“Dear Hon Pravin Gordhan, Step Down” Open letter by Jeff Koorbanally

After eight years of trying to claim the Surtie Inheritance from ABSA, Jeff Korbanally is speaking out. This is his second in a series of open letters to:

Dear Hon Pravin Gordhan

Reference is made to the first Part of my open letter entitled “Bonds Corruption” herein is part 2 on this matter.

As the darling of media platforms, please tell the Public of this country the following:

  • May 2011, your “Spiderweb Handler” MARIA RAMOS (Absa/Barclays ceo) in a total panic after I officially lodged the Surtie claim with Absa, and threatened Her & Louis Von Zeaner with criminal charges, she immediately alerted both You & Gill Marcus.
  • Yours & Gill Marcus advise to her was to try and derail the claim and discredit it at whatever cost, most importantly to find a way of getting rid of me! (Jeff Koorbanally)
  • Maria Ramos then immediately sent two Absa bank forensics to try and trace the Surtie Family(Wife of the deceased) who was the Heir of the Estate that they had forced me to register
  • When the Surtie Family was brought to Absa’s Head Office for the meeting, the Agenda was: “Terminate Mr Koorbanally Power of Attorney & the bank Absa will assist you with the claim as the bank preferred to work direct with the Principal”
  • There is a sworn affidavit with the law Enforcement in this regard, one from myself and the other from the Surtie Family.
  • I also place on record that all the allegations put to you in this matter, were also all put in a sworn affidavit in my presentation to the Law Enforcement, the very ones that have charged you for fraud.

While at it, please also tell the public of the Republic that:

  • It is “You & Gill Marcus” that obstructed and derailed the Public Proctor’s investigations on the Ciex Report.
  • It is you who has interfered with the independence of the Office of the Public Protector, putting it into disrepute, by influencing Thuli Mandosela to leave all cases and focus on the so called “State Capture” as priority as an attempt for Political scoring. It is you who suddenly were able to instruct Treasury to immediately make R1,5 M available to Thuli Madonsela to expedite the above mentioned case. Why?
  • Why couldn’t you give this money to the Public Protector since 2011 to properly conclude the Ciex Report Investigations of which the outcome thereof had the potential to recover hundreds of billions of lost revenue which is much needed to fund the demands of free education & curb the high employment rate.
  • Explain to the Public how is it possible that a Finance Minister can hold shares in these entities; approximately 29 of them amongst them being Absa, Remgro, Anglo American. Does that not constitute conflict of interest? How were these shares acquired ? Confirm or deny! I attach a picture of all your alleged financial interest here under:

These are the same Entities alleged to have looted our Treasury from 1985-to date in the biggest banking scandal.

  • I am further strongly alleging that FNB Bank was formed with Public Funds in the same banking scandal of the Surtie inheritance smuggling that resulted in Anglo American buying Barclays S.A. Limited shares 1986. Give me access to this transaction records held at Sarb and I will prove it! You have nothing to lose in doing so.
  • I further challenge you to go on Public Platform and defend yourself from every single allegation I’ve made against you, so that we can debate it on your beloved platform (Media)
  • I further want to publicly state the grounds you are still holding the release of the Surtie inheritance, when I have complied with all the requirement, and more specifically of the Fact that while this claim is current, the liability is not going to affect the current economic crisis as this claim was provided for in the income & expenditure on fiscal system since 1996. Meaning, on paper the money has been paid  ( Liability) settled. The only requirement outstanding is for you to authorize the transfer of the money (on paper only) to the official legal beneficiary as per Powers granted to you on mentioned Act.
  • What is it that you’re trying to hide? It is because you and all your associates in this banking scandal, have decided to smuggle it again, buying & selling shares & further enriching yourselves at the expense of the victims (Surtie) who are currently living below poverty lines. They lost dtheir businesses from political riots which targeted Indians & Chinese businesses in Lesetho.
  • Whose real interests are you protecting? The country or Broederbond ? Our Democracy or Regime Change? Publicly answer this question and let the public make up their own minds based on the truth I just revealed after having been silent for 8 years.
  • Lastly it is my strong submission that you should do the honorable thing and “Step Down”. You and your Predecessor (Trevor Manuel) have betrayed our Trust, bestowed in both of you.
  • Furthermore, you have compromised the Integrity of our Treasury!
  • As a responsible citizen of this country I put the most devastating international action on“ Hold” which you know will destroy this country if executed.
  • Your reign and that of your predecessor as Finance Ministers is an insult to the financial/accounting profession and was a deliberate planned and orchestrated derelict. It painted a clear picture of a dereliction of duty by the people who should be doing oversight and enforcing compliance, which is Finance Ministry/ National Treasury/South African Reserve Bank (Sarb)
  • I will continue to vigorously fight the cause of disclosing the corruption and corrupt officials at any cost – without fear or favor. I am unstoppable!


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  1. It does matter that Jefff opens up after 8 years. The time has come that the looting brigade disguised as political leaders is exposed. I encourage that such matters be brought to the public domain. Even an alternative medium. We need to usher in a crusade to expose these shenanigans. Then South Africa can decide what kind of corrective measures to engage .

  2. I am one of the very few, that knows for a fact , that this battle has been going on for a long time, absa knew full well that the people pursuing this matter , had financial constraints n tried to use that, hoping all parties won’t be able to go to the end with it, also the fact that the people are old, in poor health, hoping for the worst. Instead of criticising Jeff, y not let the so called honourable answer the questions. Let the country see for themselves.

  3. This information and the one revealed by public protector about Hon Madontsela are very much interesting.

  4. I admit I had prior knowledge of any of the matters raised in this article. Something I don’t understand though is that Jeff states that FNB was funded by public money but in the same paragraph asks for information to prove his allegation. That seems back-to-front to me. How is the public expected to take Jeff seriously?

  5. Wow, this is explosive stuff Jeff Koorbanally. You are a brave man. I will pray God keeps you alive, safe and well because if this alleged level of corruption is going on, there are seriously evil powers-that-be looking to silence you. Stay strong. Keep your head up. God bless

  6. If all what Jeff Koorbanally has written is the gospel truth and he willingly decided to wait for eight years to reveal the uncanny goings on , without condoning the alleged targets , Jeff is equally guilty of keeping quiet for all this time and one wonders what precisely has awakened Jeff from slumber to suddenly find it opportune to spill the beans now ,are we not forgiven to believe there is a hidden hand prodding Jeff into action.Why now is the big ask.

  7. The very person who went after all business men raking in Billions just to have his party squander for themselves. One has to ask how does most of them hold high positions , large 4×4 , Beach Cottages, Live in High Class areas over a period of 22 years into Democracy? Definitely “NOT HARD WORK” simply LOOTING THE TAX PAYERS MONEY. Shame on you all, the Country is getting poorer by the hour and you are getting richer by the minute. GOD BLESS SOUTH AFRICA AND ITS HONEST CITIZENS.

  8. Can’t wait for the response from the Minister and Ramos,mostly if this letter could be used in court…..looks like there’s also a lot in Pravin’s closets

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