EVENT:”Languaging Our Children into Existence”


eBukhosini Solutions welcomes the Afrikan Family to another uplifting and practical AFRIKAN FAMILY DIALOGUE. This is part of a monthly series of get-togethers with honest talk, solution-oriented dialogue and Pan-Afrikan inspiration. Light refreshments and snacks will be served. The entrance fee is R50 per person. Children up to 12 can come for free.

 About the THEME

Many Afrikan parents are challenged with teaching their children their indigenous languages. This is due to the schools that children attend, the places that children grow up and also the attitude that still exists; that Afrikan languages are not important. Afrikan children not knowing Afrikan languages poses a threat to the future of our languages. We need to take a serious look at the notion that Afrikan languages cannot articulate science or relevant knowledge for us in the contemporary world. A holistic approach is needed to understand the significance of Afrikan children being able to express themselves in their indigenous languages.

Should we “force” children to know their Afrikan language? Or, are we just over-reacting and refusing modernity to take its course? Should we put pressure on government to make indigenous languages compulsory in learning institutions? What happens to children who don’t learn their language? What is the link between indigenous language, self-awareness and identity? And what will our Afrikan future be like if our languages are fading away?

 About the PRESENTER

Mme Matsobane Sexwale is Chief Executive Officer at Rera Language School which focuses on teaching African languages to both children and adults through a communicative approach that also incorporates storytelling, music, games and craft for fun and to broaden the cultural reference. 

Matsobane’s passion for languages stems from her personal journey in losing and regaining fluency in Sesotho as well as her formal and informal study of 9 languages which she speaks in differing proficiency levels. Matsobane’s interest in languages, and African languages in particular, has increased further by watching her own children navigate their proficiency in English, chiShona and Sesotho.

Matsobane also has academic and professional experience in entrepreneurship, business consultancy, psychology and language pedagogy. 


Ebukhosini is a home/office/family-place – set up to inspire the Afrikan Family. The Afrikan Family Dialogue is an informal, monthly event where you can share, learn and grow deeper in your commitment to Afrikan transformation. After the presentation and dialogue, it also becomes a great place for networking. Bring your family!

E V E N T      D E T A I L S:

Date: Sunday 25 August

Time: 1pm


Presenter: Matsobane Sexwale

Entrance: R50 (includes refreshments and snacks)

Bring: Note book and pen

Note: Books, incense and health products will be on sale.

Venue: eBukhosini Solutions

Address: 444 Marshall Street (corner Boom Street)

Location: Jeppestown/Belgravia. 15 min. walk from Maboneng. (See directions further down)


Facebook event page:

Info: 074 690 4012 /

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