Democratic Alliance Cover Up

By Mike Hampton. Article published in www.knysnakeep.org


This is about the Democratic Alliance (DA) you don’t want to know. This has nothing to do with the ANC or any excuse of the dangerously biased. This is the DA’s very own corruption and cover-up. This is why I’m afraid when I go to bed at night. This is why you should be worried about our future (because there seems to be no one good to turn to).

I’ve posted 1562 blogs and articles on politics, crime and social issues. I’ve blogged, across all my local websites, approximately 1.5-million words. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING I’VE PUBLISHED.

This is my last submission to Parliament’s Select Committee Petitions & Executive Hearings. You may have watched me on television or being one of the dedicated few who listened to the audio of the 3 hearings. However, none of that comes near to explaining what’s happening as this does.

The DA, as a national party, has been rotting where the media selfishly doesn’t tread. What’s happening in our pretty town of Knysna implicates the leadership of the DA. They have, with knowledge, allowed their members to practice cronyism, illegal appointments and illegal tendering. It seems to be with blessing from the top that they’ve tried to silence me with court cases and very nasty propaganda.

Why would Helen Zille and Mmusi Maimane allow this to continue? Ask yourself if they’ll do anything to protect the DA’s image, even if it means giving carte blanch to political and municipal criminals, because all that counts to them is your vote, especially if you’re black.

After May 24, the last hearing, it began again. Knysna Executive Mayor Eleanore Spies attempted to discredit Susan Campbell, my witness, and me through a press release and a Council Meeting fat with lies and insincerity. She’s nostril-high in controversy yet determined to dig deeper, maybe thinking she’ll keep getting away with it, backed by her bosses in Cape Town.

Today, Mmusi Maimane’s new Chief of Staff, Geordin Hill-Lewis, who’s in possession of this document and much more, arrogantly said in an email to me, CCied to media: “I stand 100% behind our Mayor. Look forward to cross examination, and am not in the slightest bit intimidated by you.”

I’ve given the DA leadership too many chances in the hope of them finally stepping in to sort their mess. It’s painfully obvious that my witness and I can’t turn to them for safety. So I’m holding Moses Mhlanga to his promise. He’s the Chairperson of that Committee of Parliament who said we must be protected. After several attempts the past week, I finally got hold of him. He was horrified at Mayor Spies’ actions and disrespect, asking me to submit a report, marked for his immediate attention, to the Committee’s Secretary.


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