Did DA Get Information On Pres CR’s Son From Racist Agrizzi?

THE DEMOCRATIC ALLIANCE this week in Parliament asked President Cyril Ramaphosa about an alleged “shady” payment from facilities management company Bosasa into his son’s account. The question is whether this information could have been given to the DA by the racist former employee of Bosasa, Anglelo Agrizzi during a visit to his home by shadow Justice Minister Glynnis Breytenbach and Werner Horn.

UnCensored has video recordings of Breytenbach and Horn’s visit to Agrizzi’s home playing with his monkeys. In fact, in the recording where he refers to his former colleagues as kaffirs, he also refers to one of the Black Bosasa colleagues in the name of one of his monkeys.

Allegations of Bosasa’s corrupt dealings with government, largely carried by News24, abound and as I’ve said before, anybody that exposes corruption should be commended and given all the necessary assistance. Corruption is a scourge that affects the poor most.

News Editor Adriaan Basson, named in the racist’s recordings as one of the editors with whom Agrizzi had formed long relations so much so that he (Basson) visited him with his children, gagged us.

We had hoped to play fair and get lawyers to assist us and as we’ve said, in our view we had not contravened the press code and where we had, we had tried to rectify things. But in the early morning hours, Basson, in a fight with another Twitter account boasted about how he had put us in our place and threatened him: “You made the move, you will face the consequences”.

“Wow, it took you a long time to find this little piece of misinformation. Ask you friend Pinky Khoabane how it went for her trying to spread lies about me and my kids. You made this move, you will face the consequences”.

The bad news for Basson, is that we have a lot of material which we simply packed away until we got lawyers who could direct us when we were violating the rights of others. The gloves are off.

In a question to Agrizzi whether the DA officials had ever visited him, he said his home wasnt meant to entertain journalists or politicians. What he didnt know is that Basson had already confessed to have visited him “once, without his children”.

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