DAILY MAVERICK, Basson/Agrizzi Visits & Skewed Reporting

By Daniel Esterhyse

Dear Pinky

The type of skewed reporting by a so called ‘investigative’ and ‘objective’ publication like Daily Maverick makes me so sick that I actually, really feel like throwing up (but not giving up, fortunately). Here’s the full recording of Angelo Agrizzi in which he calls his former colleagues kaffirs & boasts about visits from among others, News24 Editor Adriaan Basson.

Of course I, at first, burst out laughing when I read your posting about Agrizzi having named you as someone who had accepted a bribe, any bribe, never mind the fact that it would have meant the worst; Taking a bribe from the very type of vermin you’re trying to exterminate…
Although wildly defamatory, and utterly imaginary, I really did laugh (however wry my laugh might have been), because this fat crooked stupid and thoroughly racist pig, clearly didn’t have the faintest idea of who he was really f*@k–g with. And because of his ignorance, he also didn’t realise that he was, just perhaps, handing you the curatorship of the immunity he so cowardly bought at the ridiculous price of a mere 30 pieces of silver (it will not even cover the oil change  of one of his Ferrari’s), because those agreements usually stipulate that, should he not stick to the truth very, very closely, that cheaply obtained immunity may be cancelled in its entirety.
Now, after the mauling he is about to receive for allowing the ‘k’- word to remain part of his functional vocabulary (during which his false accusations against a black journalist will also be mentioned and reach the ears of the wider public), the fact that he manufactured utterly gratuitous lies (and defamation can obviously be prosecuted as a criminal offence as well as a civil claim for damages), while under the strict obligation to speak only pure and unadulterated truth, is almost certainly going make that cloak of immunity as effective as the ‘Emperor’s new clothes’. Agrizzi is so stupid, that he’s going to be stumbling from elephant trap to elephant trap, from now until the day those heavy doors are going to slam shut behind him and the Holy Watsons. So sister, you do what you do and put the fat Agrizzi away.
Having stopped laughing about the dumb racist pig’s unplanned future, I have to say I’ve pretty much reached my fill with the corruption of the holier than thou captains of the private sector and the army of lackeys they employ to keep their undeserved privileges in place. To then see how they blatantly leave out the most important details regarding Adriaan Basson having been a seemingly regular visitor (with his kids nogal).
I thought, while puking, that by making a big issue of your, quite ordinary, statement about never having met Agrizzi, and childishly pointing out that he hadn’t said that, they have now provided you with an opportunity to shine a spotlight on Basson’s visits that they have been hiding from their readers, for when you reply to this part of their reporting;
 And so why not include a transcript of the paragraph/s where Agrizzi tells about Basson visiting him, and point it out how they have always conveniently left that out, so that you are obliged to now specifically tell the public about this. And sure Agrizzi had never claimed that he met you, but Adriaan and cronies have hidden the fact that he had indeed met Agrizzi, and is more likely to have taken a bribe, when compared to you who have not met Agrizzi, but with their cherry picking style of editing, it has not been possible for the public to see that fact, and it will only be when they stop their method of producing only part of the relevant information, that the public etc. will be able to see everything in context. And explain once more, it was Adriaan that had strangely enough, met Agrizzi, while you had not.
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