Dear Black South Africans, You Own Nothing but Your IDs. Everything else belongs to the banks


Author Unknown

South Africans always say they don’t want to be “like Zimbabwe”. But what exactly does that mean?

  • 99% of the cars on the roads in Zimbabwe are owned by the people driving them. 99% of the houses in Zimbabwe are owned by the people living in them.
    But in South Afrika, 97% of the cars belong to banks. Barclays Bank owns this country. Someone in England owns that flat you live in there in Midrand. You look down on people staying in rural areas in houses they own, because you live in a house owned by Barclays Bank.
  • Blacks in South Africa, with their contempt for Zimbabweans, actually own nothing. You only own your IDs”.
  • Did you know that that company who buried your uncle, AVBOB stands for Afrikaanse Verbond Begrafnis Ondernemings Beperk?
  •  Did you know that Sanlam was started by a group of Afrikaans businessmen to advance the “struggle for an economic foothold for the Afrikaner”? it was helped along with special acts of parliament being written for it…
  • Did you know that SASOL, now a listed company, was created in 1979 by the then SA govt and enjoyed significant government protection during apartheid?
  • Naspers (Nasionale Pers), the company that owns Multichoice/DSTV, MWEB, Media 24(rapport,city press, daily sun)was formed by a group of prominent Afrikaners in December 1914 at Stellenbosch to form a publishing company that would spread a nationalistic Afrikaner message. It was founded by J.B.M. Hertzog who also founded the National Party, the previous year.
  • Don’t you love how the idea of Black people making money from government, or with government assistance is almost criminalised and the recipients of government business are called “tenderpreneurs”, “BEE fat cats”? Remember Daniel Matjila of the PIC was hounded for owning a Maserati which he could afford easily with his salary?
  • Remember how Khanyi Dlomo was scandalised for receiving a R34m loan from the NEF? I bet you don’t remember the billion rand loan that was given to the Collins Family… that’s because no one told you about it..
  • Did you notice how reference is made to how quickly Cyril Ramaphosa, Patrice Motsepe and Tokyo Sexwale became wealthy but no one mentions the pace of Discovery’s Adrian Gore in becoming a billionaire, even though Discovery was only listed in 1997? Ever heard of Gus Attridge?
  • Did you realise that you’ve read a lot about Robert Gumede but almost nothing about Brett and Mark Levy?
  • Do you remember Hendrik du Toit’s R78m bonus? You’ve never heard of Hendrik Du Toit?
  • Did you know Koos Bekker from point 4 above exercised options on 11,7m of his Naspers shares, netting about R11bn from the sale. The transactions were not announced on SENS (JSE info platform) because he was not on the board of the company at the time he did this as he was on a year-long “sabbatical”
  •  I hope you are aware today that the highest earning and top 5 South African billionaires are white,when one black enters that bracket,you investigate him.– have you ever stopped and paused and asked yourself this. you call ANN7 the “Gupta TV” but you dont call ENCA the “Rupert TV? have you ever thought about it? have you ever cared to know who owns, sowetan, City Press and the papers you believe are “authetic”?

My Beloved SA. Can you please tell me what you own, where you got it from and who connected you politically?

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  1. This is as true as living god.apartheid destroyed our inert thinking ability.tell me of one commodity,product or goods which is manufactured and consumed in South Africa wich white business has not colluded in.

  2. Africans Unite. Small Black Businesses are attempting to support each other and reach out to black consumers on the Facebook Page called “BrownSense”.. Africans Unite – You are on your own.. .

  3. it really is a shame why we do not wake up and get out of this self induced stupor!Once a black man feels he has made it in business and education the first thing he does is to cement the ideology that he is above his own people as he now dreams of one day waking up with a pale skin.The money he is now making is too white to be spent in developing his black community,Well the sad news is that you may be looked up to and idolised by your black brothers.whites look at you as a rubber stamp to their superiority.

  4. Ja neh strange how u always come up with these articles that always knock some sense out of us.

  5. I agree that Black South Africans are fed a lot of lies by Johaan Rupert’s Mainstream media and that is evil.
    But we need to find a solution to counter that.
    Black Community in South Africa is too divided and that’s our biggest problem.
    I don’t understand how a grown up black person can believe that a White Monopoly Capital phenomenon in South Africa was phrased by Bell Portinger when we all know that almost all of the SAA Procurement Budget goes to white people, that white companies have 40 – 50 years contracts with Eskom and that 97% of companies in JSE are owned by Whites.
    What we need to do now is to run campaigns to counter this Fake News Propaganda Machines.
    We can do that by organising marches, promoting boycott of this materials by providing facts as puttimg forward points and facts.
    Or else, if we are all talk but no action, we are going to end up like the ANC which is fighting itself today
    The enemy is going to infiltrate and come to destroy all progressive people within just like they did with the ANC.

    1. Dear Mzi

      I look forward to getting those facts from you and the planned action against fake news propaganda.



  6. The Author is insulting the Black South Africans Intelligence here and I don’t understand what is the article is aiming to achieve except to denigrate Black South Africans
    For someone to have nothing but their IDs isn’t something bad but you see a spin a spin he puts into the heading of his article.
    As South Africans we know that Houses, Cars and even Clothes and Groceries (in the households using Credit Cards) are owned by
    the Banks, and that is why we speaking Radical Economic Transformation. We want that situation of Banks owning everything we need to change.
    Remember houses and cars are no more a luxury in these days but a need.
    These person doesn’t tell us how many Zimbabweans are here in South Africa. Why are they migrating to the South if Zimbabwe was such a great paradise where everyone got funds to buy everything they need in cash.
    You see, it seems this person that, this person doesn’t understand that the Economic Success of a Country is measured by per capita (per capita is per person) and not by the few who have got access to resources.
    And I don’t understand where this person got his/her numbers from. Did he/she do any survey to arrive at this numbers?
    If he/she did, then how many houses and cars get repossesed and how many get paid out on these bonds?
    I think that information is needed in order to make an informed decision that his/her advice is based on facts not just sour grapes of some sort.
    In most African Countries people are not properly documented meaning that people are not even properly recognised by their own Government whether they are legitimate citizens of that country or not.
    In such a case I don’t think that, there will be any Institution willing to lend big sums of money (bonds) for houses and cars, the reason being that you will never be able to trace them (debtors) should they dissappear.
    The other point I want to correct is that not all bonds In South Africa are owned by ABSA which is owned by Barclays. That is a lie.
    You see this bonded House and Cars thing is not a problem as long as people who are involved is working for them but what is wrong is where the Banks ownership is only given to white people and the majority black people are excluded.
    The author doesn’t tell us how many people don’t own houses and cars in Zimbabwe.
    If we really want to build a prosperous Africa, we must not base our engagements on some holier than thou attitudes but rather on factual genuine dialogue which seeks to take the continent forward.

  7. “clever blacks” believes anything in the media..i mean lets look at the state capture narrative,,the Guptas are running the government the media says

  8. It just shows how vulnerable we are as black people. Every news and hype sway us. Social media now give all individuals platform to comment, even sensational news aimed at sabbotaging.

  9. And funny enough, we are quite ease at being exploited and abused. Otherwise we would never had favoured the toppling of the current government leadership.

  10. The mainstream media has demonised black success. The late Lolly Jackson was dubbed by the media as a larger than life character who enjoys the finer things in life. But the Mpisanes are seen as too crass, too crude – theirs is seen as an obscene display of wealth. Deputy President Ramaphosa bidded for a R19 million buffalo and he was beaten to it by bloemfontein businessman by the name of Boet Troskie. No one said anything about Troskie, the attention was on Deputy President Ramaphosa.They went as far as to say that the money would have fed thousands of poor people and built 250 RDP houses. In 2010 Kenny Kunene had a birthday bash worth seven hundred thousand rand the story was all over the media he was called all sorts of names. In the same year a businessman by the name of Hosken hosted a new years eve party worth R12 million in Cape Town, the party was attended by the who’s who of South Africa. The Sunday Times dubbed it the mother of all parties but no one raised any eyebrows because it was done by a white business man.

    1. It’s the anti-Black media narrative to which some of us have refused to abide hence we remain on the outside of media circles. The quickest way to rise in SA media is to adopt that anti-black stance – bash Blacks, Be suspicious of any Black person who has money and kow-tow to the narrative that they can only have money through corruption. As a SA journalist you must be the master’s voice to be accepted.

      But ultimately as Africans we have deep seated self-hate. The jounralists who will hound a Black person that is doing well will be Black and directed by Black Editors.

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