“Don’t push me too far” Zuma to ANC NEC


President Jacob Zuma is reported to have lashed at his detractors in the ANC, threatening that they should not “push him too far”.

He’s said to have told the NEC at this weekend’s meeting that he would no longer be quiet in the face of growing public attack from within the party.

“I have been quiet because I don’t want to harm the ANC, so continue attacking me in the media and you will see,” Zuma is quoted saying to the ANC NEC.

What does the President mean and what is it that he knows

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  1. PM, My apologies to Khaya FM For, Actually these people were (‘Clever Blacks’) were speaking in Power FM

  2. We are not going to allow WMC puppets like the EFF, Mmusi Maimane, Sipho Pityana, the SACC, and all other Counter Revolutionaries like Blade Ndzimande and company and the so-called ‘Stalwarts’ to destroy the ANC by their call to remove the Democratically Elected President.
    People like Julias Malema, Sipho Pityana and Mmusi Maimane, Pravin Gordhan and their ilk are motivated by greed and had never felt the brunt of apartheid, they read about it in newspapers and they want to take us back there.
    As long as the WMC is paying a good money, they are very prepared to sell us out with the help of gullible and brainwashed ‘Clever Blacks’ mostly from Gauteng and the Western Cape.
    Progressive and Smart People who comment on Uncensored Opinion, members of BLF, Listeners of ANN7 and Readers of the New Age and all other Johaan Rupert controlled media platforms to separate the truth from fake news (fiction) are critical thinkers who know that State Capture is a fiercely contested territory whereby no one family can Capture the State before it defeats its fierce opponents.
    But foolish ‘Clever Blacks’ don’t ask themselves whether the Gupta Family has defeated all other powerful WMC families who have interests and have captured the Treasury forever, as the narrative will like us to believe that they are the only family capturing our Government.
    I have been listening to Khaya FM this morning on my way to work and the Lines were opened where the ANC (Leadership) was discussed.
    ‘Clever Blacks’ were asking questions like “If the ANC is complaining about the 98% Coal supplied by whites and only 2% is supplied by blacks. Who must fix that? They are in power. Why are they complaining? They must fix it.
    And the other one comes and asks; If the white man has raped hundred times, must we then say I must be left alone when I do the same because the white man has done it?
    I said to myself; Are these guys for real? I can’t believe their Ignorance.
    They speak like they have got two mouths and one ear to listen.
    Brian Molefe and Dr. Ben Ngubane are being harassed by the DA and all other WMC surrogates because they want to end that White Companies’ monopoly of supplying Escom coal.
    And no one has ever said that, if White Companies are doing corruption, no matter how many times, then African People must emulate them. NO! The law must take its cause it that case.
    Black empowerment is not about blacks emulating whites but, it is about helping them to access economic opportunities denied to them by greedy White Monopoly Capitalists (Colonialists).
    We still waiting to see how will cases of the Fixing of Rand Exchange Rate by the Banks and the Looting of Treasury by Former Finance Ministers and their friends will unfold. But no ‘Clever Black’ is questioning that.
    You see, their (‘Clever Blacks’) hatred of one man in the ANC has clouded their reasoning. They don’t listen, they just speak.
    We will never forsake ‘Clever Blacks’ but we will always engage them until they see the light.

  3. The true revolutionary vanguard forsake his class, family and become one of the masses he is to lead.not fake butter nuts.

  4. Dear PK
    What about the ANN7 expose treasury report??? Damming but the main media houses didnt report it.

    1. Mainstream media reported on the ANN7 but made it sound like unsubstantiated claims. I didn’t watch the programme and so cant analyse the story.



  5. President Zuma is a true leader he needs the support of the 11 million plus that put him to lead.Brave Zuma is not new to the struggle.

    1. I think we may see many of the compromised ANC NEC members silent as they are and waiting for Zuma to conclude his term.

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