Former SABS CEO To Take-On Rob Davies on State Capture Allegations

By Akuba Mokoena

Dr Makhosi Khoza, the former ANC MP who formed her own party before ditching it for a post at OUTA, took to Twitter demanding that Trade & Industry Minister Rob Davies resign – a conversation that led to the said SABS CEO, Boni Mehlomakulu, revealing her intentions to challenge the minister’s decision to suspend her from the board of the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS).

“Rob Davies must resign. He fired the SABS CEO on allegations that she met with the GUPTAS, in the meantime he is the one that met with GUPTAs. We ca no longer allow black African women to be sacrificial lamps (sic). Commissioner Phiyega, KPMG CEO, etc. Black women are not stooges”.

The said CEO, Boni Mehlomakulu, writing in the third person jumped into the conversation. She was suspended over allegations that SABS officials had covered-up an investigation into tests done on the coal produced at a Gupta-linked mine which apparently showed the coal was sub-standard. She later resigned under duress.

“For the record, that SABS CEO had never met with the Guptas, no phone calls or emails with the Guptas. The allegations made by Minister Davies and his officials were baseless and malicious. We trust that the Zondo Commission will uncover the backstory in the unfortunate saga”

Humour and ignorance play a major part of what Twitter is and indeed, many made fun of the good Doctor’s error in calling them sacrificial lambs, lambs but one missed the entire gender issue.

Goodwill Buthelezi: “So what was the basis of firing him then as the popular belief was that he fired him based on that?”

Boni Mehlomakulu: “It’s a ‘she’ my brother. A member of then Board is on record claiming that the dti Minister/DG wanted the CEO removed, these were discussions long before the Gupta storyline emerged. He will be subpoenaed to explain himself in the legal processes.

Then there are the wanna-be clevers of Twitter:

Khumo Thetele: Former CEO of SABS resigned after suspension. Part of allegations she faced was issuance of certificate of approval to Tegeta despite their noncompliant coal they supplied Eskom. Ms Piyeya was found not fit to hold office. All these have nothing to do with their gender or race.

The sacrificial lamb was not about to leave that lying down:

“Dear Khumo, the SABS never issued any certificate of approval to Tegeta for the non-compliant coal. If you have evidence to the contrary, kindly share”

“The draft National Treasury forensic report on the matter contains details of the SABS role in the Tegeta coal saga. I would kindly request that you read it & help us decipher the said allegations”.

This is what’s called real klap-back and Twitter clevers will always try and manouvre themselves around this. He’d obviously gone off to do a little google when it dawned on him that he was actually dealing with the CEO in question and so an hour later he returns:

Khumo: “Good day i specifically stated “part of allegations” at the time of the suspension followed by your resignation.

It’s getting all hot in the state capture room as some seem to have been wrongfully accused of capture while the accusers themselves may have been the captured.

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