Desperation of White Monopoly Capitalists & Stooges

By Pinky Khoabane

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Attempts to invalidate existence of White Monopoly Capital – We assist Thuli with evidence

By now South Africa should have followed in the foot steps of Brazil and a new president who would protect the interests of white monopoly capitalists should have been installed.

Like former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, whose administration was removed from power by what was a parliamentary coup by American-funded opposition parties, President Jacob Zuma should have gone by now.

It has not happened and word on the streets is that billions of Rands were paid to agents who had been comfortably minding their business and the small crumbs from their masters’ table and were suddenly thrown into the limelight as the face of a campaign against corruption and the call for President Jacob Zuma to go.

The surrogates haven’t delivered and the masters aren’t particularly happy hence the desperation in the campaign to ensure that the ANC faithful do not even go to the national conference to choose a candidate of their own. So desperate are the masters in the form of Johann Rupert, the Rothchilds and others that there’s a multi-pronged strategy to ensure Zuma is out and a new president is installed not through the democratic ballot but through a coup.

SaveSA which was led publicly by AngloGold Ashanti’s Chairman Sipho Pityana and is said to have large corporations backing it, launched the #AntiZuma campaign at the funeral of Makhenkesi Stofile. It has since led marches and held press conferences across the country demanding for Zuma’s resignation.

As UnCensored’s contributor Adil Nchabeleng wrote yesterday, the SaveSA campaign has now been joined by opposition parties as was seen in the latest March 7th Shutdown march. Could anyone have ever imagined corporate South Africa and its media and analysts promoting a complete shutdown of the economy? Whenever workers took to the streets demanding a minimum wage, the same companies which proudly gave their workers a paid day-off to march with them against Zuma would bemoan the loss in income to the economy as a result of the strike. No such headlines when the bosses of capital marched to overthrow a democratically elected president.

Such is the desperation of these regime change agents that the sad occasion of the death of stalwart Ahmed Kathrada became the platform for further calls to remove Zuma. Kathrada’s wife, Barbara Hogan, who has since her removal from office as cabinet minister has clearly aligned herself with the anti-Zuma faction. She used her husband’s death as a means of levelling scores with her foe. Contrast her behaviour with the dignified manner in which Limpho Hani conducted herself at the anniversary of the death of her husband Chris, which was commemorated a few weeks after the first of a series of Kathrada memorial services.

Commercial media, whose allegiance is to the white monopoly capitalists who own them, have fully backed the SaveSA and related campaigns. They have for years now openly joined the opposition and they have gone further and joined the regime-change call.

At issue is fundamentally the fight for the economy and white monopoly capitalist’s desperation to keep its stranglehold on it. We’ve written at length about white monopoly capitalists’ ownership and domination and control of the state and it was refreshing to see Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba’s newly appointed advisor on radical economic transformation,  Professor Chris Malikane, reiterate everything we’ve written on this platform.

What has emerged, apart from the SaveSAs, are defenders and apologists of white monopoly among the black elite. They have been called to repay their masters’ “generosity” through which they were made the paper-millionnaires that they are today. The strategy apart from deflecting attention from the wealth, power and control of the state by these capitalists has been to completely nullify their existence. The narrative is that white monopoly capitalists do not exist and those of us who have consistently written about them have been vilified as fake news. We’ve shown consistently how Rupert for example, owns everything. It may be an urban legend but there’s a story that says he was at a hotel with some of his black stooges and he told them he owned them; the hotel they were at, the drinks and food they ate, the clothes and shoes they were wearing, and the floor on which they were dancing.

The latest gimmick has been staged by the South African Communist Party (SACP), whose leadership Philip Dexter rightly describes as hypocrites who lack credibility and have in fact been captured by the capitalists. They have come to question the phrase white monopoly capital. In tow has been former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela who claimed on a Twitter post that the phrase didn’t exist until her state of capture report but she went further and demanded proof. It is disingenuous of her and had she bothered to speak to those who had fought in the trenches for liberation, forget about researching for herself, she would have discovered that this was a term used extensively in political education classes.

There’s also enough SACP literature that refers to the term: white monopoly capital. She only has to search the Internet for the SACP’s journal to find the term.

But judging from her display of ignorance, here’s some reading material which she can use as a tool to address her loneliness. 

http://www.sacp.org.za/pubs/buakomanis/2007/vol6-1.html Check 2.5 Thuli. It states: “White monopoly capital in South Africa has, in fact, been the principal beneficiary of the post-1994 period. There is stabilisation and restored profitability, and many of our major corporations have used the period to trans-nationalise, some locating their head-quarters outside of South Africa, others re-locating major share-listings to foreign stock exchanges”

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  1. What I noticed about Thuli Madonsela is that, she is a liar with no conscience.
    She knows very well that the terms ‘white monopoly capital’ and ‘state capture’ were used by BLF when they requested that she investigate the ‘state capture’ by white monopoly capital and her bosses in the Western Cape which she flatly refused to do. She later on came with the nonsense she called ‘State of Capture Report’ whereby she claims the Gupta’s are controlling the president and which is the narrative that is pushed by all Fake News WMC controlled mainstream media and other WMC surrogates like Thuli Madonsela, Sipho Pityana, Julius Malema, ‘civilised black professors’ and now recently, the SACP. Thuli wrote this drivel she named the ‘State of Capture Report’ knowing very well that it is a lie which will not stand the test in a court of law. That is why she could not help her WMC friends in the DA when they (the DA) filed a stupid court application to stop the inauguration of the new ministers based on the lie started by Thuli and company that the president is influenced by the Gupta’s when he appoints ministers. The court rightfully rubbished this application on the basis that there was no evidence to support it. Even the biggest WMC spindoctor, Thuli Madonsela could not provide proof of this nonsensical claim to support her friends in the DA.
    Strange enough, these Regime Change Agents are still using this nonsense of a ‘State of Capture Report’ to push their Regime Change Agenda even if it was dismissed by the court of law as a lie.
    It is clear that the regime change agenda is not purely a South African agenda but a government change plan hatched in the UK and USA.
    This Regime Change Agents will only fool gullible people who cannot see their greedy aims of enriching themselves by selling out their own people.
    What also needs to be mentioned is that other people who act dumb like the ‘civilised professors’, SACP and Thuli herself are actually not dumb,they know that, what they are doing is selling out but, they have been paid already, they are captured, they must earn their salaries, they must deliver to the WMC.
    I urge all progressive people out there, not to be fooled by these people but be vigilant in protecting our hard earned democracy.

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