The EFF notes the removal of the UDM Councillor Mongameli Bobani as Deputy Mayor in a motion of no confidence today. The Democratic Alliance is responsible for this motion and has supported it without first entering into a national consultation process with the UDM leadership and other opposition parties. We view this as pure bullying by the DA which is failing to lead and work in a respectable way with smaller political parties.

The DA behaves as though it won elections in Nelson Mandela when it did not. It also proves not to appreciate the concept of power sharing which means precisely that: they must “share” political power with others in order to govern.

As a result of this behaviour in Nelson Mandela, the EFF will not be voting with the DA on any issue in Nelson Mandela Metro until they radically change their attitude towards other coalition partners belonging to smaller parties. Although the EFF is not in any coalition or cooperation with the DA, we view their behaviour in Nelson Mandela Metro as a threat to coalition politics that can remove the corrupt ANC out of power even in the future.

Above all, we warn them that their behaviour in Nelson Mandela will affect all other municipalities where they rely on opposition parties in order to govern; in particular in Tshwane and Johannesburg.

The reality is that behaviour of the DA in Nelson Mandela is consistent with their conduct elsewhere in the country including in Parliament. They lack humility, political consultation and patience with smaller parties. They suffer the same arrogance of power that has characterizes the ANC over the year and for which people are now removing it from power across the country.

It is true that even in Mogale City, the confusion was caused by the DA which in the end led to EFF councillors voting with the ANC. These symptoms of the arrogance of power show everywhere even in Johannesburg and Tshwane where they ignore consultation and sharing of decision-making.

This arrogance borders on white supremacy because often relying on Maimane’s word as a leader proves futile unless James Selfe or John Steinhuisen are taken on board. Maimane seems incapable of leadership on his own; if political party leaders meet with the view to reach agreements on many issues, Maimane is incapable, on his own to take decisions without the supervision and guidance of James Self.

When opposition unity and cooperation fails in the important mission to remove the arrogant and kleptocratic ANC, the people of South Africa must put the blame squarely on the feet of the DA. The same arrogance of power that closed the ears of the ANC from any humble advice about its conduct now grips the DA. What is worse is that in all cases where the DA chooses to bully smaller parties like in Nelson Mandela, they have not won elections.

A future without the ANC in power is essentially a future without any party that suffers from the arrogance of power. The DA must not replace a tendency with a tendency, where we will have the same arrogance of power, only dressed in blue colours.

MBUYISENI QUINTIN NDLOZI (National Spokesperson)
Facebook: Mbuyiseni Quintin Ndlozi || Twitter: @EFFSouthAfrica and @MbuyiseniNdlozi”

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  1. The problem the EFF finds itself in is that it drew its political ideology around hatred of one man being Zuma.

    They have squeezed themselves in a tight corner with little room to manoeuvre given the fact for them to ditch the DA Marriage, they are left with no ally powerful enough to challenge the ANC which they chose to hate solely because Zuma is it’s President.

  2. What joke is this? Does anyone take these charlatans seriously? They have been bought and delivered. They said if Mashaba is the mayor they will resign. If zille is not removed as the Premier they will leave the coalition. They promised to physically remove e’tolls, the President from Union Buildings, and countless many other threats, which turned out to be hot-air. I thought Uncensored is a serious publication, and still believe so, please do’nt lower your standarts, eff statements belong in the presstitudes not here. Here we are serious about taking back our stolen property and brook no stunts from stooges. The DA are the bosses of the coalitions will continue regardless of the hot air from these puppets, it is not their decisions, they are not allowed to think nor are their opinions sought, theirs is to deliver voting cattle and nothing else.

    1. Dear Mohale

      Your comment made me laugh so much! But you must remember the importance of puppets in history – how they are able to sway and dictate the turn of events. It’s happened right here at Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, Tshwane, Joburg, Brazil and many other South American and African states. Ignore them at your peril…



  3. What eff and udm has experience in nelson mandela bay metro municipality is nothing. They are arrogant individuals who never want to learn about history and economical issues surrounding blacks and other minorities who fall victim to their marriages. Where is the Patricia Delille party now in Western Cape. They said same thing EFF said that DA was better evil than the ruling party, it is no more – now only party leader and select few enjoy the fruit of coalition but the mass still marginalised in Khayelitsha, Yyanga and many more. Both udm and eff failed their supporters badly.

    Firstly let me congratulate you on your recent great academic achievement PhD. You make us proud.

    Your article on the DA bullying Tactics

    The DA in everything they do or say is always bordered on white supremacy
    This has been a fact known even to your party & yet you chose to be part of them, by your willingness to cooperate with them in hung municipalities!

    Now that these cooperation & coalition are falling apart you want paint a false narration to justify the mistake the EFF made & continue to make.

    When the EFF entered the political arena we were all excited,as you made us believe that you were a bunch of young very focus people, with the agenda to radically transform this country in terms of inequalities that still exist (return of land & economic transformation)

    This is what was on your manifesto!

    Since you have been in parliament you have never called for either, instead you have been too busy trying to bring down the ruling party by promoting regime change attempt of the DA.

    This is one of the biggest errors that will end the political existence of the EFF, like Cope.

    The ANC is here to stay and that’s reality of the matter, yes certain mistakes were made, which are being addressed.

    Come 2019 the Anc will win the general elections with a two third majority.

    Its time that you all black political parties join the ruling party to fast track the second phase of our democracy & stop having identity crisis by supporting and defending the oppressors, who continue to oppress us by sabotaging our economy with the wealth they accumulated from the apartheid system.

    Its a matter of does the Eff want to be on the right side of history in terms of our revolution or want to be on the side of traitors.

  5. It is such a disappointment to even think that EFF and UDM ever believed that they could share power with DA! How could you? We have been waiting for the actions like this to happen…for DA to show you its true colours since you have been acting blind. DA was there when we (South African non-whites and understand that this includes Blacks/Africans, Coloureds and Indians, as they labeled us in the apartheid era) were not treated and counted as humans. They were enjoying every bit and piece of the fruits of apartheid. Make no mistake about that. They are the same and they will never change hence Maimane is right now as we talk and will forever be their puppet. You say ‘his word as a leader proves to be futile unless James Selfe and or John Steinhuisen are taken on board’. Off course what do you expect from him? He cannot make and take any decisions on behalf of DA because he is a toothless guard dog. He has no say. He is sitting there just for a salary…he lost his pride long time ago. And never to regain it unless somebody gives him a wake-up call, opens his eyes and run as fast as he can whilst he still can before the sun sets on him.

    How could you (EFF and UDM) really in your sober minds sell the vote of the people to DA? To them you will always remain nonentities and nothing more. Wake up and smell the coffee! Do you think your touching words you are using in this article will move them (DA)? No. They will never! They have no humanity in them. You are wasting your good and powerful words. They fall onto deaf ears. This is a lesson and will always remain to be to you; never ever think the leopard will ever change its colour. It was a leopard yesterday, it is a leopard today and it will be a leopard tomorrow and forever. If you ever understood the struggle for liberating South Africans, you would never have joined hands with DA. DA will always be DA. They can change names how many times…I don’t care but they will never change the way they see African people. To them; “they are the sirs and you are the damns” if you know the slogan…(“abelungu ngo sir basibiza ngo damn”) and this will never change.

    The ANC is not perfect. It has never been perfect and has never claimed to be. The ANC is led by people just like you and me. It is led by people who can make mistakes as we all do. But it was such a futile act and will always be, to join hands with DA. That act is like jumping from a frying pan filled with boiling oil into a furnace. EFF and UDM you are just okay standing on your own…in that way people who are no more happy with the ANC can understand and believe in you but giving your votes to DA is equal to committing suicide. You don’t correct a mistake with another!

  6. DA is showing their true colors,it is crystal clear that Maimane is being used to lure black voters he has no power what so ever. DA is a white right wing party and it will never change. I feel sorry for blacks who think that DA will have their best interest at heart.

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