Establishment Media: “Ailing Sick Agrizzi” Instead of Corrupt Liar

Journalists of establishment media when Agrizzi was denied bail

ESTABLISHMENT media, which has always protected the self confessed racist and corrupt Angelo Agrizzi, was sympathetic to him yesterday as he was denied bail in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court. 

Despite the lengthy judgement by Magistrate Phillip Venter in which he laid out reasons why Agrizzi was a “severe flight risk”, establishment media was sympathetic. 

Karyn Maughan: This seems odd, given Agrizzi is on bail in the other Bosasa case, hasn’t missed a court appearance. His lawyers say he’s been cooperating with authorities Does

@NPA_Prosecutesnow have new evidence that he is a flight risk, which would justify keeping him behind bars?
Karyn Maughan: Angelo Agrizzi becomes first #StateCapture accused to be denied bail – after court accepts state argument that there is clear evidence he lied about his overseas and local assets, and is a clear flight risk. His lawyers say they will launch urgent application for his release.

The Daily Maverick, apart from its headline highlighting Agrizzi’s health as opposed to his corruption track record and his lies in both bail applications, found it “unfortunate” that he was denied bail while his co-accused, former ANC MP Vincent Smith, received bail. 
Daily Maverick sympathetic to “ailing” Agrizzi when it should read: Corrupt Agrizzi
Former Bosasa chief operations officer Angelo Agrizzi made his first court appearance on fraud and corruption charges on Wednesday, alongside former ANC MP Vincent Smith, who allegedly received a string of bribes from Agrizzi.


“Unfortunately for Agrizzi, unlike his co-accused who is currently out on bail, the State argued successfully that Agrizzi was a flight risk owing to the resources at his disposal.”

Mandy Wiener before the bail application was denied: If you want a lawyer to argue for bail in a mag court, Mannie Witz is one of the best in the business.

Interesting – Mannie Witz telling the Palm Ridge Court that the prosecution had indicated that Agrizzi would be given bail and now they’re ambushing them by opposing bail.

A tweet after the denial of the bail application which she later deleted: “We must respect the court decision and that there are grounds to deny bail. But….Agrizzi is sick and on oxygen. Let’s hope he doesnt died (sic) in custody and the state loses a crucial witness against corrupt politicians. Perhaps the NPA has decided he not good as a witness?




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