Fire Pravin & others if we are to achieve economic transformation we need

UnCensored’s Reader Stalin puts forward a 10-point-plan towards achieving economic transformation. 

For how long will we lament about non-transformation of our economy, as if we were foreigners in our own land? And for how long will we watch the Treasury dept ride roughshod and spit on the very economic transformation we long for?

Listening to the President at the SONA, making bold statements on economic transformation I came to a conclusion that very bold steps he needs to take are:

1. Fire Pravin and the other cabinet ministers who passed a no confidence vote on him

2. Reign-in hard on or even fire ministers who are not willing to assist transformation i.e. dti, mineral resources, rural development and land reform, and economic development ministers

3. Discipline and expose the 65 ANC MPs who were bought to support the no confidence vote when the opposition brings it again

4. Prioritise the ABSA matter to its logical conclusion

5. Borrow from China (BRICS partner) and pay off the western debt/deficit (this may be suicidal though in the long run)

6. Conduct serious performance reviews on all his cabinet ministers and discipline them on non-performance

7. Reign-in delinquents in the ANC (Jackson Mthembu and others)

8. Pronounce boldly on the security threats facing our beloved country i.e. purported regime change

9. Pronounce boldly on non-transformative judiciary (some judges were also bought to make unfavourable rulings against attempts to transform the country)

10. Act decisively on all manner of corruption that is plaguing the state. I know that this is a wish list/10 point plan. But for us civil society, we need to start a serious transformation drive by first drawing a database of all recipients of the R500 bn the state spends, and the other R900 bn of capex.

This information will be best used to drive the economic transformation campaign. White monopoly capital and its black parasites must be exposed and embarrassed for the plunder they are riddled in. Other progressive organisations in business and broader civil society must be involved in this drive, and assist in obtaining this valuable information for our onslaught on the enemy. We need to identify a platform to champion this campaign. Once all the info has been gathered and verified, it will then be used as a rallying point to challenge the ruling party, government, WMC and all those who are parasites of WMC, and moving forward (inexhaustive). Can Uncensoredopinion drive this campaign?

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  1. I’m an avid reader of your uncensored opinion,I’m itching to hear about the Ajay Gupta Mcebisi Jonas saga, you people you give us the true real thing without dear or favour.

  2. Yes Mr President we have stood behind you during difficult time of your Political Career as a bold fearless leader, we have empowered you with facts and ammunition to crack the whip on those not performing & those stealing with White Monopoly Capital.

    Fire them without fear, markets do not control our Democracy, markets go up and down that’s financial politics for another day.

    I have disclosed to you the biggest white collar crime. and identified where the proceeds are, of that crime!
    Use Political powers and collect these moneys, for much needed revenue to boost the economy of this country:

    # Reserve bank listed capital which was R324 billion in 2009.
    Ref is made to one of the disgruntled shareholder of the reserve bank, by the name of Michael Dueer who called for this institution to be nationalized after he discovered the corruption that was going on there, he raised these issue with both Tito Mboweni and Gill Marcus & Pravin Gordhan, and to shut him down & not him from interacting with me they amended an Act (Bank`s Act) to gag all private new shareholders.

    He said I quote:
    “Currently, the bank lists a staggering R324bn in assets – all achieved with the same shareholders’ capital.” And, finally, the big question:

    “Who are the rightful owners?” He asked!

    He’s the answer: these are proceed of a crime committed with govt bonds where the Surtie inheritance was laundered:
    This amount is today value it should be R650 billion plus as the forex trade with same daily. To summarize it for you collectible proceeds of crime is:

    #Reserve bank R650 billion # Absa&Assoc. R650 billion
    Total R1,3 Trillion due to Government, they can keep the R2,2 billion.

    In addition both institution is liable for payment of the Surtie inheritance & they stole & imposed that liability to our Democracy in 1996.

    Claim currently with Treasury R1,25 Trillion currently on the State Blocked account antrecode 0000/4444.

    I will disclose the other two Antrecodes account in due course.

    Your SONA was good in terms of radical transformation now its time to act!

    This action must start immediately after the budget speech,otherwise they will sabotage our budget these thieves…..

  3. The 10 point plan should not be used to target people who are seen to be opposed to the transformation of this country. I think you need diversity in any institution to this extent the same people should be used to transform. The best person to implement a program is the one opposed to it. We are in government and we should therefore take bold decision, for instance why is government still advertising on the media that is anti transformation, why feed the enemy of our people with our resources. Why are parastatals and state organs not insisting on doing business with transformed companies. Pay Small businesses within seven days not a month or more. Ensure efficiency in all state institutions because the intentional inefficiency creates an opportunity for corruption in all levels of the state. We have to buy our own invoices to get paid, why? transformation is also a mindset, people in state institutions should change their mindset to regard working for the state as a calling not an opportunity to be pompous and corrupt. our politicians at all levels should stop flashing their flashy assets in the mist of poverty and deprivation. Why does our government empower foreigners when we have capable south africans who are patriotic, the Cuptas, Anglo American corporation and many multinationals are the ones responsible for smuggling trillions of rand out of our economy. Why not focus on such to arrest the situation. Empowerment should not be tenders it should include quality education, proper housing, our spatial planning that allow our people to be close to their places of employment (We still use apartheid spatial planning), free education up to junior degree level, funding of civil society organisations and communtiy based organisations etc. In a nutshell we must build a parallel economy facilitated and led by the state using its muscle. We have a good project running though its not clear who the beneficiaries are, that is the black industrialist project, the same approach must be taken in the financial and other sectors. the state must initial a black owned back and move all its account to that bank. All I am saying is the state and government has the power to transform this economy they must just stop pointing fingers and take bold steps, you can not transform the economy and empower black people if you continue to take one fearful step at a time. Be decisive as a state and stop being apologetic.

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