By Sam Ditshego

Zondeni Sobukwe’s official state funeral with her coffin draped in the SA Flag.

PAC founding President, Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe said we must fight for the right to call our soul our own. What PAC and Apla members did in Graff Reinet during the funeral of Mama Zondeni Veronica Sobukwe was fighting for the soul of the PAC and to call our soul our own.

If we had allowed the ANC to take over the funeral service of Mama Sobukwe from her family and the PAC it would have been tantamount to engaging in debauchery.

The ANC government ignored the instructions from the Sobukwe family and the PAC of how to conduct the funeral service. They even had the gall and temerity of conducting the funeral service of Mama Sobukwe using ANC rituals. The SA anthem is an abomination to the PAC and the SA flag has colours of the illuminati which is blasphemous to the PAC. The PAC has never sought nor desired to conduct funeral services of ANC members. So why do they think they have the God ordained or divine right to conduct funeral services of members of the PAC, especially the wife of Robert Sobukwe? They must have gone bonkers.

President Cyril Ramaphosa had paid a visit to the late Winnie Mandela and when she died she declared that she be given a state funeral which was run the way her family and the ANC wished. When Mama Sobukwe was still alive, Ramaphosa has not acknowledged her as a struggle icon let alone pay her a visit. In his maiden speech in Parliament, he mentioned all ANC women struggle veterans but never mentioned Mama Sobukwe. He was compelled by the Black House Kollective to bestow a national honour on her. It was not out of his own volition. But, Ramaphosa has been to Elizabeth Windsor, the Queen of England. About a month before Mama Sobukwe passed away, she was in a state hospital with inadequate medical supplies. Ramaphosa never sent her a ‘get well soon’ message. So why did Ramaphosa sanction a state funeral for a person he didn’t care about? The answer is that the ANC had a well-orchestrated and nefarious agenda of muzzling and undermining the PAC. The PAC was well prepared for their shenanigans.

Like a girl who takes away her toys when upset, Nosiviwe Mapisa Nqakula withdrew the army and police when the ANC government failed to achieve their nefarious objectives and left with their tails between their legs scurrying out of the venue of the funeral. ANC leaders conflate state and the the ruling party. The army and police are part of the state, they are not a personal fiefdom of the ANC.

There is a Times Live article headlined “PAC apologises after ‘hooligans’ force Mabuza to leave Mama Sobukwe’s funeral” written under the veil of anonymity whose author claims “hooligans” disrupted Mama Sobukwe’s funeral and “apologised on behalf of the PAC”. The PAC hasn’t apologised. Instead we are patting ourselves on our backs for a job well done. To show that the author of the article under discussion is mischievous, he/she has written it under the veil of anonymity. Let him/her reveal his/her identity if he/she believes in what he/she has written so we can engage him/her in a debate. He/she must refrain from being used to label us as “hooligans” because that is defamatory.¬†https://ewn.co.za/2018/08/26/pac-apologises-to-sobukwe-family-after-disruptions-at-funeral

The explanation given in this article is intended for well-meaning people who don’t know the real facts, not to those with preconceived ideas and fixed positions. The latter category can go and get the ANC’s and Nosiviwe Mapisa Nqakula’s story or to the anonymous author of the Times Live article and his/her unreliable sources.

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