In Defence of Sis Lindiwe Sisulu aka #LS17 From A Vile Smear Campaign

By Isaac Mpho Mogotsi


Lindiwe Sisulu, Minister of Human Settlements & ANC Presidential Hopeful 

THE same crowd which blasts Sis Lindiwe Sisulu aka #LS17 for saying exiles and prisoners contributed immensely in the liberation struggle in South Africa is the same crowd which rubbishes Winnie Mandela when we use her herculean anti-apatheid struggle inside the country to laud the immense contribution of all inziles to the liberation of our country.

In fact Sis Lindiwe Sisulu singled out Winnie Mandela for special praise in this regard.

How could she have done this if she did not value the contributions of all Inziles?

Her own mother Albertina and her own brother Zwelakhe were inziles who contributed hugely to the liberation struggle. It is impossible that Sis Lindiwe Sisulu would spit on her own mother and brother’s heroic legacies in the freedom struggle.

I am clear in my mind that the new vicious campaign against Sis Lindiwe Sisulu is nothing but a thin wedge of a long sharp knife intended to cut to bits and pieces the entire ANC anti-colonial and apartheid struggle waged by inziles, exiles, political prisoners and millions of ordinary people in their everyday, quotidian endeavours to oppose colonialism and apartheid.

Defend the heroic legacy of the ANC’s anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggle from the new slander by peacetime heroes and quasi revolutionaries.

The day before yesterday it was white South Africa portraying Winnie Mandela as a blood-thirsty and hate-filled radical.

Yesterday it was Julius Malema, as a host of Lord Renwick in London, excoriating Nelson Mandela as “a sellout”.

Today it is Gwede Mantashe slandering the Sisulu family as “royalty”.

Tomorrow they will find something to use to tarnish the Tambo family.

After that you will then belatedly ask yourself: For whom the bell tolls? Well, it will be tolling for any of us who ever raised a hand to fight and defeat colonial rule and apartheid.

Beware of the glorified mud throwers and splittists who want to besmirch the heroic legacy of our anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggle legacy by targeting and isolating particular struggle families who were compelled by circumstances to play leading roles in our anti-colonial and anti-apartheid struggle.

The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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  1. I’m not a fan of Lindiwe Sisulu especially after she joined the bandwagon of calling for investigation against the President, however there was a twist in how she was viewed by the CR17 camp after she refused to be included as DP for that slate and said she wants CR17 to be her Deputy as well as when she criticed Mantashe.

    They started slinging mud against her, American style

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