How FNB Is Ripping-Off Black Clients – A bond of R61,000 Taken Out 21Yrs Ago & Client Still Owes R79000

By Pinky Khoabane


Jacques Celliers – FNB CEO

THERE’S no other way of describing the corruption, moral and otherwise, of what has happened to people like Magdalena Pietersen who has paid First National Bank (FNB) way more than she owed. She took out a home loan for R61,000 in July 1995, and her account went into credit in February 2013, but she still owes the bank R79,278.77.

The latest calculation on her bond by Emerald Van Zyl shows she has been overcharged by R209,772.68 on interest rate charges because she’s black and poor. Van Zyl is the financial consultant who now represents Pietersen and two others in a class action lawsuit against FNB which  will be held in the Western Cape Equality Court in November. Even then she had to beg the bank for the bank statements from 2014 when Van Zyl last evaluated her account. And the bank refused. She then had to look for all the statements since then.

So in effect the bank owes her money but she remains in debt. If Pietersen had come from a privileged background and her Pietersen was of pure white breed, she would have been charged less. She would have been saved hundreds of thousands in interest rates. She would have been saved the numerous harassments and threats from the bank to repossess her house.

By 30 June 2003, Pietersen was paying 4% higher than white bond holders due to the discriminatory practices of the bank. By 31 January 2014, her debt was R96 173,02 instead of being in credit for R14 176,05 according to a calculation by Van Zyl. “The difference of R108 349.07 represents the total damages suffered by the Complainant as a result of the unfair discrimination,” her declaration in the Equality Court says.

Despite having effectively paid-off her house and the bank owing her money, FNB had no mercy when Pietersen fell into arrears. In an interview with UnCensored she said she had prayed often, asking God to assist her. She lived with her son and two brothers; one of them had cancer and the other was on a wheelchair. They have since died.

The law stipulates that you cannot increase the interest rate when in arrears and her case is due to plain discrimination. She couldn’t afford the inflated instalments.

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  1. Hi,Fnb repossessed my house cause I lost my job n it was auctioned, they never told me how much it sold for n how much was the shortfall,now after 10 years they are threatening to attach my assets to retrieve the shortfall which they still havent told me its amount.I got a credit report from Experian n its way above the original debt.Now,if i lost my house n its contents,what are they going to attach?

    1. Yes, this has happened to all of us. They repossess the house, sell it and later come back to ask for more. Let’s put our heads together on these issues and come up with a solution. I will make a proposal by end of the week.

      1. My position : I was a One Account holder since 2006 . I lost my job in July 2007 . I reported the matter and a certain Mr Pretorius issued a summons of none payment. I made payment in November 2007 into my One Account . In March 2008 I Made again payment into my One Account. My house was auctioned in January 2009 for the amount of R640000.00 .Outsurance also deducted money from my account for insurance in March 2009. A couple of years later I received a bill from them for a ridiculous amount. I querry the amount but they were not interest . I also went for debt councelling in 2008 but rhe company first want to signed me up with insurance , I made payment for both of us as the home owners, Debtbusters is the company and they could only get a date in late 2009.

  2. It is over 22 years of the end of apartheid and we still cry victim.Why are we not creating our own institutions that would not reap us off on the basis of our colour?Tell me why?

    1. There are many people who apply for banking licences, for example, and who are turned down by the Reserve Bank. But the rest, yes, why not?

      1. Pinky, The Afrikaaners created something called Broederbond after took over from Britain, which all of them joined with one purpose to take white Afrikaaners out of poverty,Our Disadvantage for us we can’t have Citizens meetings without interference of political parties, We could create our bank to support our new Manufactural,Industrial and Agricultural Enterpreneurs, without giving them the total cash,provided we practical involve skill not just ideas,Lets first change our COnstitution that allows corruption, Our present land laws empower politicians not citizens,please advice if nosense?

        1. I here you. Maybe someone will tell us if you are talking nonsense. I’m at the moment working on a campaign which should look at means of rescuing ourselves from the evil banks. Your inputs hopefully are not nonsense and you can put meat on them at a later stage.

          1. I’ve just initiated a campaign dubbed consumer acoustics with a view to create a voice for us simple men on the streets about how these institutions rob us because we don’t have a voice. Would you please look for this page and tell me what you think sister?

          2. HI Siya

            A group of Black customers took FNB to the Equality Court for discrimination. They lost the case and they couldnt continue because they didnt have legal fees.



        2. Hi. I support this view. Take Capitec for example. It was established yesterday,but grew into one of the major banks. Right now there is no Black owned bank VBS is no more. We simply are the best in destruction. What of our dependency on Government when we have the means to establish a bank, but the obstacle are those given shares in the bank to dissuade them from ever supporting the idea of a Black owned bank. I wonder if Dangote owns one. Motsepe Tyme Bank? I wonder. Need one say more?

    2. It took the boors a lot longer than 22 years to decide to do something about the English. Crappy leaders is probably the problem.

  3. Hi people i”m paying my car and i got charge 14% interestsin 5yrs term, is this normal with you people, because when do application , it was 11% interests

  4. My grandmother took a bond of R80 000 in the late 1980’s from FNB…. Now it’s 2017 and she still owes +R200 000 on her bond. At 71 y.o she is still paying a mortgage… I don’t understand hey… I don’t. If anyone can assist please email me at

  5. As a financial expert, I re emphasize my advise to all.

    Use your right of access to information, demand a printout of interest calculation done on your account for the period you suspect miscalculations.

    The bank cannot refuse you this info!

    They cannot even claim cost of giving you this info as they can electronic ly send it to you via email.

    Get a financial advisor, bookkeeper, or accountant to reconcile the analysis.

    I can without a doubt conclude that all of you have been overcharged!

    1. The protocol to be followed is:

      Home loan accounts dept,

      a) consultant

      B) Supervisor/team leader

      C) manager

      D) Director ( home loan)

      E) Ceo

  6. Nobody owes the bank anything. Just ask them why the deposit of your security (contract) is not reflected on your statement? Learn more about how banks create money and discover who is the real creditor. We must refrain from paying banks as they run a scam.

  7. That’s bad I am experiencing the same thing too. They say in two years I will done with payment and still after that I still owes them, but I have already paid up the loan with its interest include. What’s going with FNB Namibia and South Africa? Please launch your investigation across borders also.

  8. I would like to firstly thank all of you for sharing and enlightening me. I am in a similar situation with FNB registered bond was R410 400 and then 10 years later my balance is R330547.29 . please advice

  9. You gave a contract with the bank for eg. 60 payments if you do not pay it within the 60 payments then only can they charge you. You promissed to pay the whole amount in 60 payments so if the 60 payments has not expired how can the charge you. After 60 payments then you will have a problem when you in arrears. Check you contract.

  10. I think Iam also being ripped wesbank I bought a second hand for 104000 from VW I was financed by wesbank it happend that I skipped 2 payments wesbank charged 500 perweek,can u also help me if u can to investigate

  11. These bank home scheme is broader than we see. It involves bank employees, apartheid regime, auctioneers and politicians at large. Follow the Ground up group led by an activist King Sibiya, which has taken a massive billion lawsuit against big four banks, for reckless lending and irregular practices.

  12. There are many ways to pay your bind off in lesser time. As an independent financial consultant i teach my clients how to do it. Stop the race issue and let us work together. Many clients are stubborn and think they can do it on their own. Find yourself a good independent financial advisor. Not the one that work for a green and blue company. They not allowed to fight with banks as they are all in bed with the banks. An independent consultant cannot lose his job so will engage with the banks all the time even threaten banks that my client will switch. Also fight for interest rates the same as upper level clients. Never skip your bond as then you create a weapon for them. Lets work together and pay our bondage to 7 years. It is possible.

  13. As a qualified independent Financial consultant i act on behalf of my clients on a regular basis with the bank manager. The client gives me power of attorney for the homeloan only and then i act on their behalf. The banks does mot like it, but it works.

    1. Yes it works!

      I did it for years & was also able to put the high court to a standstill, till advocates saw me as a threat,and argued to the judge that I could not represent people as I was not a lawyer! I never pretended to be lawyer, but a financial expert.

  14. Hi am also the client of fnb who is in the similar situation as Pietersen. Am in Namibia and lost my house in June 2017. I also overpaid but apparently still owes the bank. How can I get your assistance. lawyers are bribed and corrupt and side with FNB. I need your help please

  15. “All bond Holders”

    Advise to all bond holders who suspect wrong interest calculations on their bond accounts.

    You have the right to access to information as enshrined by the constitution.

    Therefore based on suspicion you can request/ demand a full printout of daily calculations of interest debited to your account.

    You then reconcile it to your monthly statements, that should give you all the answers whether you are being ripped off or not.

    If the consultant give you an attitude escalate the matter to supervisor- manager- home loans director.

    This info is available to all, lawyers demand it all the time when dealing with foreclosure litigation.

  16. VIVA ZUMA, VIVA ANC………this is how I want to shout out loud when I learn about corporate/ business/ white criminal activity…and they get away everytime. Professing to be the guardians of the economy. No wonder why the ANC government have such stringent regulations with regard to business/ entrepreneurs. They know about the potential of white businesses to be corrupt to the bone, stealing money from poor and helpless people. Thnx for those white individuals who make it their business to help the destitute and poor citizens. God bless them.

  17. I’m a pensioner who had a bond with FNB which I paid in July 2014. I’ve been struggling to get my Tittle deed to date. FNB gave me the contact nos of Their lawyers, the Van Rensburg in PRETORIA. I Contacted them many times until I was given a postal Tracking no. The post Office told me their system showed it to be somewhere in Cape Town. They acknowledge they have an office in CT & I was told they’d get it back & call me to come & collect it. That never happened. It’s been 3months month now that I’ve been told it’s lost. It’s been a month that i was threatend to sign some documents to accept a “Certified Copy” of it. I refused to sign. How do i get a certified copy without the original document. What if it surfaces later & somebody claims my house as theirs? Can someone advice me on this? I am really desperate.

    1. You get a legal duplicate of a title deed issued by the Deeds office if original was lost.

      If its the above that you refering as certified copy, then accept if as good standing document. Nobody can sell your house withoit your signature place on the sale of the propery in the present of an attorney.

  18. I was also extremely over charged by FNB on my home loan. Can I also blame discrimination or is that only valid if I was black? Because if not can someone please inform FNB to pay me my white privilege money that they took from me. And it should be a lot easier than a court case as I’m white. So I’m sure a simple email would suffice.

    Sorry but this article is pure race baiting and the author should be ashamed of herself. Keep your articles based on facts and not ignorant blanket racist statements. The banks should definitely be investigated as it is ridiculous how they rip everyone off. Yes. EVERYONE including white people. I hope this lady get’s her money back but also that all banks will be held accountable for everyone.

  19. Hi, I would like SAHL to also be investigated. I am a victim of an interest only bond that only warrants payment of interest without capital being reduced. { Completed through research and findings, that warrants a case however I am not sure how to proceed. SAHL already admitted to me that they did not complete needs analysis, no recordings of conversation can be located or is not documented}

  20. I used to have two bonds with standard from 1997 to 2011 and I also feel they have been ripping me off,however I have since been divorced and had to sell both properties at a loss. The only people that gained was the bank.

  21. “Pure white breed?” What kind of unashamedly self-pitying race baiting is that? You should be ashamed of yourself. You’d swear the bank had a special filing cabinet where they could easily determine what race someone by the name of “Pietersen” was. Oh, wait, the author of this article is black, and therefore there is no other way to see the world but through the eyes of race. Booboobeeboo we black people are just pure victims just cos of our colour, no matter what. Even when it makes no sense whatsoever, we’ll find a race reason to feel sorry for ourselves. The bank sucks equally, equal-opportunity. Your precious race has nothing to do with it, so get over yourself.

    1. Hey Brian

      In the south african context, yes black people have to see the world through the eyes of race. .

      black people are victims of the colonial & apartheid systems of oppression, discrimination, imbalances inequalities & prejudice, which was based on race!.

      Non of the above has changed! Lots of whites in this country refuse to acknowledge this including yourself.

      Yes banks have a filing cabinet (as you put it) to determine what nationality/ethnic group Pietersen is!

      The banks deliberate retained the column of race
      Identification in all their application document, for the same purpose.

      Due to these imbalances/inequalities banks in this country still hold every black person enslaved in one way or other (home loans/credit cards/personal loans) and “they are white owned!

      Therefore your argument is disrespectful & out of context of the facts of our history.

      The assertion made that black people find reason to be victims for the purpose of self pity is further an insult. We don’t feel sorry for ourselves but speak out & assist each other, by sharing information in these platforms like uncensored

      So yes race has got everything to do with it, so you get over yourself!

      1. Let me further define it for you Brian as you seem to be ignorant of facts!

        These White Own Banks go further that keeping a filing cabinet of your race!

        They further down grade your area of residence due to the same low cost housing!.

        As if that’s not enough they further rate your area as high risk.

        In doing so they ensure that there is no equity growth in those properties on the whole area, hence if you sell you sell at a loss.

        That’s call economic terrorism!
        Intended for black people to keep them enslaved for the rest of their lives!

  22. Those that feel this is a racial issue are missing the point!

    This article is about Saambou home loan book (on low cost housing) taken over by FNB, whereby these client were charged higher interest than counterpart (high cost housing bond holders which are majority white).

    Reality is: there are no whites that fall into this Category of low cost housing.

    Therefore the assertion made that black people are being ripped off is factually correct, it has nothing to do with inciting racial division or hatred. .

    What’s even more sad is that low cost housing is subsidized by govt, that means not only the poor black people were ripped off, but Govt is also being ripped off.

    Therefore Govt should intervene or come up with an alternative low cost housing finance that does not include these WMC controlled banks.

    Banks in this country benefited from the corrupt system that prejudiced black leaving them landless & homeless.

    With all the powers the banks have of controlling the money, there will be out of business without black people, its time to revisit their policies and laws to correct the imbalances.

    We have the numbers!
    That’s the only Power we as black people have.

    “Buying Power”

    Maybe the time has come to use it to our advantage!

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly Dean. What has CA’s Coovadia have to say about this apartheid revelation? Is he consorting the banks?

  23. This is the big housing/ mortgage scam that happens all across the world to poor unsuspecting individuals or families, it is a means to keep humans as perpetual debt slaves. the houses that are sold are first off already overpriced and then with the compounded interest you will pay forever and forever. after you take out the mortgage then you still have to pay property tax which is another scam on its own IN MY OPINION. the only people that are safe from this scam are the banksters and their elite friends that can buy property cash and not overpriced.

  24. Banks are nothing but mere crooks nd bullies. And Re given this arrogence Nd monopoly by the govenment. Look at wat happened to MMM.. A community who came together to try nd change the financial burden of black people who are tired of the bank system… And wahat happened… The big bullies wouldnt hv it so they bribed media to sprEad bad publicity abt the social stokvel. People need to wake up to this obsurd monopoly financi giant called banks.

  25. We’ve just taken a housing loan amounting to 473,972.88. Our monthly installment is going to be

    ,876.98 over 20 years,
    amounting to a total of 1,388,875.20. Is this fair? I’m in Lesotho.

  26. All banks
    All banks are the same …I took out a bond in early eighties and in 2016 I owe the bank more than the initial debt…R442,000 which I had to settle…they are bleeding our citizens dry and there seems to be no reprieve on the financial front. I feel cheated…

  27. I am also a victim of Interest Charges on top of another interest. I want to consult Mrs Emerald Van Zyl, I am an FNB Bond Client and want to launch a complain. This is unfair. Please help me or you can contact me on 076 799 2572.

  28. That’s why I have agreed to myself that I will not take a home loan. It does not make logical sense to pay a car of R400 000 in 5 to 6 years and pay a house of R400 000 in 20 years. Just because the car is worth almost nothing after 20 years and the house will still be there. This is a rip-off system that we need to fight.

    1. A person who earns say R10k net wouldn’t afford to pay a house for R400k in 5 to 6 years, the longer period allows people who earn less to buy houses they wouldn’t otherwise afford if the period was shorter. So if the period was 5 to 6 years, a person who earns R10k net would probably afford a house for R150k, what kind of a house would that be?

  29. I think this is deliberately done with government approval I have been paying standard bank home loan for the past ten years my bond still reflects 97% owed even though I’ve already repaid the loan twice over. Its a rip off to keep people forever indebted and making copious amounts of money for the banks whilst we remain poor just to have a roof over our heads. We need Radical Economic Transformation now.

    1. Join mylifechange247 dear…. U wont regret. Nothing will eva change make the change ypurself. Google it

  30. I am a victim of FNB too. They are killing me with uneccessary bank charges, and I was also wondering if they are doibg this to only blacks

  31. I am also a victim and it’s very depressing to see the statement. I wonder when I’m going to be debts free thanks to FNB Homeloan. Started paying in 2009 but still it’s like I have paid nothing really we need help here.

  32. My Father passed away in 2009. He also had a bond that was transferred from Saamboubank to FNB. I think he was also amongst those who were financially discriminated based on his race.

  33. Woolworths ask you to open an account meanwhile is organising a loan with ABSA for you ,you end up paying without any decrease to your account ABSA is ripping us up through Woolworths

  34. My initial home loan bond was R180000. I took the loan since from 2007 but I’m still owing FNB R309 000 by this month October 2017. I even paid R55 000 arrears but still the balance is took high.

  35. This is noy tbe first time that Pinky Khoabane has posted racist articles. Its unfortunate that blood sells. I hope you pray for and get forgiveness on day for fueling racial hatred.

    1. You cant deal with racism and you want to shoot the messenger. This case is about race and class – get over yourself.

  36. I feel for these people especially those who aren’t able to take the argument further. I just settled my grandfathers bond with FNB and the hassle that arose through the process was unimaginable. He too was in a similar position to the women taking them to court.. he made a payment of 50% of the remaining bond amount in May 2017 (R5000) and in October this year to find out his amount had grown by a further R2000 interest on the R5000 that was still outstanding.. a whopping 40% interest charged on th the remaining capital value in 5months.. their slogan “how can we help you?” Was nowhere to be found in the bank with him being sent from pillar to post to make the payment to settle the bond.. at the end of it I had the help from Standard bank to settle an FNB home loan.

  37. I would also like to know where the facts are coming from. In this article the writer is clearly convinced it is because of race.

    I cannot, being a wesbank client, deny interest charges are ridiculous.

    My question, however, is why it is always a racial discrimination case when the victim has a black skin?

    White, brown and black will probably all agree that this is a common problem in our society.

    Why dont we stop making everything black and white, and start fighting back together?

    Just my 2c worth.

    Goodluck Magdalena, i hope you find the resolution you seek.

  38. This is really shocking. I’ve been paying an overdraft of R15000 since 2014 an amount of R500 yet the bank charges on the overdraft remain R273 apart from the account fees I pay monthly on a cheque account with FNB. When I called in last year to find out why the interest rates have not reduced since the capital debt is reducing- I was told that the system calculates it. And I’ve always had a feeling that the bank is cheating me. Yet the amount outstanding is even more than R4000. What has been happening all this while? Counting from 2014 Jan?

  39. I do believe that most black people suffer the same fate at hands of these unscrupulous banking monopolies.

    Keep up the good work @pinkykgoabane.

  40. Your article is either badly written, or isnt too well researched. It claims the client was charged an interest rste 4% higher than if shed veen white. Presumably you’ve got records of white people with the as e risk profile being charged much less for the same loan? If so why didn’t you mention it? Or are you just race baiting?

    1. Fortunately, Walter, Emerald Van Zyl, the consultant who’s been working on the case is on the discussion. Simple research on this blog would give you much of the information you’re looking for. We’ve covered this story at length. This case is all about discrimination based on race and class. Live with it.

      Kindest regards

      Pinky Khoabane

  41. Discrimination with interest rates on black clients of low cost housing like Magdelana Pietersen was planned for the following financial year as can be seen in paragraph 4.1 of my Expert Report submitted to the Equality Court

    “I refer to Discovery Documentation 331 to 387
    which is the “SAAMBOU STRATEGY PLAN FOR 1998/99”
    (Translated from original Afrikaans) (See Annexure G)
    Discovery document 351 (See Annexure H) under the
    heading “GROWTH INTEREST – INCOME 1998/99”
    (Translated from original Afrikaans) set
    out the strategy for that year as follows:
    High Cost Housing mortgage loans will be increased by
    Prime -.75% and Low Cost Housing by Prime +1.25%
    which can be noted in the following schedule.



    # HIGH COST HOUSING 1.2.98- 31.1.99

    • VOLUME R 2 860 miljoen p.j.

    • INTEREST RATE Prime -.75%

    # LOW COST HOUSING 1.2.98- 31.1.99

    • VOLUME R 30 miljoen p.j.

    • INTEREST RATE Prime +1.25%

    (The Schedule was translated from original Afrikaans)

    FNB achieved this goal by not reducing the interest rate of low cost housing with 1% on 1 February 1999 and .25% on 1 February 2000. High Cost Housing received a 1% decrease on both these dates.

  42. I think we are all in a similar situation, I’ve been paying and there is no difference. Instead of a decrease the amount is just stagnant

  43. Home loans are a total rip off in this country.

    This is how it works, the first approx 10 years of your repayment is interest only!

    Your Capital debt
    remains unchanged.

    The fluctuation of the interest is determines by the Sarb repo rate.

    Therefore if we are to blame someone it will be the SARB.

    The assertion made of a bank charging certain clients a different rate is bizzare!

    However there may be certain technicalities, as the home loans of FNB is subdivided into two categories..

    That’s where the problem of Mrs Magdalena Pietersen would have derived from

    Historical Home loan. Interest Rate

    Date of Change


    22 February 1993

    15 November 1993

    28 October 1994

    23 March 1995

    3 July 1995

    29 April 1996

    20 May 1996

    1 July 1996

    1 October 1996

    21 November 1996

    1 November 1997

    10 March 1998

    17 June 1998

    4 July 1998

    29 August 1998

    12 September 1998

    19 October 1998

    15 December 1998

    11 January 1999

    1 March 1999

    15 March 1999

    26 April 1999

    25 June 1999

    14July 1999

    2 August 1999

    4 October 1999

    25 January 2000

    18 June 2001

    1 August 2001

    10 October 2001

    28 January 2002

    18 March 2002

    1 July 2002

    14 September 2002

    12 June 2003

    18 August 2003

    11 September 2003

    20 October 2003

    15 December 2003

    16 August 2004

    15 April 2005

    8 June 2006

    3 August 2006

    12 October 2006

    6 December 2006

    8 June 2007

    22 October 2007

    7 December 2007

    10 April 2008

    12 June 2008

    11 December 2008

    5 February 2009

    24 March 2009

    6 May 2009

    29 May 2009

    14 August 2009

    26 March 2010

    1. I have also a bond with fnb for 11 years and has not drppped . I even paid 80000 into it and still didn’t . This is a total rip off

  44. I too believe i am being ripped off by ABSA I took out a bond in 1999 for R79 000 and still owe them some R35 ooo still some 18 years later. If i pay the same amount for another 2 years i will never redeem the bond in 20 years.


    1. Dear Victor, I completed an interes investigation for a woman in Pretoria last month on her FNB and ABSA mortgage loans. The overcharges were respectively R 250 000 and R 316 000.

      1. Hi Emerald, how do I get in touch with you. My parents are in a similar situation at fnb, previously saambou.

      2. My advise to all bond holders it to keep strict track on your bond accounts, as its your biggest investment!

        Banks do make these wrong interest adjustment calculations,whether delibarate or by error.

        It is your right to question & get answers from the bank.

        what seems suspicious on your account, must be raised immediately.

        The mentioned variance revealed by the audit on FNB & ABSA is claimable by the client, she can request it to be paid towards capital reduction, that way it will further reduce her monthly interest charges.

  45. These banks are plainly arrogant and manipulative. They have no regard to the constitutional rights of the poor and blatantly abuse the privilige and power given to them by laws that dated from apartheid era with not much amendments. No wonder that fight so viciously against radical economical transformation. Sooner or later the poor will stand up against these kind of abuse and that will be bad.

  46. I’m also in a similar situation with Nedbank & when I complained they threatened me & refused to investigate.

      1. My absa account seems no different . What they didnt tell me that I will be paying my bond way after I am 80! Now 66 and cannot afford to retire as I still habe a bond which does not seem to reduce . Just been denied a rate revies , bond taken out in 1995 any suggestions welcome . Dave

      2. In similar situation!!Got a R480000 fron FNB in 2001 and 16 years later i still owe about R368000!!!!

        1. Maybe you skipped payment which increased the capital owed. A interest calculation expert who took the banks to court for discriminatory interest is available to help you know the true and accurate balance. Sometimes the bank owes you. Let me know if you need his help. Surprisingly he is White and has made the banks enemy no. One

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