Five reasons why we don’t have a free and independent press in the UK and what we can do about it

ED Jones in www.opendemocracy.net gives us five reasons why UK media is not independent. The same reasons are exactly the same as those in South Africa and around the world. Commercial media operate in exactly the same way all over the world.

While most of us don’t trust journalists, many of us are still under the illusion that we have a free and independent press. The truth is we don’t. Here’s five reasons why we should be very sceptical of the information we read in the corporate media and why there is hope for the future.

1) The billionaires that own the press set the agenda

Who owns the media shapes what stories are covered and how they are written about. The UK media has a very concentrated ownership structure, with six billionaires owning and/or having a majority of voting shares in most of the national newspapers.




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  1. These media companies are so powerful now that they set the trend on news. There is no opposing views to anything they publish to the point that even the SABC will publish their stories and trends instead of being autonomous.

    1. SABC News is pathetic. The problem in SA is that we have the same people who think in a particular way – a school of thought that says, to make in SA media you need to oppose government and portray blacks in the most negative way.

      Unless we change the people – journalists, radio announcers, etc – we cannot change the news.



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