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Our efforts to publish stories that the commercial media ignore doesn’t mean we will publish un-corroborated information. We will not publish claims that are not supported by evidence even if you try and sneak them through the comments section.

Ours is a small project with limited resources. Limited is actually putting it mildly. We do not have the resources to face litigation or the hours to go through a litany of repeats of the same un-corroborated information disguised as new comments.

We want the time to use our limited resources to break stories which commercial media would not touch with a ten-foot-pole. We’ve successfully done this – exposing Pravin Gordhan’s shares in Grindrod http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/pravins-portfolio-shares-reveals-much-state-capture/

Johann Rupert’s shares in Grindrod and the link to SASSA billions http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/ruperts-grindrod-bank-banks-sassas-billions/.

We’ve exposed a letter from Gordhan to Minister of Dept of Social Development (DSD) giving CPS & Grindrod as the first two options to solving the SASSA crisis while the media painted a completely different story http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/pravin-wanted-biometric-fingerprint-system-excluded-bidding-social-grants/.

We exposed Thuli Madonsela for having being called an advocate when she wasn’t one yet.  http://uncensoredopinion.co.za/exactly-thulisile-madonsela-become-advocate/ We’ve exposed the Sunday Times for lying about not receiving a response from DSD in order to protect Rupert. There are many examples and we urge you to allow us the time to do this without the burden of going through numerous unsubstantiated claims.

We want to spend more time investigating the leads some of our readers send us. It takes time to go through the many responses we get and for this we are immensely grateful.

We strive to build a community interested in an alternative narrative to the one with which we are constantly bamboozled. We aim to build this through trust and respect for one another.

We will not promise you objectivity as the concept is purely a myth. All of us – in all spheres of collecting knowledge – have preconceived notions and expectations of the world – and these influence the way we see life. We do not, like commercial media, pretend that our socio-political and cultural backgrounds don’t affect how we think and the choice of stories we go after. We acknowledge and accept our bias.

All we want is that what we choose to write must be based on fact – evidence which even if we won’t disclose to the public, we know exists.

We understand those who say their chosen professions limit them from providing evidence – oath of confidentiality and the like. We understand your job and the need to protect your sources but please respect ours too. If you don’t want to provide the evidence just don’t provide the claims.

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  1. Hi PK. Being in the construction industry and having listened to what the President said at SONA regarding the 30% of contract value to be passed on to SME’s by bigger contractors in the state build environment, please allow me to give you my biased opinion on this. Firstly, the thinking behind this statement is absolutely correct. Secondly, there is a problem because it is stated, “where possible” Thirdly, businesses with less than R10million turnover per month is classified as a qualifying small enterprise and they therefor also qualify for that 30%. I would like to see a system whereby government would insist that big construction companies shall only tender for 70% of the contract and then allow small black contractors to tender for the remaining 30% of that contract. In that case we will be not at the mercy of the large contractor in terms of payment, but we could also go to financial institutions asking for finance based on contracts we have with government. As things stand we as smaller contractors cannot access capital as we are not Principal contractors. We are just subcontractors (read suppliers of labour/slaves) to these large construction companies. Go to any building site and see for yourself who is actually breaking their backs doing the actual work. Go then to the offices of these large construction companies and see who is languishing in their airconditioned offices. I do not want to be a subcontractor for these large companies. I want government to employ me and my company directly. Pay me and my company directly. That to me would be a radical departure from the current NORMAL. Thanks PK.

    1. You know, Khotso Molekane said something interesting – how as Minister of Public Enterprise, Malusi Gigaba had advised the smaller black auditing firms to come-together and merge so that they could get the big audit deals. That must be the way to go.

      I know mergers bring their own challenges but if we want to access these big deals and the smaller ones, it is well worth it.



  2. Thanks PK. I hear you. Thank you for informing me. For too long have i read and listened to the other side. Now i know better. Being around Uncensored always makes me feel much more intilligent. Nowadays i can debate stories with people whom have only the teachings of the established print media as their point of departure and end. Many thanks.

    1. Aahh, that is so kind Jannie. Thank you. Now that you have become “more intelligent” I expect to hear your views on how we can attain the radical economic transformation. Im waiting for whenever you are ready…



  3. Noted Sis’ PK! It would be very sad if your sterling work is jeopardised by unsubstantiated or uncorroborated info we send. More work to be done still lies ahead.

    1. Thanks Stalin. We have a lot of work ahead. Just looking at this Radical Economic Transformation project is going to demand a lot from us and I hope we can all get together and help monitor and measure and apply pressure. All of us….



  4. What l said to someone about mainstream media:
    The mainstream media is now the official opposition. The media has the potential and ability to make society think in a certain way which suits its owners and their objectives. It does this by promoting and sustaining a certain narrative or perception which will ultimately achieve a hidden objective. In this country though, the objective is no longer hidden. It is regime change. The Guptas will always be attacked for committing a cardinal sin. And that is to venture into white economic territory. Most importantly their interests in media have hit the white man where it matters most. This is because the Gupta media provides South Africans with an alternative to white propaganda and misinformation. It enables society to always think and analyse issues before taking a position. And this pisses off white capital. White capital whishes it were the only source of information so it can control society. But for the Guptas.

    1. Dear Adri

      Welcome to our community. Thank you very much for your kind words.



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