Es’kia Mphahlele Institute On CJ Mogoeng’s Es’kia Mphahlele Memorial Lecture

By Mike Stainbank

Vice Chancellor Makhanya

UNISA invited Chief Justice Mogoeng to deliver the 9th Es’kia Mphahlele Memorial Lecture on 28 September 2018. We received a copy of his speech from Ms Khanya Mahlare on 20 February 2019. The UNISA invitation, and more importantly the fact that Mogoeng accepted, adds to our thesis on the African National Congress and their three spheres of government, following those political arrangements of 1994. The ANC is depraved before it is corrupt.

The attached letter, sent to Mogoeng CJ on 27 April 2018, provides a tiny insight into 18 years of judicial violence, racist dispossession, torture and human rights abuses, which we suffer to this day. JSC Complaint 489/2016 (mentioned in our letter) is a detailed account of a corrupt institution, rather than individual judicial officers in the courts controlled by Mogoeng CJ. Full text of the letter here CHIEF JUSTICE MOGOENG

We’ve attached our letter addressed to Ms Mkhwanazi Xaluva here MS MKHWANAZI XALUVA – CRL; a shorter version on the NLC destruction of The Es’kia Institute at the behest of violent, criminal White racists who, under oath, speak of an intimate relationship with senior leaders of the ANC. The moment sitting President Nelson Mandela, solicited a bribe from Solomon and Abraham Krok of Gold Reef City Casino, their quid pro quo contract triggered a series of events that culminate in capture of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. All courts, for 18 years, corrupted statutory law and binding judicial precedent. There has never been a Juristic Person, named The South African Apartheid Museum at Freedom Park, UNIQUE registration number: 2001/019108/08. Over twenty-five (25) criminal court judgments remain alive. And Chief Justice Mogoeng is silent.   

Professor Makhanya, we document our experiences in the hope that students, outside of a government controlled UNISA, may one day interrogate the complicity of the judiciary in the unlawful destruction of the Es’kia Institute. Students may interrogate all that Mogoeng knew about the unlawful, racist attack on both The Apartheid Museum™ and The Es’kia Institute.

Professor Es’kia Mphahlele’s life and work is centered on decolonization of education.

Dr Lesibana Rafapa: “Es’kia Mphahlele has, through his narrative writings, succeeded in developing and perfecting his concept of Afrikan Humanism with the result that it has been shaped into a coherent, nuanced and lucid theory or philosophy. His Afrikan Humanism is dynamic and pervasive, not only in so far as defying cultural and geographical frontiers; it defines and reconstitutes itself according to the mutations of the historical, political and social milieu. It seeps through to pervade all spheres of life.”  

In time, students will interrogate Mogoeng’s lecture. Mogoeng misleads South Africa; there is no prospect whatsoever that a  government, subservient to White Supremacists, will embrace Mphahlele’s Afrikan Humanism: “Education must liberate students from the political and economic forces that subjugate our people and from the low self-esteem and self-hate that oppression inculcates in many of its victims.”  Our every effort, beginning with Education Minister Kader Asmal (ANC) was spurned. The non-white slave cannot imagine a world without the White Master in attendance. Mphahlele had long overcome that psychological impairment. Es’kia Mphahlele’s intellect, and more so his integrity, presents a challenge for Mogoeng CJ.

Professor Makhanya,we take this opportunity to remind you that Es’kia Mphahlele was banished from teaching because he flatly refused to toe the line of a government that hated and abused Black people. Mphahlele placed the interests of Black students above the evil of ogres and philistines. UNISA expects the same of you. UNISA law students are taught that the Office of Chief Justice Mogoeng is responsible for justice; subject to the rule of law. 18 years of evidence prove that, under an ANC led government, his office succumbed to racist White criminals. Chief Justice Mogoeng as keynote speaker, chosen from within a depraved and corrupt ANC government, diminishes the legacy of Professor Emeritus Es’kia Mphahlele.   

Professor Makhanya, please ensure that this email, with attachments, is received by Chief Justice Mogoeng, UNISA Chancellor Thabo Mbeki, The Nelson Mandela Foundation and, if you will, the academic staff of UNISA who depend on integrity in your leadership.

Mike Stainbank

Founder: The Apartheid Museum™ 

Founder: The Es’kia Institute


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