The fight between Michael Harris and First Rand Limited

This article has been modified following a response from Michael Harris.

Michael Harris has become one of UnCensored’s prolific commentators. His fight with FirstRand dates back decades and remains fascinating today as it must have then.

According to Noseweek, his is a battle which started with a successful legal case against ABSA for overcharging interest and led to a prolonged feud that saw the “Rupert gang” get their own back when they bought First National Bank from Barclays.

There’s another version which says the battle may have stemmed from envy by a lesser successful family member.

Harris has literally seen it all. He has lived the lavish life of planes, being a property mogul, spending time in prison and being acquitted of an attempted murder charge, and living a meagre life in a one-bedroomed home in Westdene, according to the Noseweek report.

Harris says of the planes: “Yes – ages ago – a ‘glider’ with a Volkswagen engine that cost less than R 4,000-00; a small Cesner that was leased by Mazlen for a short time so that I could fly to Kwa-Zulu Natal to attend at 2 farms and property development owned by Mazlen”.

He says he was never a property mogul – owns nothing: “I own nothing at all. I am not a Benificiary of the trust; I just administer the trust – have done so since formation of the trust for the past 45 years – since 1971 when I formed the trust. The trust was set up by an Advocate who was also an Accountant. The Beneficiaries of the trust are my Children and my one Grandson – up to a limited specified amount. Thereafter the trust is to be used for charity work”…

He has lost a son from a hijacking, turned to God, was sequestrated, fraudulently he says, and managed to get back over R3million from FNB.

News of the settlement was a good story that would be short-lived.

On his website, Harris, suggests the bank reneged on one of the terms of the “settlement” and he cancelled the agreement in 2009. “We accepted just R 3 million plus R 200,000-00 and the property because we were promised the funding/sponsorship by “GT” (Ferreia) and by Mr Bruce Unser. It is just the quantum of the funding/sponsorship that we were waiting to hear about. They kept asking us to be patient and to “indulge” them,” Harris says on the site.

Here’s the settlement: http://www.meharris.co.za/images/otherdocuments/settlementagreement.jpg

“The 1st ‘part’ of the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07:
FirstRand Group were to pay R 3 million to The Mazlen Trust. They did pay the R 3 million. Praise the GOOD Lord. The 2nd ‘part’ of the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07: 
They would pay a further R 200,000-00 for the acquisition of a building which they had robbed us of way back in 1999. They were to assist us to take transfer of this property which was ‘dead and buried’ in the Estate of Mazlen Holdings (Pty) Ltd, which was a company I formed in 1971 and which they Liquidated in 1998, by way of Fraud, Theft and Bad Business Practices. The R 200,000-00 has been paid. Praise the GOOD Lord. It sits in the bank. We are now still struggling to get the co-operation that they promised us so that transfer will finally pass to The Mazlen Trust – 10 years after we paid in full for the property. We also, 10 years ago, paid the transfer costs and lawyers fees.

“The third ‘part’ of the Settlement Agreement 19/11/07:
They agreed to look at financing/sponsoring an anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign which I discussed with “GT” on the 7/11/07 and which he gave me his word that they would support. I have my notes that I made at the meeting with “GT” on the 7/11/07 and I have my notes which I made when I met with Mr Bruce Unser and Ms Sam Moss before I signed their Settlement Agreement on the 19/11/07″.

The article By Noseweek written almost ten years ago asked if Harris is a man who can let bygones be bygones. “Hardly,” it said then. That answer still applies today.

Here are some of the articles written on the matter http://www.meharris.co.za/media.htm



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  1. Great PK,
    You relented and you ‘passed’ my comments.
    Thank You So Much for having the ‘guts’ and the Good Brain and the Experience of years and years of Reporting for the Biggest News Media/s in South Africa to be able to SEE the Truth and to put it in WRITING. I just Pray to GOD, in the Name of JESUS, that enough People read your Great EXPOSURES Re in particular Mr. Emerald van Zyl’s SAD SAD SAD ‘story’ – how he has Fought for the ‘poor’; how he has been ATTACKED by “these people” – he even ended up in a Hospital ICU with what appeared to be POISON in his system at the very same time that he should have/would have been in the High Court in Tshwane/Pretoria Fighting for Justice. In his absence from the Court, as he lay in the ICU, the bank referred to DISCRIMINATION – which was NOT at that time even included in Emerald’s Pleadings ! (BUT NOW IT IS – in the Equality High Courts of Cape Town Gauteng and Tshwane/Pretoria – Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS !)

    Emerald was Sequestrated. He lost EVERYTHING Fighting for Justice for the ‘poor’ against this bank – FirstRand Limited; FirstRand bank Limited; First National bank and REMGRO with their Billionaire Directors “JR” “GT” “LL” “PK” “Viv” and the others (who are the main SHAREHOLDERS at the same time) who ROB the ‘poor’ – even THEIR VERY OWN CLIENTS. Sick; Evil; racists.

    So, THANKS a MILLION brave clever lady PK Pinky Khoabane. Keep it up; you WILL succeed.

    My Prayer is that the GOOD Lord will Bless you and your family and your EXPOSURE/S of all this Evil by these Evil ‘people’.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    1. Dear Michael

      I must have been too exhausted. I shall swiftly retract the comment. LOL. It wasnt about not having guts, sometimes I keep the comments for proper articles.
      But we must all be responsible Michael and not open ourselves to unnecessary litigation and so I beg you to behave. LOL.



  2. PK;


    Yes PK;

    Mr. Welz of Noseweek is a lawyer and a very clever man. No doubt about it. He is a Great Man; a Man who has EXPOSED so many CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS; he is a Man who is FEARLESS and very very clever indeed.

    The amazing thing is that I heard that one of the BIGGEST CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES in the “Rupert Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang” – one “GT” Ferreira, the Multi Billionaire ex-Chairman – NOW TODAY has a 65% share in the Company that Publishes Noseweek (Chaucer Publications (Pty) Ltd). Did you hear that ‘story’ too PK ? Can you ‘check up’ and let us know here on UnCensored. I believe that it is relevant and in the interests of the General Public to know the Truth about Rupert and his “Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang Member” “GT” Ferreira here. Do you agree PK ?

    These very apparent ‘Conflicts of Interests’ – like when the FAMOUS Dr. van zyl Slabbert (now deceased) was also associated with Noseweek and he was a Director of FirstRand Limited. That ‘story’ also always concerned me PK. Do you remember ?

    Perhaps Mr. Welz needed a ‘good’ CA Accountant to match his ‘skills and talents’ as a good lawyer, for “GT” Ferreira is a CA Accountant hey; a very clever man is he. No doubt.

    But I can say with confidence PK : “GT” Ferreira is a BIG BIG CROOK CHEAT THIEF (CCT). He is also a BIG BIG LIAR. It is my Witness/my Testimony about this ‘man’.

    One only needs to read the Documents and the affidavits and the Statements to the Police that I have intentionally TABLED into the permanent Records of FirstRand Limited and REMGRO (2001 to 2014) – made to the Police – which ALL name to the Police this self-same ‘man’; this FAMOUS CA Accountant – Director of many Public Companies – “GT” Ferreira; this close ‘friend’ of Mr. “JR” Rupert – who is the KING-PIN “Gang Member” among these “Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang Members” who have set themselves up to CROOK CHEAT THIEVE from their very OWN CLIENTS – more especially their so-called ‘poor’ ‘black, ‘coloured’ and Indian CLIENTS. Ref. is your Great EXPOSURE in the work being done by Mr. Emerald van Zyl in the Equality Courts in Cape Town, Gauteng and Tshwane/Pretoria.

    Whilst I certainly do NOT want you to have to ‘go to Court’ PK, I do believe that you should print the Truth about this ‘man’ “GT” Ferereira and his close “friend” “JR” Rupert. I can assure you PK, Mr. Martin Welz has written it all before in Noseweek and he was not Prosecuted for writing the Truth; Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    Then too PK, I do want to stress this : I myself have a ‘VISION’ which concerns an anti-crime and rehabilitation campaign. http://www.fc-oc2007.co.za. So I have every Right to write the Truth about Crime here in South Africa. Surely. And surely you have the Right to print it. Surely. IT IS WHAT MR. MARTIN WELZ HAS ALREADY PRINTED IN NOSEWEEK, AND THE COURT ALLOWED IT.

    Write on dear PK; EXPOSE these CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES (CCT)

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    P. S. PK, please release my comment made on the 18/12/2016. It says : “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. Thank You.

    1. Thank you so much Michael.

      What a year it has been and how many friends I have built in the short space of starting this blog.

      Merry Xmas to you and your family and extended ones.



  3. OK PK, I understand. BUT please pass my comment with as little omission/s as possible.

    I want to support Mr. Emerald van Zyl as best I can;

    I want to EXPOSE these CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES for who they Truly are.

    I do not want to get you to come under attack for Defamation. I do not want to Defame “these people”. I take my que from Noseweek, Mr. Martin Welz, and what he had the ‘guts’ to write about “these people”. They took him to Court. He WON; they LOST. Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.

    PK, If you are to read what Mr. Welz wrote in Noseweek about “these people” you will see that my EXPOSURE of “these people” is far ‘tamer’ than Mr. Welz’s EXPOSURE. They took him to Court. He WON; they LOST.

    If you were to read the Documents TABLED by me into the Permanent Records of FirstRand Limited at AGM’s from 2001 to 2013, together with the Statements made to the Police also TABLED into the Permanent Records of FirstRand Limited over the same period (31 Police Cases) then you would see that to call “these people” CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES and to refer to them as “Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang Members” and to say that their bank is a RACIST bank is totally justified and reasonable and in the interest of the General Public. They are a Public Company doing business with the Public; and the business they do constitutes BAD BUSINESS PRACTICE that needs to be EXPOSED to the General Public.

    Lord Bless, love Michael.

    Lord Bless, love Michael.

    Lord Bless, love Michael.

    1. Dear Michael

      If memory serves me well Mr Martin Welz of Noseweek even represents himself in court and wins. Poor me would have to find a lawyer, advocates, they dont come cheap. I’ve been down that road and until we strengthen our family of UnCensored and have lawyers that can represent us, we have to be cautious.

      Keep on fighting Michael.



  4. PK,

    Please do not be offended when I ‘set the Record’ straight. These “Afrikaner Nationalist Gang Members” “JR”; “GT”; “LL”; “PK” “Viv” (and others) are EXTREMELY RICH; EXTREMELY POWERFUL; EXTREME RACISTS. They are EVIL. They are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. A recent ‘break-in’ at our home was, I believe, linked to these “Gang Members”. We had to move out of our home. Police Case opened – just one of about 31 Police Cases opened against these “Gang Members” and their Companies.

    Working with and for these “Gang Members” and their Companies are ‘people’ like Robert Driman lawyer (Director and Partner at Norton Rose Fulbright South Africa Inc – Cape Town Office) who works almost exclusively to protect and enforce for these “Gang Members” and their Companies. (ask Emerald about this ‘man’ PK)

    Similarly Andre de Lange lawyer (Director – Corporate & Commercial Partner at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Inc – Cape Town) who works almost exclusively to protect and enforce for “KING-PIN” MULTI BILLIONAIRE “Gang Member” “JR” and his Empire of Companies.

    Working to ‘set up’ these “schemes” to DO CRIME on a HUGE SCALE are two World-Famous “firms” of Auditors : DELOITTE and TOUCH and PricewaterhouseCoppers Inc. (names may have changed slightly over the years). I recall a fee of R 83 Million having to be paid to one of these “firms” of Auditors to ‘do the books’ of FirstRand Limited. That was in about 2000. Today it would be even more. Tim Winterboer is a name that you should Investigate PK. He is one of the Auditors who works almost exclusively to help these “Gang Members” and their Companies to get away with CROOKING CHEATING THIEVING BIG time.

    Then there is the “fake” “deal” whereby a ‘man’ by the name of Theodore Willhelm van den Heever, a lawyer, holds the shares in a SECRET AGREEMENT that enables this “firm” of Auditors to Liquidate and to Sequestrate CLIENTS of this bank. This Terribe ‘Conflict of Interests’ that is allowed to continue where : Theodore Willhelm van den Heever is a “dummy’/secret lawyer for Deloitte and Touche to hold their shares.

    Re ref. to “versions” (you mentioned 2 versions):
    Here is a further “ .. version .. ” PK :

    These “Afrikaner Nationalist Mafia Gang Members” are RACISTS TO THE CORE. I am a Christian – been one for 76 years; they ‘follow Satan’.

    I am an English speaking South African; they are Afrikaners – full of racist HATE for the “English”.

    A couple of references :

    You mention “ .. planes .. ” PK :
    Yes – ages ago – a ‘glider’ with a Volkswagen engine that cost less than R 4,000-00; a small Cesner that was leased by Mazlen for a short time so that I could fly to Kwa-Zulu Natal to attend at 2 farms and property development owned by Mazlen.

    “ .. a property mogul .. ” : No; I own nothing at all. I am not a Benificiary of the trust; I just administer the trust – have done so since formation of the trust for the past 45 years – since 1971 when I formed the trust. The trust was set up by an Advocate who was also an Accountant. The Beneficiaries of the trust are my Children and my one Grandson – up to a limited specified amount. Thereafter the trust is to be used – and it is now happening Praise the GOOD LORD JESUS – to do CHARITY work – to bring Glory to GOD and to help the Community – ref. is at http://www.fc-oc2007.co.za.

    “ .. a murder charge” : No; it was a Charge of “attemted murder” PK, in which I was found not guilty and acquitted. (I shot a lawyer, now an Advocate named Christopher Bailey McEwan, accidentally and in self defense when he attacked me and assaulted me. I was 60 he was about 40. He stood ‘head and shoulder’ taller than me. The shot ‘nicked him in the side’.

    “ .. living a meager life .. ” : amen to that. My beloved wife Meriel – who was my sweetheart in 1954 when we were both just 14 years old and who is still TODAY age 76 my sweetheart – ended up at 60 years old working to support us, living in a small flat made available to us by my wife’s employer WITS. We had NOTHING. The bank DESTROYED us. They took everything. Liquidated Mazlen Holdings; Sequestrated my own Personal Estate.

    PK, I am actually a person who CAN “ .. let bygones be bygones”. No problem. BUT I am a Jew (a Christian Jew). So, when “Gang Member” “GT” – Chairman of FirstRand Limited at the time – touched my hand on the 7/11/2007 (he actually shook hands with me) on the conclusion of a verbal “deal” which he and I agreed upon, then there can never be “bygones” until both he and I HONOUR that ‘touch’ (hand shake). That is just how it is you see PK. I remain a Jew, a Christian Jew – Praise the GOOD Lord JESUS.
    It is Great. Just Great – that you have included these “ .. articles written on the matter” PK. http://www.meharris.co.za/media.htm
    Anybody who takes the time and the trouble to read even some of these “articles” can NEVER come away with any different understanding than I have of “the Truth of the matter” about these BIG BIG CRIMINALS. These “Afrikaner Nationalist Gang Members” “JR”; “GT”; “LL”; “PK” “Viv” (and others) and their Companies.

    So Thanks a Million for what you have written about my ‘fight for Justice’ PK. THANKS A MILLION.

    And Thanks a Million for helping my friend Emerald to EXPOSE these same “Afrikaner Nationalist Gang Members” “JR”; “GT”; “LL”; “PK” “Viv” (and others) and their Companies for what they are : CROOKS CHEATS THIEVES who even ROB the “poor” so-called ‘black’; ‘coloured’ and Indian People of South Africa who are THEIR VERY OWN CLIENTS. How sick is that hey PK. HOW SICK !!!!

    They must pay back the money; they must ‘GO TO JAIL’ where they belong.

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

    1. Dear Michael

      Im not in the least offended. I would rather we have an update than meet you in a court of law.

      We are UnCensored because we allow the views to go uncensored but I have to remove some aspects of your message here to protect me from litigation.

      We may be UnCensored but we must guard against being accused of making defamatory statements.



  5. Gee PK,

    Thank You for all your Valuable time that you have spent on this ‘post’ Re my ‘fight for Justice’ against this bank and Public Company FNb/FRbL/FRL. Much appreciated.

    The 3rd ‘leg’ of the Agreement that “GT” Ferreira and Bruce Unser promised me the bank would ‘support’ can be seen at http://www.fc-oc2007.co.za – which is a ‘positive site’; whereas http://www.meharris.co.za is what I refer to as a ‘negative site’.

    If you are at all interested there is a Book that I Published (no – not about my ‘fight for Justice’ with this bank …. but it may give you insight into who I am). You can read ‘CRY OUT’. (Read it WITH your Bible). It is a FREE READ at eBook :

    Please also sign my Petition to the BIG BIG Church Leaders and Evangelists and their Congregations :

    Lord Bless, love Michael (heart).

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