DA lied: Pravin was at same PPF event which Eskom sponsored


Mzwanele Manyi of the Progressive Professional Forum 

The Progressive Professional Forum (PPF) led by Mzwanele Manyi has hit out at the Democratic Alliances claims this week that Former CEO of Eskom Brian Molefe, now ANC Member of Parliament (MP) had funded the PPF in order to wage a “dirty war” against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan.

At a press conference held in Johannesburg earlier, the PPF refuted the DA claims calling them “shameful, hopelessly lame and malicious”.

The lobby group said the Eskom sponsorship was for an annual summit it held under the theme: “Is corruption undermining service delivery and transformation.” Eskom, Transnet, South African Breweries and Old Mutual were among the sponsors. The event was incidentally attended by Gordhan and Deputy Public Protector Kevin Malunga among others.

“Like any other NPO, PPF seeks financial resources in the form of sponsorships from time to time in its quest to run its programs,” the statement read. The group said it uses an independent events management company which sourced sponsorship for the PPF and used its resources “without any undue influence from PPF, sends to various companies requests for funding”.

Read the full statement here:



The Progressive Professionals Forum (PPF) rejects with contempt the statement attributed to the Democratic Alliance (DA) alleging that the State-Owned Enterprises (SoE) have funded PPF in order to wage a ‘dirty war’ against National Treasury.

We should upfront state that PPF and its members are not surprised by this desperate, dismal move and an attack by the ever-anti-progressive DA whose racist inspired mission is well known, that of attacking and undermining anything that is done by black people and is an example of black excellence.

If anything, we expected this reaction to occur sooner rather than later as PPF continues on its undeterred route to question the systematic exclusion and sidelining of black professionals and mobilise and organize professionals to be patriotic, give back and assist civil society and the State to achieve its objectives for the benefit of South Africa and all its people.

PPF is alive to hard reality that professionals, mostly black and African in particular that are dependent on White Monopoly Capital (WMC) for their livelihoods are victimized and silenced, thereby lacking an opportunity and platform to contribute meaningfully and fruitfully to the country’s progressive discourse, especially economically; hence PPF’s existence.

To that end, PPF seeks to galvanise and mobilise all progressive and politically conscious professionals to come together in unison and together contribute towards building our country, strengthening our democracy, assisting society and the State by availing our skills and expertise and adding value into ways to address the socio-economic challenges facing the country.

We must add and emphasize that we do this as volunteers with no resources at our disposal of any nature, in fact many times using our resources and finances in order to travel to meetings etc.

Like any other NPO, PPF seeks financial resources in the form of sponsorship from time to time in its quest to run its programs, the major event being the Annual Summit & Gala dinner.

As the epicenter and hub of professional’s festival of ideas, since its inception in 2013, PPF hosts summits, fora, debates and programmes with the aim and purpose of celebrating progressive achievements, encouraging debate, bringing public and private sector closer whilst at the same time reflecting on the tasks ahead.

We do this in all 9 provinces of South Africa where we have either elected provincial structures or provincial co coordinators. As an example, since the start of this year, we hosted Deputy President Ramaphosa in the Western Cape, participated in a post SONA debate and assisted and facilitated with the fees-must-fall debate and discussions in Kwazulu Natal and hosted a debate on the constitution in the North West.

Nationally the PPF adopts an annual theme as part of the event discussions and deliberations during the Summit, that is, to engage its members and encourage debate on issues concerning the country.

As a matter of principle and complete transparency, PPF normally engages the services of an events company whose duty it is to source funding or sponsorship for the PPF annual event.

The events company, utilising its own expertise, knowledge and skills, independently and without any undue influence from PPF, sends to various companies request for funding or sponsorship.

The sponsorships are on 4 levels, that is, Gala Dinner table and Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze sponsorship in exchange for well documented and pre-determined sponsorship benefits listed in the sponsorship proposal.

The 2015 PPF Summit, under the theme “IS CORRUPTION UNDERMINING SERVICE DELIVERY AND TRANSFORMATION, which incidentally was attended by Minister Gordhan and the Deputy Public Protector Mr Kevin Malunga followed the same process as above. Eskom, Transnet, Old Mutual as well as South African Breweries amongst others sponsored the event in various categories and forms. The sponsorship by these companies was indeed recognised in line with the various contributions made. Infact the branding of the sponsors are always prominently displayed in all conference material and venue, clearly showing that there is nothing clandestine about sponsorship obtained. To pretend otherwise by the DA is to drive a desperate and bitter narrative not supported by facts.

What makes DA story shameful, hopelessly lame and malicious, is that Minister Pravin Gordhan (the same Minister the DA is purporting the PPF is fighting, using all forms of lies and deceit possible) was one of the panel of speakers together with Kumi Naidoo of Transparency International, the deputy public protector and competition commissioner.

899017fd4f194e469ace49bfe8fafe66Pravin Gordhan attended the event which Eskom Funded

The 2016 Annual Summit was themed “CELEBRATING 40 YEARS OF THE 1976 STUDENT UPRISING and PLANNING 40 years ahead”, inviting speakers who were then either part of or close to this historical event, such as Comrade Murphy Morobe amongst others. This function was held in Soweto inter alia as part of our own contribution to promote township economy.

The same process as in 2015 was applied to acquire sponsorship where an events management company was sourced for sponsorships. Tables were sold as a value proposition, branding and visibility, as well as speaking opportunities.

A number of private and public enterprises were approached for sponsorship.

Furthermore, it is a known fact that Eskom sponsors other organisations such the Afrikaanse Handelinstituut (AHI), the South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI), the Black Management Forum (BMF), the Black Business Council (BBC) and Business Unity South Africa (BUSA).

The big question for South Africans and all progressive South Africans is, why is the DA electing and targeting PPF for attack? Why is it not making the same lame and tired attack on Afrikaanse Handelinstituut or BUSA? The PPF does NOT need approval from the DA as to where it would source its sponsorship nor will it drive White Monopoly Capital narrative to gain favour from the racist DA. This narrative of the DA of linking sponsorship betrays the nefarious agenda of the sponsors of the DA. The DA must disclose the agenda of their sponsors.

Although such racially based attacks by DA is energy draining and counterproductive, PPF finds solace in the attack by DA as it continues to provide credence to our held view that 22 years into Democracy, we still have organisations that have betrayed the Madiba dream of a united and prosperous South Africa.

The DA is not only harbouring old national party racist mentality but is still trapped in the colonial-apartheid racist decay which is premised on the narrative of the supremacy of the white people and that blacks and in particular Africans, are biologically and genetically inferior and corrupt.

If anything, the attack must be welcomed by all professionals as a cardinal wake up call to all progressive and politically conscious professionals to rise from slumber and join progressive organisations such as the PPF in ensuring that racist organizations like DA are sidelined as we put all our energies, skills and wisdom in the building of a united, non-racist, nonsexist, democratic and prosperous society.

The PPF takes grave exception to this feeble attempt by the opposition party to portray the PPF, its leadership throughout the country, its members, its volunteers, its friends, its supporters who have done nothing but contribute their time, energy, effort and resources towards the PPF and our goal of installing patriotism amongst South Africans.

Instead the DA is desperately attempting to portray the PPF, its members, supporters and associates as corrupt, spineless, without intellect and whose souls are for sale.


We should however hasten to add that the PPF continues to be disappointed by the lackluster performance of National Treasury in using its levers to complement the brave and progressive State of the Nation Address as delivered by President Zuma on the 9th of February 2017.

In fact, over the years National Treasury has proven to be the greatest stumbling block to transformation as exemplified by the following: –

  • In the budget speech, there was absolutely no mention of the Presidential flagship programme, the Black Industrialist Programme despite it being mentioned in the SONA.
  • Platitude type reference to Radical Economic Transformation in the budget speech is not followed by a clear programme and a deliberate budget to achieve it.
  • White Monopoly Capital got away with ZERO increase in corporate taxes whereas the middle class which is awash with beneficiaries of Employment Equity is being punished with a drastic 45%.
  • Black middle class is already under severe strain to support extended families (Black tax). In addition, it must be borne in mind that the black middle class did not inherit fixed assets like land and insurance payouts to supplement their incomes.
  • The increase in the tax on dividends will also negatively impact on the servicing of some of the BEE deals where the debt servicing is based on a dividend flow.
  • National Treasury has not moved to make the pronouncements of President Zuma a reality by repealing the draconian and anti-black business and unconstitutional PPPFA.
  • The recently gazetted PPPFA regulations by National Treasury are in fact an insult to our intelligence, in that the narrative seeks to misinform society that there is a 30% compulsory set aside for black business as announced by the President during the SONA. The reality though as contained in the PPPFA regulations s9(1) is very far from this public relations exercise.
  • The truth is that these so-called set asides are not even guaranteed. The 1st two words of s9(1) are “IF FEASIBLE”.
  • Furthermore, this s9(1) clearly states that this set aside dispensation is for Exempted Micro Enterprises (EME’s) OR Qualifying Small Enterprises (QSE’s) that are 51% black owned.
  • A 100% white owned company that has a turn-over threshold of R10m is also an EME which will compete with black entities.
  • A 49% white owned company with a turnover of between R10m and R50m is a QSE.
  • Why then are we being fed a narrative that these PPPFA regulations are progressive and pro Black business?
  • As PPF we hold a firm view that the R1,4tr that will be spent in the 2017/18 financial year will benefit WMC corporate whereas black companies will be envious and disgruntled spectators BECAUSE the spend will STILL be through the UNREPEALED PPPFA
  • If by raising these pertinent issues, we are thus engaged in a dirty war with Minister Gordhan then so be it because the PPF is firm and resolute on these issues.



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  1. Black South Africa will one day thank this dude, Mzwanele Manyi and his Progressive professional forum (PPF).

    1. Dear Njabulo

      We live in such a divided country that we can’t see issues for what they are. We view everything from one ideological point or another. When the DA tells the commercial media about Manyi, its taken to be true and they print it with all the violations of their own journalistic ethics.

      Manyi is doing a job similar to what NGOs like Helen Suzman, De Klerk Foundation, Afriforum & Freedom Under Law (FUL), SAVE SA are doing for their constituencies. It shouldn’t be a problem in a society where ideas are being promoted, contested and protected.

      But Manyi is vilified by liberals and the others adored.

      I often wonder where this country will end with the current situation we’re in.



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