EVENT: Afrikan New Year Celebration

Philosopher Prof Velaphi Mkhize Calls for African Unity. He will officiate the Afrikan New Year Celebration

A Partnership Between The Institute For Dispute Resolution In Africa

(College Of Law, Unisa) And Zindzi Mandela Foundation  

Celebrating The Afrikan New Year Under The Theme:


On 24 May 1963, 32 (thirty-two) independent Afrikan countries met in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to find ways to unite the continent. Ghana’s then president, Kwame Nkrumah, made one of his most rousing speeches that the people of Afrika are crying for unity but sadly this cry has been forever elusive.

The current crisis of divisions amongst Afrikans, self-hate and black on black attacks, needs a vision of reconciliation, solidarity and unity amongst Afrikans. The law, politics and even new methods of teaching conflict resolution in our curriculum will not be sufficient to heal the wounds

            Objectives of the Afrikan New Year Celebration

            To dismantle colonial heritage domination both psychologically, economically and culturally and

           To promote Pan Afrikan solidarity, heritage and unity through teaching and learning the Afrikan knowledge systems on addressing reconciliation and reparation of the Afrikan communities.

All Afrikans on the continent and abroad are invited

The event will be officiated by: Philosopher Prof V.V.O. Mkhize


TIME:         10AM

VENUE:       Senate Hall, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela Building

                       & E-Garden, Muckleneuk Campus,   UNISA, TSHWANE

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