Fight to Protect Racism in Rugby at All-Time High

Letter from Langebaan Community Policing Forum

Good day Charlton  and Carmen.
I am addressing this communication to the two of you, in the hope that you will both respond positively to a situation that has developed over the past few weeks in our town, a situation that we as the CPF Exco, consider the two of you to be directly responsible for.
As you are no doubt aware, the Langebaan CPF, is widely recognized in the Western Cape as being a stand out example of how a CPF, together with volunteers and funders, can make a material difference to the lives of less privileged people, of all ages.
Over the past few weeks, both your names have been highlighted by volunteers and funders alike, questioning whether they want to continue supporting the good work of the CPF, as according to a number of these people, both of you are driving a narrative of racism and hatred in the town.
Having considered the evidence presented to the CPF, I, as chairperson find it extremely difficult to counter these opinions, and sadly, without the support and dedication of our volunteers and funders, we will not be able to assist the needy within our community.
In the interests of those who are most needy in Langebaan, I am hereby issuing you both with an invitation to meet with the CPF Exco as soon as possible and on a date and at a time that suits you both, to hear your views, and to listen to the solutions you have to assist the CPF with identifying new volunteers and funders, which have been lost as  a direct result of your social media comments, and support for a racist narrative that has so little support amongst our community, that it begs the question, What are your ulterior motives  for attempting to drive a wedge into the community, on the back of a call by failed politician who is not even a community member in our town?
On behalf of the Langebaan CPF, I look forward to your positive response and commitment to meet with us as a matter of urgency.
Peter Lindenberg
Langebaan CPF.
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