Dear Comrade Reader, Don’t Let The Adverts Come In Between You & A Good Read

Dear Comrade Reader

On the weekend before Mama Winnie decided she was leaving this earth, I had given up completely, on continuing with this blog. It takes up too much of our time and is financially draining.

But with her death, I realised even more, the importance of having alternative platforms. In that week, we were able to honour her in our writings but more importantly, we were able to dig through the archives of history and the submissions of the Truth And Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and discovered a mountain of the dirty tricks campaign targeted at besmirching liberation movements but Winnie Mandela in particular. As the mainstream media continued to slander her we came out guns blazing and told the truth about the media’s complicity in the smear campaign. And before we knew it, they changed their tune. By the time she was buried, this revolutionary woman was honoured for the sacrifices she made for the freedom we have today.

A week ago we were threatened with closure by someone who didnt like what we were saying about the First National Bank gift to DA Councillor Simon Lapping. That series of stories has been published on UnCensored only. I spent two days just dealing with the matter – lawyers, IT support, domain hosts – just to ensure that we would still run if we were indeed shut-down. All of this takes time and money.

There are many such stories, like the discrimination case against FNB, which only we will publish. And so with that we had to find a way of keeping this publication alive. A reader and now dear friend came up with the suggestion of monetising the blog, hence you see the adverts. Yes, they are intrusive but so are the people who have hacked my phone and play music as I try to enjoy a chat with my friends. Such is life.

We hope the adverts will go some way towards assisting us keep UnCensored alive. The site also looks a little different, dont be afraid to post your comments, there’s nothing malicious.

And so friends, dont be put off by the adverts, just keep reading.

Kindest regards


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  1. Uncensoredopinion has become our home base and we need it to continue to provide us with uncensored opinions. No Fear nor Favour. Like AfroTone Media Holdings, its ours and we must sustain it.

  2. Thank you PK for this update and for the work you are doing. Mainstream media is so mainstreamed it’s not funny. This publication is the only one that gives us uncensored news. Can readers contribute? If so kindly provide details

    1. Thank Bheki.

      Here are the details of our bank account.
      You Can Contribute Here

      Account Name: UnCensored Opinion.

      Bank: VBS Bank

      Account Number: 1011 961 8001

      Branch Code: 588000

      Despite the bank being taken over by a curator, it is still operational.

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