In the DA, the racists have found their political Orania

By Tiisetso Makhele


In the field of scientific research, there is a branch called geobiology, which is a science that combines geology and biology to study the interactions of organisms with their environment. Due to the complex nature of racists, there is hardly any science, except for geobiology, that can assist us better understand these weird organisms. For the purpose of this piece, I will use the Democratic Alliance, one political party which has proven to be the safest haven of racists, as a case study.

  1. Racists are distinct in demeanour and nature

There are at least three different types of racists, as can be seen in the DA colony. For example, you have the unassuming racists, those who are not afraid to go on social media and refer to blacks as monkeys. These racists, who are also likely to be violent to people from other races, make no effort to hide themselves. An example here is Penny Sparrow.

The second type of racists in the DA colony are the masked racists. This type, an example of which is Helen Zille and Athol Trollip, is confusing. It is the type that delivered colonialism to Africa. Whilst they may kiss, hold hands and become ‘friends’ with people from other races, and even speak an African langauge, they are utterly racist. In most instances, they apply loads of Jeyes Fluid and wash themselves after kissing or holding hands with Black Africans or coloureds.

The other type of racists, the smiling racists, are very difficult to spot. They are so friendly to people from other races that they always smile at them, without any provocation to smile. There are so many in the DA that it is not necessary to cite an example thereof. These types of racists, who usually love dogs, cats, etc., only reserve racist chats to braai and tea sessions, where they proclaim their hatred for blacks and other nations without impunity. 

  1. Racists are blind to the feelings, emotions and rights of people from other races

Irrespective of their type, racists are all insensitive to how people from other races feel. Not so long ago, Helen Zille argued that colonialism was not only bad as it brought, amongst others, the “independent judiciary”. Not only was this assertion flawed, but it was insensitive to the millions of indigenous African people, ,who have lost land, their brothers and sisters, their fathers, their identities, their minerals, their wealth, their cattle and the like to colonialism.

Even today, the DA, a colony of racists, has not seen the urgency of disciplining her, nor has she shown any remorse about her utterances. This is because racists do not believe that the feelings of people from other races matter. Racists can save a dog and not do the same for another human being from a different race. Such is the geobiology of a racist.

  1. Racists believe their ilk is holier and superior than others

Because they are generally intellectually challenged, racists always have to hide behind a veil of arrogance which seeks to intimidate people from other races. Like tribalists, racists are not interested in using their minds to interpret and analyze social phenomena. In the case of crime, racists use simplistic responses like; “Blacks are rapists, murderers”, and so on. This character is similar to that of a tribalist, who equally resorts to stupid conclusions like “Zulus are crazy”, etc.

Racists believe that their race is holy, and that people belonging to their race are more superior to others. This is nothing but a reflection of the psychological instability of racists. Racists are generally sick people, whose lack of self-esteem results in them ridiculing others, or using arrogance in order to project themselves as invincible. Such nonsensical behaviour is severely prevalent inside the DA colony.


 The DA colony is the best case study for South Africa’s nature of racism. In the DA, the racists have found their political Orania. I have not mentioned Black Africans and Coloureds in the DA because they exist as modern-day slaves, whose task is to assist racists to realize the legacy of Hendrik Verwoerd. The Black Africans and Coloureds in the DA are used as pawns.

For example, in Western Cape, where Black Africans and Coloureds have assisted DA to rule, the provincial cabinet defies the demographics of the province or the country. Out of the 11 people in the cabinet, 6 or 56% are White, 3 or 27% are Coloured and 2 or 18% are Black African. This happens in a province where 49% of the population is Couloured, 33% is Black African and 16% white. In the DA colony, there is nothing wrong with the reality above. In the DA colony, racists believe that Whites must rule Blacks because Whites are superior!

Makhele is an ANC member and Spokesperson to Free State Premier Hon. Ace Magashule. He writes in his personal capacity

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  1. I’m so called Coloured and a bible scholar. I agree with Mr. Makhele and Mr. Mashaba’s assessment on racists. People of colour’s biggest social challenge is not new laws but a truthful legal system that deals with corporate corruption – the raping of Africa.
    …..Pinky pls send your email for WMC article………..

    Today, those calling themselves Jews/Israel are not true Israel. Revelations 3:9. “Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.”
    The historic Isra-El is Africa according to Yah’s Word. Genesis 10:5. (black Egypt & Canaan, Ham, Africa.NOT gentiles/Europe. True!

  2. You have hit the nail on the head Comrade Tiisetso!.Perhaps we can add to your list the following characteristics of racists , namely:
    1.Racists are champions of double standards and selective morality. Racists are intentionally blind to the very important issues of corporate corruption ( ie corruption which is committed in the big JSE Listed companies .) Unfortunately in our new found democracy there is also legislation which conceals the true nature of these crimes . Consider for example the issue of “collusion” by the big construction and engineering companies in the run-up to the 2010 Fifa World Cup . The construction companies got away with a slap on the wrist in the form of fines imposed by the Competition Commission ( sigh ).
    Racists are also blind to corruption in the banks and the large illicit flows of capital from our shores to Europe.(sigh ).
    2.Racists are champions of re-inventing their old tools of oppression like the HNP into new apparently liberal and non-racial parties like the DA which however carry out the same old policies whose sole aim is the perpetuation of racist minority rule under a different a different guise . When Maartinus Schalkwyk merged the old National Party with the ANC in the early years of our democracy , the verkrampte elements within the NP moved in droves to join the DA . Thus the DA was transformed from being an apparently liberal party to being an outright racist party . They co-opted black collaborators to assist them to hide their true nature .Thus Kaizer Matanzima wore the mask of Musi Maimane , Oupa Gqozo wore the mask of Bantu Holomisa. Hudson Ntswanisi wore the mask of Julius Malema and Lucas Mangope wore the mask of Terror Lekota .The list of collaborators is endless.I invite you to add others to this list.
    3. Racists do tolerate dissenting views either within their own political entities or in other institutions. Young Lindiwe Mazibuko was thrust out of her position as the black political face of the DA and replaced by Musi Maimane after she raised a dissenting view on the issue Black Economic Empowerment and affirmative action . DA youth leader Mbali Ntuli was banished to rural KwaZulu Natal for her support of Mazibuko. The latter was also charged a few days back with “contravening the DA’s media policy “. Her crime ? She apparently “liked” on social media a post which was critical of Helen Zille’s views on colonialism .( sigh )
    4. Racists and in particular DA racists are experts at using the English language to construct expressions which convey a picture which conveys a completely different set of facts and circumstances than the actual objective ones on the ground. I will advance a simple explanation in support of this view : if an ANC member were to be seen walking down the street with a chain saw in his hands, the DA publicists would raise the alarm and say that they have seen an ANC men with a dangerous tree-felling chainsaw. However if the situation is reversed and the same chain saw were to be carried down the street by a member of the DA (or any other white man for that matter ) , they would probably tweet and say : “Oh look! He has a very cute tree-pruning utensil “.( sigh )
    Coming back to you Comrade Tiisetso, I am happy to see our leadership from the Free State coming in to support Uncensoredopinion. The Free State is not only the birth place of the ANC but is increasingly becoming the one firm stronghold of the ANC and our revolution.You in the Free State are a beacon of hope for us who watch in trepidation as our organisation comes under increasing attack not only from racists and their imperialist sponsors but also from the agents white monopoly capital who seek to attack us from within like a deadly cancer. They must and will not succeed.

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