EFF “Notes” Zille’s apology


Helen Zille with party leader, Mmusi Maimane at press conference on the apology

The ink had hardly dried on the column I penned yesterday the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) issued tweets regarding Western Cape’s Premier Helen Zille’s apology on colonialism.

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The EFF has no alliance or coalition with the DA; no relationship? Jokes! As today’s kids would say.

But back to Mogale City, the lie detector and the traitor that joined the coalition

I became interested in the results of the DA’s lie detector test on Mogale City following their defeat and the ousting of the executive mayor. Social media can be a good source and research engine and so I took to it to find out if anyone could assist.

A person going by the Twitter name “O O O Oros” swiftly responded.

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But how did the DA know it was one of their own and not someone from the coalition who crossed the floor as it were? Again OOO Oros, had the answers.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 2.30.17 PM

With fake news being so rife, I decided to check if there was such a man as Brandon May and whether he resigned. Indeed, there is.

May didn’t go through with the lie detector test. He sent his resignation letter of resignation to the speaker of council ANC’s Patrick Lipuli. The DA said his resignation was not related to the lie detector test. May, the party said, had had personal problems for a while and had indicated that he wanted to resign. The DA said there could be a job offer elsewhere. In the ANC maybe?


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  1. A sheep that intentionally leads its own astray from the rest of the flockcan’t be saved, but that which loses the way unintentionally will be saved. Let us patiently and relentlessly keep showing them whatever fruit they are ploughing is not enough to oust the good intention of radical economic transformation is trying to achieve. 2019 is the day we all live to see whether we will rip the intended fruit or a withered tree.

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