Fireworks As Letsoalo Mounts Pressure Against Adversaries

AN SMS Between Letsoalo & Bhekani Khumalo Spells Battle Ahead

A War of words has erupted between former PRASA CEO Collins Letsoalo and the Human Resources Manager Bhekani Khumalo.

Here’s SMS conversation which UnCensored has seen, allegedly between Letsoalo and Khumalo:

“Don’t even call me!”.

“This is not a courtesy call. You and I are not friends. It is in connection with your continued and unrelenting defamatory remarks you associate with my name on national media. You cant do that and have me quiet. At least I was trying to be civil with you by warning you to refrain from such lest you leave me with no option but pursue other means to ensure that you desist from such conduct. Take this as your final warning. I have been quiet far too long respecting your emotional trauma. It ends here”. 

“Do you (sic) thing! Im clear, you thought I will just keep quiet. You have something coming! Explore your options. Speak out, I aint stopping anytime soon.”


This follows a press conference by Letsoalo yesterday on the events leading to the termination of his appointment at Prasa and steps he would be taking going forward.

We published the full statement of how he had unearthed corruption at PRASA which led to a sudden termination of his contract based on allegations that he had increased his salary by 350%. The Gauteng North High Court later cleared Letsoalo.

The Sunday Times in cahoots with the Democratic Alliance continued with the myth of the 350% increase and published a story that said the auditor general had demanded he pay back the money, a claim which the AG has rejected. As it turned out, the report which the Sunday Times used as the basis of its report was a forgery.

Letsoalo approached the Press Ombudsman who ruled that the newspaper had misrepresented the facts and had misled “all and sundry”. The paper apologised but Letsoalo is said to have rejected the apology opting instead for legal recourse against several parties including PRASA, the erstwhile Chairman Popo Molefe, the DA and others. UnCensored was unable to confirm details around the legal recourse at the time of publishing this article.

Sunday Times Apology
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