Cyril’s Problem is White Monopoly Capital, Nkosazana’s The Guptas

By Pinky Khoabane


ON either side of the ANC presidential race, the two leading contenders face fears stemming from association with two forces. For Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa the association with white monopoly capital (WMC) has created a fear that the second phase of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR) will not be fulfilled. It is feared he will protect this small group of people who own just about everything in the economy including media and thereby deny the Black majority the economic justice for which much blood was lost. We’ve written enough on this platform to show how WMC operates and controls just about every aspect of our lives.

On the other side, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma’s association with President Jacob Zuma and by extension the Guptas is a noose around her neck. Dlamini-Zuma, it is feared, will protect Zuma post his presidency, from the ‘783’ corruption charges against him. It is also feared she will allow the Guptas to continue with alleged “state capture” and looting of state funds.

Incidentally these issues will be before court this week. The Democratic Alliance (DA) is in two legal clashes against the President this week. The first is to compel the court to force Zuma to abide by former Public Protector Thuli Madonsela’s remedial action to appoint a judicial commission into state capture which will be headed by a person chosen by the chief justice. The President is arguing that the recommendation was unconstitutional as only the president can establish a judicial commission. The sooner this judicial commission gets underway the better. It should, as has been suggested by some commentators including the ANC, look at the broader scourge of state capture. We all know that the concept of buying and influencing government representatives has been going on since time immemorial – the broederbond’s hold on the Nationalist Party probably being the most extreme. But it has happened even in post democratic SA, as far back as 1994.

On Friday the Supreme Court of Appeal will hear an application Zuma and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) brought for leave to appeal against a High Court judgement that a decision to drop corruption charges against him was irrational.

On either side of the presidential race have emerged disturbing events in the past week or so. The first were the leaks of the deputy president’s private life. In my view the incident itself, apart from simply embarrassing him, would bear little or no effect at all on the presidential race. As I’ve said before, the branches on the main, know for which candidate they will be voting. It is the response to these allegations however, some of which have been proven to be true – that is of grave concern. The Deputy President claimed that there is a smear campaign and what has emerged is that those who dared question his conduct have now been branded all manner of negative terms as a means of scaring them into silence. The Deputy President has as yet to address these private matters which in a statement a week ago when the scandal broke and later in Parliament, said he would. It says there are those whose private life is private and are above scrutiny while the rest’s dirty linen can be bandied about on the front pages of newspapers.

We have a tendency to set very bad precedents and double standards in this country, many of them sadly, assisted by WMC media. Former Health Minister Manto Tshabala-Msimang’s private medical records were published by the Sunday Times to no outcry – the doyens of freedom of speech and media freedom told us it was in the public interest to know the state of a health minister’s liver.

The second incident was the announcement that Dlamini-Zuma would be sworn in as a member of parliament this week, driving speculation of an imminent cabinet reshuffle. This just reminds us of Eskom’s former CEO Brian Molefe’s saga where he had supposedly resigned to become an MP but returned to Eskom and was later fired.

Frankly, Dlamini-Zuma’s move to Parliament plays in the hands of those who say once in power, she will protect Zuma from facing the law and by extension the Guptas. These are unsubstantiated claims of course but as they say, why let facts ruin a juicy story. But why arm the enemy? It is an unnecessary move – unless required somewhere by law for an ANC presidential candidate to also be an MP – she was doing very well running a campaign which was independent of the state and Luthuli House – unlike some of the presidential candidates whose campaigns are literally run from Luthuli House and campaign managers operating from some air-conditioned offices in the lush suburbs of Johannesburg.

The next president of the ANC must tell us how they will lift the millions out of poverty, address the high unemployment levels especially among the youth, break-down monopolies in order to allow new entrants into markets dominated by WMC, and at a party-political level, how to unite the ANC for victory in 2019. These are the bread-and-butter issues which plaque the majority of South Africans.

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  1. Rupert & Gordhan can do anything to save each other in all circumstances, either they ruin or loot in country.

  2. Cyril Ramaphosa has the backing of the white monopolists and that is why he has been safe so far but the recent #RamaphosaLeaks has exposed his bitterly. He must be done away with.

  3. Ramaphosa is a most notorious man who has no sense of welfare of the South African people and he cannot be trusted at all.

  4. The Ramaphosa Leaks has been a big blow to him and he couldn’t prevent the truth from coming out. Moreover, the white monopolists support and back Ramaphosa as everyone knows. This is a nice pit that he has dug himself into.

  5. White monopoly capital is not only Cyril’s problem but a problem for the entire country, albeit in a different way. Unless their brainwashing and superficial propaganda is exposed to the citizens, they will forever be ignorant of their greedy intentions.

  6. The Guptas as not as big a threat as the white lobbyists. While the Guptas are citizens and have done quite a bit for the citizens, Rupert and gang are only concerned about usurping the economic control, by hook or by crook

  7. I saw today on the News Deputy President saying that R3500 will give the poor a “Decent living”

    Hence I wanted to ask: Can someone please ask Mr Deputy President to take some time in his busy schedule and SPEND THE R3500 ON PAPER.

    1) To be Please start by buying Grocery, list the items to be bought and their prices and which Retail store they can be bought.

    2) List the family size for which you are buying the Grocery and make hypothesis of how long that Grocery will last.

    3) Pay for Transport from that R3500. Not just Transport to get to work but also Transport for the kids to go to school. Indicate for example where you would be commuting from and how much you will spend and for how long.

    4) Pay school fees, make provision for School lunch box.

    5) Pay for utilities. Pay Electricity on paper, pay for water usage show all the figures.

    6) Make an accrual for buying clothing, indicate how much such clothes will be bought for.

    7) Where are you staying by then and are you paying any Rental?

    Make a full budget that can educate all of us as how to use the R3500 properly because maybe there is something we are missing in our criticism.

    Show this budget and publish it in the Newspaper so we can be on the same page as everyone who helped to arriv at this epic decision about the lives of South Africans.

  8. The Ramaphosa Leaks and their consequent authentication should have been enough to hammer in the last nail in his coffin. He backs the Wmc and if people still elect him to be their leader and represent them on a global platform, it will indeed be another sad day in the nation’s history.

  9. We must also not forget that it was Mbeki who introduce the Guptas to NDZ while she was foreign affairs minister.

    He appointed Ajay Gupta as the executive member of International Marketing Council (IMC),

    He further appointed Ajay Gupta into the executive of
    The secret Consultative Council in 2005

    That is how NDZ knows the Guptas which has nothing to do with JZ and his relationship with them.

  10. Oops, I really forgot that one about Dr Manto, still remember the headlines as if it’s only Yesterday “Manto and a thief”.

    1. WMC Media forgets all their “principles” when they approach someone they dislike. I will aways remember writing a column questioning why we were reading Malema’s bank accounts in the media. I questioned why we weren’t outraged that a bank had disclosed this information. Ray Hartley refused to run the article. The Sunday Times initially said it was erroneous & I asked for the errors so I could fix them. They errors never came. The editor who was in Fred Khumalo’s seat that day ran from one excuse to another eventually saying: I think it’s best you just write another piece as Ray is in Pretoria – no less – and its difficult to get hold of him to give you the answers.
      Eventually I had to write another piece.

  11. 783 charges sis Pinky?? I thought it was 14 charges resulting from 783 transactions – Anyway coming to this issue there is no doubt that DP CR17 is in cahoots with WMC, you can see by the support he is receiving from them through their media. As for NDZ17 she is unfortunate that she is the ex-wife of the president

  12. The ANC has been given multiple mandates since taking over power to transform the lived experiences of the black majority. What did they do with the mandates? A few cosmetic changes here and there. Fundamentally nothing much has changed in the lived experiences of black people.

    The discussion for me should be beyond the individuals contesting. After all whoever gets elected implements ANC policies. So the question of who gets to lead is irrelevant to me. The problem for me is the political will to transform the economy

    If for over 20 years with powerful mandates to implement radical change you fail I them wonder what makes anyone believe you will do anything different.

    The future for me then says it has to be a life without the ANC.

    The issue for me is what options do we have as a country beyond the ANC because they habe quite clearly failed.

    1. Fish monger, I think criticism against the ANC’s multiple chances should be expressed within the province who controlled the purse of this country, the Financial Resources and we know it has never been the ANC.

      For Years the ANC controlled everything else except the Treasury which is responsible for allocating resources to their programs hence those programs never succeeded. So basically it was a fictitious sense of control.

      We now know after 22 Years what has been happening at the Treasury and who has been pulling the strings and for what purpose.

      If Zuma did not touch the no-go-zone which is the Treasury, I believe even his 783 charges would have been long buried and forgotten by the mainstream media.

      So for me, I think this is the beginning of the real chance for the ANC to show us what they can do when they NOW control the Treasury.

      1. Kobedi, do you think the ANC controls Treasury right now? Gigaba is towing the Washington Consensus line. He speaks selling off state assets & privatising. The RET talk is out – his advisor has long been discarded. You will remember the open secret that he went to see Manuel not so long ago. Meanwhile Professor Chris Malikane is said to be extremely disheartened. I looked at the pictures released by Treasury of “Minister Gigaba meeting captains of industry” who included Christo Wiese and the entire room was white with the exception of the minister and another. No sign of Malikane anywhere – he’s obviously scaring the markets.

        1. Very interesting angle sis Pinky,what you are saying has been very evident. My take has been that while he is cosying up to Big Business, it is only to bring them to his side and not for him to change to their side.

          But then again, I still think the ANC controls the Treasury albeit for now and whether such control lasts rests on which path Malusi ultimately takes.

          One thing for sure is that this generation of cadres has acquired knowledge they never had since 1994 regarding how our Financial Resources have been spend and whether Malusi converts to the right or not, the pressure will be exerted even more.

          Trevor Manuel and Gordhan has had it easy because South Africans were under an illusion of Treasury being above board but I don’t think that will be the case going forward with Malusi and any Future FM.

          People have simply seen enough.

  13. Am confident that NDZ will push the agenda of “ RET” “LAND” and Free education.

    These are crucial for the survival of the ANC.

    The perception that NDZ may protect JZ on the 783 charges is a myth or just a propaganda.

    Even if appointed as President she would have no authority or powers to do so, this is limited to the NPA.

    To give him pardon would be absurb, & will cost the ANC & she’s fair too smart to go that direction, besides JZ is quite capable of defending himself on these charges.

  14. I am yet to be convinced that either candidate will make a positive contribution towards RET. As you have rightly stated CR17 is backed by WMC. We should also not forget the history of Marikana and his role therein. He has apologized purely because he had to. On the flipside we now have the “private affairs” issue, which he alleges is a smear campaign. He is still to take South Africans into his confidence and declare the truth, nothing but. Delaying this will not be condusive to his campaign. NDZ has got no baggage. She is smeared purely because she WAS the President’s wife. We tend to forget that she was a cabinet minister long before her then husband went to the national parliament. She has rattled many feathers specially those in the tobacco and pharma industries. There is a perception out there that she will “assist” the Guptas. We should see right through the mud. That is perception and nothing else. When all the happening with the Guptas were in full swing she were the Chair of the African union. Championing the cause/s of the African continent. Wmc must try something else with this remarkable comrade. My only problem with NDZ is that she does not articulate her programme adequately. It could of course be because she is not beholden to Wmc. She had stated that she is her own woman. Lets accept that. South Africa is ready for a woman commander in chief. She has a proven track record. The ANC needs to be seen as a home for all, men and women.

    1. Jannie, I’ve heard her articulate the issues that beset our country very well and explaining what must be done to address the problems.

  15. Looking at the fisrt sentence of the last paragraph, I dare say the ANC is not interested on the issues you raised comrade Pinky. All ANC Presidents are bound by the resolutions of a preceding National Policy Conference which then gets adopted at a subsequent National Conference. Since the ANC betrayed what it refers to as its motive force by abandoning its RDP policy and replacing it with GEAR, you would surely need to have your head examined if you believe the ANC still understands the needs of its motive force.
    Secondly, on need not to look beyond the contenders for ANC Presidency to realise that the NDR will remain a pipedream if we hope to use the ANC as a vehicle to carry out and or realise the second stage of the revolution. Both these contenders abandoned the left theory and practice long ago, the current RET rhetoric is just that, rhetoric. It gets more patronising when you hear and watch Cyril using RET to garner votes, worse is when you have COSATU and SACP supporting a hardcore capiltalist and hope he will adopt and pursue a socialist agenda

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