’ve been up to. I remember  a pineapple on my forehead as I walked into the house after a weekend party.

The FirstLady of Zimbabwe Grace Mugabe came to South Africa last week on her usual and unscheduled visits to check on her sons who had left Dubai to protect them from a judiciary which hangs those found using drugs.

She didn’t find them at the home in Sandton which has been bought for them. Their bodyguards led her to a Sandton Hotel where she found them with girls snorting cocaine.

South African media, racist Afriforum and Gerry Nel have been overly excited about this story. All good but can they talk about the assault within the context of drugs and prostitution? How about talking about the “model” snorting cocaine and allegations that she is a prostitute peddling drugs for drug dealers?

Afriforum’s Nel guns for Grace Mugabe is not about Grace at all or the assaulted woman. It is all about President Robert Mugabe kicking white farmers off land without compensation. The battle between Robert and Afriforum dates back a long time. In 2010, Afriforum won a court battle to sue the Zimbabwean government over it’s expropriation of South African farmers’ land without compensation

In 2008, the South African Development Corporation (SADC) ruled that Zimbabwe’s expropriation of land without compensation was racist and illegal.

At the time, about 318 South African farmers were said to have lost their rights in the Zimbabwean land reform policy. What some of us have been hoping to hear in the legal battle is the theft of the indigenous Africans’ land which was taken by settlers – without compensation. Why shouldn’t they be compensated/

Nel’s and racist Afriforum’s fight must not hide behind assault charges. What they had not anticipated is how this battle will open the issue of land theft.

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  1. Great exposure Pk, this was my thoughts of how things unfolded, and the mother loosing it.

    As a parent I would have lost it in the same way or worse, even though it would not make it right.

    But I can relate to the instant reaction of the parent (Grace)

    In terms of Afriforum motive/ interest, “You are spot on Pk”.

  2. I did a Grace Mugabe on my brother and his friends when I found them smoking drugs in the house…Nel and his racist bodies must be exposed for who and what they are. Do we still have investigative journalists in this country?

  3. This girl was planted by Afriforum/ goes much deeper..They want to block Mamma Grace’s political ambitions, and replace her with a puppet in Zimbabwe. This girl had a huge plaster placed on her hair??? What doctors normally do is to shave around the gash, stitch it up and place plaster on shaved space..I smell a rat!!

    1. I smell the same rat!
      Even more concerning I read on one of the articles where she say the cord was not S.A.type, but overseas type, whatever that was meant to mean! If I attack you with a cord on your head where & how will you have time to determine the make of the kettle cord, whether S.A or Us?

  4. Sis Pinky keep up with good work,if i was in Graces shoes I would beaten all them.This Afriforum poeple are undermining us blacks


        Dear Mayor Meth 
        We call on you to pay and reinstate with immediate effect the 300 OR Tambo District Municipality EPWP workers unceremoniously dismissed by your office with no reason given. 
        The 300 workers were never given contracts, have been laid off and promised payment by your office for over a year now. 
        The EPW programme has been a life-saver for most families. Just recently, the President of South Africa and his Deputy publicly stated that the EPWP will employ 6 million South Africans. How is this possible when your Municipality cannot even pay existing workers? How are their families supposed to live? When you do not pay these workers and dismiss them in this manner, it affects 300 households. The ripple effect of this escalates and exacerbates a lot of the very socio-economic problems your Municipality is fighting against.

        Why is this important?
        The workers’ representatives’ numerous attempts at discussing this with the employer have amounted to nought. They have been without pay for almost a year. This program gives hope to so many families.


        Email :

  5. Comrade Pinky I wanted to post a comment shortly after I read your article late last night. You are personally aware that I reserve a special vernom for for those who dish out drugs to our children. I also despise (forgive my harsh language) those who force our daughters into prostitution, the pimps and their clients. As you know, I have a young son who is currently in jail, awaiting trial for stabbing a rival in a fight over drugs.
    By the time I got aware of the fact that my son was on drugs (cocaine, tick and crack) it was too late to save him as he was diagnosed as being psychotic due to substance abuse. As a parent I take responsibility for having failed to shield him from the scourge of drugs. Equally, I have a score to settle with those who supplied him with drugs. Despite attempts to get him to cooperate with the police, he refuses to talk, most probably because he is scared the drug dealers might kill him .
    It is a pity that Grace Mugabe has apparently left the country. Perhaps her appearance in court would have helped shed more light on the related ills of drug abuse and the violent sex industry. As for Gerrie Nel and his allies in the neo-liberal media , they ought to kvnow very well that there are always two sides to every story. Gabriel Engels, though clearly a victim of a severe assault, might not be as innocent as she has been held out to be.

    1. My dear Comrade, your story and that of your son pulls at my heartstrings. I honestly cant even imagine what you go through daily in your attempt to help him.
      Drugs have indeed become a scourge in our communities and it is extremely painful to see the extent to which they have become easily accessible.
      I had been asking myself of the circumstances that led to this severe assault and couldn’t understand what this young woman might have been doing with Grace Mugabe’s sons to warrant such a severe beating. The answer came late evening.
      Grace Mugabe may have left the country but the case Afriforum’s case using the young lady will shed a lot of information. Some of her clients I’ve been told are willing to testify. Let’s hope when they do they will also expose the king pin in the drug circuit.
      We wait and hope the case goes through.

      Kindest and wishing you and George all the best always.


    1. Dear Enock

      I detest drugs with all my heart. I also detest the selective information we are given. But I also have an extreme aversion to Afriforum. They & I have a long unpleasant history. So the combination of these factors probably have everything to do with the end result of this article and not my writing skills at all.

      I thank you nonetheless.



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