Defend VBS Against A Hostile Take Over & Put Your Money Into Their Bank

By Pinky Khoabane


WHAT happened at VBS Mutual Bank is nothing short of a hostile takeover. It illustrates, once again, how regulations by governments working in cahoots with the big boys of business simply kill the smaller players. When VBS lent former President Jacob Zuma a loan and came into prominence, it’s dealings came under scrutiny.

On Sunday, Governor of Reserve Bank Lesetja Kganyago placed VBS under curatorship. VBS had apparently flouted mutual bank laws by accepting deposits from municipalities in violation of the law. In the  letter by VBS Chairman Thifhiwa Matodzi to Kuben Naidoo of treasury,  it is clear that once the bank became aware of the possible violation, it approached treasury for clarity. Treasury instead of responding simply ignored them while on the other hand, it kept instructing municipalities to withdraw the money from that bank. This caused a liquidity problem for the bank, to which it sought to find a solution by writing letters to treasury.

Treasury if it was acting in good faith, could have asked the municipalities to withdraw the money over a period of time to allow for sustainability of the bank. But it didnt. It wanted the bank to crash.

It could have even issued a commercial licence to ensure the developmental agenda of our country is met – safeguarding a small bank whose shareholding is Black from collapse. That is what radical economic transformation requires – bold moves which are meant to bring Blacks into mainstream economy. The apartheid government gave their Afrikaner banks bailouts to help sustain them. Democratic SA wouldn’t, it wanted the bank to crash.

But there’s also the puzzling case of Public Investment Corporation (PIC), which has a 27% in VBS, seemingly not being aware of the mutual bank laws. VBS’ growth strategy included seeking business from municipalities, why didnt PIC flag this as a violation?

If stories going around that the curator was already known during the first week of March, despite meetings between the parties, seeking solutions to the problem, then this curatorship is forced – forced to ensure the bank collapsed allowing for new ownership.

It is a sad day for Black entrepreneurship and flies in the face of the much talked about need to bring Blacks into the mainstream economy. A survey by 27four Investment Managers, which measures transformation in the financial sector, says that, of the R4.6-trillion industry assets, only R415.5-billion — or 9% — is managed by black firms. We ought not be deterred by this move by bullies but instead we ought to all boycott the commercial banks and take our money to VBS. We at UnCensored already have, in line with our decision to Buy Black and Bank Black. Imagine all those stokvels, if they could take their money to VBS?

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We give voice to the political views you won’t find in mass media. We focus on corporate corruption which is largely hidden, and the restoration of Africa’s historical and cultural place in the world.

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If everyone who reads UnCensored, assisted in funding it, they would be helping in keeping alive the alternative view of the world. We therefore have a small favour to ask. That you keep this platform alive by contributing both financially and by submitting stories and other resources such as research.

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Thanking you in advance.


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  1. Good day Colleagues.

    I support Black business. One day I will be happy if financial monopoly in the hands of old mutual , Sanlam and big banks in RSA can be in the hands of blackman. I have read two posts on VBS by Uncensored. What I have gathered there is that the niche of VBS is to grant loan to people in rural communities. I further gathered that it had accounts with municipalities, of which these accounts with municipalities was the bone of contention with the Reserve Bank. Municipalities removed their cash as directed by the Reserve Bank from the bank and the bank solvency problem kicked in. I think the bank did not focus on its niche because the withdrawal of money by the municipalities affected its liquidity. The bank was supposed to concentrate on its niche. I do not see any wrong doing from the Reserve Bank. I also saw that the bank was not legally permitted to deal with municipalities but however, it did. I think let the bank stand up and focus on granting loans to rural communities. I think there is a huge market there. Thanks

  2. I just tried to go to their website to open an account into which I can transfer my salary to, unfortunately there seems to be a problem with the website. Perhaps you can alert them to this.

    1. Hi Nobuntu

      I cant imagine that you could open an account without going into the branch. But please find their telephone number on the website and contact them.

      Hope for the best



  3. Very sad indeed. Under the watch of a party talking RET and Job creation…….we are being sold a dud here. 2019 is a time for change. JZ&Co./BLF/APC/PAC lead us.

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